10 Creative Storytelling Styles To Use In Video Marketing [With Examples]

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In video marketing, successful marketers will explore creative ways to share their brand story via video storytelling. Storytelling is the most powerful resource to create an emotional connection between your brand and your audience. The possibilities to share your story in a fun and visually captivating way are endless with current technology.

“Storytelling, when done right, will pull a consumer into the world of a brand to see a different perspective, showing them the bigger picture. The story is an invitation for someone to participate in something bigger than themselves, something they believe in.” Joe Teo, Hey Orca

Great stories are easy to follow. And for that same reason, they can be especially persuasive. Video marketers create inspiring messages that attract people to your brand. Research shows that consumers perceive personality traits in brands, in the same way as they do in other people.

Why is Storytelling in Video Marketing Effective?

A powerful tool in video marketing is storytelling, as a good story engages your audience on an emotional level. There are no limits to storytelling. The visual content of the story in video marketing can have many styles.

The most important thing is that your story is compelling with your audience. Your audience should feel as they are part of the story. Show them that you understand their problems, desires, and dreams. Here are some brand storytelling secrets to take your business to the next level in 2020.

“A good story makes you feel something and is universal. They want to grasp your values and your commitment to excellence; be inspired and intrigued. Storytelling is the most powerful way to convey these ideas.” Mark Truby, Vice President of Communications, Ford Motor Company

Here are ten storytelling styles you can use in your brand video marketing.

01. The Origin Story

People want to know everything about their favorite brands. Who are the people behind it. How it was founded. And what is the story behind the foundation.

In this type of storytelling video. Your brand is the main focus of your video marketing. You are the main character. For example. LEGO Group created a great video marketing campaign around their short documentary called “The Lego Story”. A 17-minute animated film that explains how LEGO was created. It was for the company’s 80th birthday.

02. Brand Humor

Your video marketing doesn’t always have to show your serious and overly professional side. You can also show your human side with some humor.

For example. The Warby Parker team made a video of their workers saying which word they like the least. Employees laughed during the video, and that makes viewers comfortable and willing to connect with the brand.

Another great example is from “Dollar Shave Club”. In the video “Our blades are F**ing Great” they show their product, workers and brand culture with humor that borders with the absurd.

03. Drama

“Drama films show us human beings at their best, their worst, and everything in-between” (Filmsite).

Drama is a great way in video marketing to have a deep emotional engagement with your audience. A great example is Google’s “Parisian Love”. It was transmitted during the Super Bowl 2010. The audience followed the love story through a variety of google searches. No actors. No scripts. Just the best know Google’s product. The search engine.

Another example is Cineplex. “Lily and the Snowman,” tells the story of a girl and her frosty friend. Even if the video didn’t show a direct connection to the brand, people got moved by the idea of spending time with loved ones. But it was Cineplex who reminded it.

04. Social Cause Video

Many brands are promoting social causes they support. In their video marketing, they also promote awareness about topics such as global warming, gender equality or child labor in Africa are some examples.

Airbnb created a video called “We Accept” promoting acceptance and equality. Another example is Storyhunter. Their video “We Are The Media” they promote press freedom.

05. Product Explainer Video

Your brand is created around a product or group of products. A video product explainer tells the story of how your product helps your audience. The main goal of this video marketing strategy, is to explain the idea and reasoning behind why you created your product. They also explain how to use your product and benefits to your customers.

Casper, the mattress company, created an explainer video that shows in detail how they created their mattress. They show how exceptional mattress is created based on great customer research and solid engineering principles.

Columbia Sportswear took a different point of view. They created a bunch of video series to inspire the audience to adopt an active lifestyle and how their products can help them to maximize their experience.

06. Video Testimonial

Testimonials are a powerful tool for successful video marketing campaigns. In testimonials, customers share their unique stories with your product and brand.

Don’t you believe more about what others say about a brand than what the brand itself says? Of course! Testimonials make your brand trustworthy and genuine.

Testimonials are so powerful that they convert skeptics into buyers. A 2013 study found that 79% of consumers have the same trust in online reviews as they do in personal recommendations. Testimonials also increase people’s engagement. People love watching stories from people that are similar to them.

“With testimonial videos, what you want is to be authentic. You want your customers to give you real answers and use their own words, so keep it human! This will help you generate a real connection with your prospects.” — YumYum Videos

Tesla has a list of customers' stories. Viewers get to experience day-to-day life with a Tesla car in detail. These everyday details make the audience feel that Tesla's statements are true.

08. User-Generated Content

Customers create their video content and share it on social media. You can leverage them as part of your visual marketing strategy.

Customers share their stories from their own perspectives. GoPro is a great example of utilizing user-generated content to tell their brand story. Their Instagram account is full of photos and videos from their customers using GoPro cameras to record their life experiences.

Hubspot notes that user-generated video content is a huge brand lifter.

“User-initiated ads generated 82 percent brand lift among those who viewed the ads while pre-roll units generated just 2.1 percent brand lift for those exposed to the ads.”

09. Events Video

Events are where brands show their personalities. Brands also leverage their events by promoting important dates such as International Women’s Day.

For example, Clif Bar's audience loves outdoors activities like trekking. That’s why a Clif Bar video marketing strategy was to highlight their values by filming a team of bikers riding through winding highways and green forest. With that type of content, their audience felt connected with the brand. Because Clif Bar supports outdoors events.

10. Use-Case videos

Use-case videos tell your brand story from another perspective. They are like testimonials, but they showcase the benefits of your products.

For video marketing purposes, use-case videos are awesome. They show a customer's point of view, and they add value to other customers who are seeking for sincere and honest information about your brand.

Don’t be a Meetings Dinosaur” from Cvent is an excellent use-case video example. Cvent shows how event managers recognize the scenarios presented, and in no time they understand how Cvent can help them with their day-to-day activities.


Your brand isn’t only products, your vision, or your company history. Your brand is how your customers engage with you at an emotional level. Videos are a powerful tool for innovative brand storytelling. That’s why video marketing should be an important piece in your overall marketing strategy.

Looking to improve your brand video marketing? Hire a copywriter who knows how to create great stories that engage people and connect them with your brand on a deep emotional level. Copywriters can write video scripts or compelling story lines that align with your brand.

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