10 Tips for Writing an Effective About Us Page

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Too many businesses place too little emphasis on the About Us page. They give dry information about the CEO, or they provide a jargon-filled mission statement or a boring timeline of the company’s history.

These are missed opportunities.

Think about why someone clicks on the About Us page in the first place.

  1. Maybe they were drawn in by a Facebook ad and they want to learn more about you before they commit to a next step.

  2. Maybe they’re looking for assurances that you’re legit.

  3. Maybe they want to apply for a job with your company and need to see if your values fit theirs.

Whatever the reason, the fact that they clicked says they’re open to deepening their engagement with you. Don’t squander this opportunity with dull or misdirected copy.

Your About Us Page Isn’t Really About You

As with all marketing copy, the About Us page should be written to, for, and about the reader.

Sure, the copy on your About Us page is, on the surface, about you. But the underlying message of any copy is always about how you can serve your readers’ needs.

What can you do for them? What problems can you solve for them? How are you different?

The About Us page lets you answer these questions in a way that also tells your story, humanizes your company, and strengthens your brand.

Ten Tips for a Compelling About Us Page

1. Tell your story. Why did you start the business? How is your approach different? See Trader Joe’s page for a good example of About Us storytelling.

2. Identify your customer. Be specific about who you are serving. Visitors who see themselves clearly in your copy will stick around. So talk about them, their problems, and how your product and service can help.

3. Differentiate yourself. What is unique about your company? Do you have an unusual take on your industry? Why should someone choose you over your competition? What you don’t want is bland copy that could easily describe all your competitors, too: “We provide an excellent product at competitive prices and promise best-in-class customer service.” Yawn.

4. Include your values. Describe your company culture. What bigger issues drive your business? What social causes do you support? How do these values impact what you do and how you do it?

5. Be human. Use a conversational tone that matches the rest of your branding. Avoid buttoned-up corporate speak and jargon. You want to come across warm and friendly as if you’re chatting with someone over coffee.

6. Use the first person. “I” and “We” statements convey that all-important conversational, human element far better than “They” or “It” statements.

7. Add photos of yourself and your team. Remember that people buy from people they like. Photos help potential customers see likable people behind your logo and landing pages. Include favorite quotes or quirky personality traits if it fits your branding. Ora Organics uses this strategy well on its About Us page.

8. Add social proof. Show visitors how you’re positively impacting your customers, your industry, or the world at large. Include credibility boosters, such as industry reviews, media mentions, or customer feedback.

9. Make it visually appealing. Use headings and bullets to break up long blocks of text. And include photos, charts, and other images to support the copy.

10. Include a call-to-action. You’ve warmed up your website visitors with your story or your mission and you’ve convinced them you’re worth listening to. Now, what do you want them to do? Sign up for your newsletter? Browse a catalog? Contact you for a free consultation? Or maybe you just want to move them to a different page of your website. Help direct them to the next step with a call-to-action button.


The About Us page is, on the surface, about your business. But on a deeper level, that page is about what you can do for your readers. Copywriters use the About Us page as an opportunity to show your readers your human side by including your values, your stories, and social proof about what makes you unique. It's an opportunity to engage with your readers.

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