14 Powerful Techniques Used in Product Marketing by Top Brands and Companies

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Product marketing is one of the most important factors when it comes to business. This is because great product marketing is what’s going to ultimately generate those sales.

Providing value, content, and brand personality is very important. However, without good product marketing, you won’t be able to close the sale.

It’s no wonder that some of the biggest brands and companies spend tons of money and put lots of effort into product marketing.

Before you market your next product, check out these 14 techniques used by big, successful companies.

1. How Disney Plus Leverages Nostalgia in Product Marketing

The first big product marketing example is Disney’s new streaming service, Disney Plus.

This is an interesting example because Disney faced a couple of big challenges. First, the video streaming market is no longer new. Second, Disney is entering a market filled with powerful competitors, namely Netflix and HBO.

So how does Disney break into this market? They use nostalgia.

You see, Disney is already a very established brand, and many people grew up watching Disney shows and movies. So when Disney decided to launch Disney Plus, they chose to leverage their existing success.

During its launch, Disney Plus included mainly classic Disney movies and shows. On top of that, they also leveraged Marvel and Star Wars’ popularity.

If you think about it, many people are buying Disney Plus to watch shows they’ve seen before. That is the power of nostalgia, and it’s proven to be a success. As of now, Disney Plus has 28.6 million subscribers.

2. Product Marketing at Conventions

For tech-based industries, such as gaming, conventions are a great place for product marketing. One famous example is the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as “E3”. Many gaming companies use this opportunity to effectively show off their products.

Simply speaking, product marketing in conventions includes three parts. First is the large scale presentation in front of a large audience. The scope is no different than a theatrical presentation. If done well, this can generate an immense amount of hype, and live audience reaction only adds to that.

Second, it features live demos. When it comes to technology and games, watching a trailer or presentation is not enough. Live booths allow potential customers to try the products first hand.

Third, conventions attract media and journalists. This allows companies to spread their upcoming products to news sites and thus gain publicity.

3. Celebrity Endorsement

One of the most anticipated games of 2020 is CD Projekt Red’s “Cyberpunk 2077”. Just as we talked about in the section above, the company presented this game during 2019’s E3.

The interesting thing is, the game features the famous actor Keanu Reeves. CD Projekt Red chose to keep Reeves’ involvement a surprise until the presentation. To make the presentation even more shocking, Keanu Reeves appeared during the live presentation.

This took the gaming community by storm, and greatly added excitement to the product release.

4. Tesla Breaks the Mold

A powerful product marketing technique is to break conventional beliefs. One such example is Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Elon Musk presented this product at a live presentation, and revealed a truck that looks nothing like a truck. The product took people’s normal perception of a car, and broke it in every way. It’s pretty much a science fiction vehicle come true.

So, if your product challenges conventional beliefs, then it’ll surely get people talking.

5. Humor Is Powerful

Humor is a great way to inject brand personality into product marketing. A great part about humor is that you can use it anywhere.

A great example is the eCommerce site Manscaped. They chose to promote their brand new razor in a YouTube video called "The Right Tools For The Job".

In the video, instead of listing out the features of the razor, they made it a comedy instead. It’s funny, witty, and fits in with their brand personality. As of now, the video has over 7 million views and is very well received.

6. Apple Uses Emotions and Stories to Sell

Emotions and stories are powerful tools when selling. It’s no surprise that Apple chose to use them in their product marketing.

In their most recent promotional campaign, Apple wanted to highlight iPhone 11’s powerful camera. Instead of listing out the technical specifics, they took a different route. Apple shot a short film called “Chinese New Year - Daughter”. It’s shot entirely on the iPhone 11, and tells an emotional story.

This is a brilliant way to showcase the product and get the audience emotionally engaged.

7. Go Viral with a Powerful Message

The internet is a competitive platform for product marketing. A really powerful way to get noticed on the internet is to go viral. It’s tricky because the internet is so dynamic, but some of the biggest companies have managed to do so.

Dove, the skincare company, uploaded a video that went viral in 2013. It garnered 68 million views on YouTube. The video is very different from a typical shampoo ad on TV. It doesn’t actively promote a specific product, but rather a message.

This video, “Dove Real Beauty Sketches”, focuses on exploring the idea of beauty. It serves to empower insecure individuals. This allows viewers to resonate with the values Dove’s product brings.

8. Market Using Mystery

Humans are very attracted to the unknown. We like a good mystery. Likewise, some of the biggest marketing campaigns involve using mystery.

A good example is the marketing for the highest grossing movie, Avengers: Endgame. Following Avengers: Infinity War, fans of Marvel had to wait an entire year for the sequel.

Here’s the interesting part. For a good portion of the year, Disney released nothing about the movie. They didn’t even announce the title, and this created a huge mystery.

The internet and fan base spent months discussing and theorizing. It feels like an itch that you can’t scratch. When Disney released a short trailer only a few months before the movie, it satisfied a lot of people.

The key is that by creating a mystery, you can generate a ton of buzz and talk around the product.

9. Take Advantage of Social Media

Not everyone has the money to pull off the scope of a Disney or Apple marketing campaign. That doesn’t mean other avenues aren’t effective.

A simple medium for easy and effective product marketing is social media. For this, take a look at Wendy’s Twitter page.

They have created a social media persona that thrives on Twitter. Their tweets are witty, funny, and borderline sarcastic.

Through a simple tweet, they instantly connect with Twitter users on a very casual level. Using just a few sentences, they can generate a ton of likes and shares. When they want to promote a new burger, just a simple tweet can be very effective. This is because they took the time to master a social media platform.

10. Introduce Unique Mechanisms

Part of successful marketing is to solve problems. This is especially important when physical stores are slowly moving to digital.

For example, GlassesUSA is a popular eCommerce website selling eye glasses, but there’s a problem. How are you supposed to try the glasses over the internet?

Well, this eCommerce website solves the issue using a simple mechanism. Their website allows you to upload a photo and virtually puts the glasses on you. This simple process eliminates a lot of objections and makes the buying experience much easier.

11. Personify Your Product

It’s easier for humans to relate to another human. However, chances are, you aren’t selling another human. So what’s a good way for potential customers to connect with your product?

You can do so by personifying your product. A famous example is the PC vs Mac ad. Instead of laying out two computers and comparing the specs, Apple personified them instead.

They dressed the PC as the nerdy guy, and the Mac as the cool one. By doing so, they allowed the customers to connect with the Mac on a more human level.

12. Tailor Your Product

People are unique, and they love to feel special. So, a good way to market your product is to make it customized.

The eCommerce website, Function Of Beauty, does just this. They sell shampoos that tailor to each individual customer.

Buyers can take a quiz that determines their hair type, and get a shampoo unique to them. To make this better, each bottle has the customer’s name printed on it. This is an effective way to make customers feel special and unique.

13. Connect Through Language

A key part to successful marketing is knowing your audience, and you can easily achieve this by using language.

Famous eCommerce razor company, Dollar Shave Club, does just this. They understand their audience, and it shows in their product descriptions. It’s funny and suave, and sounds just like a friend talking to you. This entertains and connects with the audience, and it’s simple but effective when marketing a product.

14. Emails Are Still Strong

Emails have been around a long time, but they are still going strong. They may not be as flashy as videos, but they are just as important. Best of all, they are simple.

You can see this in Zara, the eCommerce clothing company’s newsletters. They showcase their clothing in stylish photos and short descriptions. It’s easy to read, and gets the point across. In a way, it’s the perfect way for the product to speak for itself. Sometimes, simplicity is all you need.


When you are marketing your next product, be sure to consider these 14 techniques:

  1. Leverage nostalgia

  2. Take advantage of events and conventions

  3. Use celebrity endorsement

  4. Challenge conventional belief

  5. Inject some humor

  6. Invoke emotion with stories

  7. Go viral

  8. Create a mystery to solve

  9. Interact on social media

  10. Use a unique mechanism

  11. Personify your product

  12. Tailor your product to each buyer

  13. Connect through language

  14. Craft simple and effective emails

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