3 Content Types To Nurture Leads for your B2B Business

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Qualifying leads is one thing, but knowing how to nurture leads is crucial if you want to increase your sales. The process businesses go through from the moment they identify an initiative that requires a new product or service, to the point they decide to buy such product or service varies significantly from B2C. Therefore, the need to nurture leads throughout this process is to create a relationship, build awareness and help the business make an educated decision on whom to acquire the product or service they are looking for.

According to the Online Marketing Institute, it can take between 7 to 13+ touches to nurture a lead to the point where the qualified lead is “sales-ready”. Part of it is because of the many different players and different decision-makers that need to be involved, especially as many businesses need to identify and match the product or service to a budget, authority, need and timeframe.

Having a strategy in place to nurture leads will help transition leads from the moment they are qualified to the moment they are sales-ready. After all, there is no point in investing time and effort in leads that were not qualified early on, leads that have no interest in the products or services your company provides.

Setting the Stage to Nurture Leads

A) A challenge or problem has been identified (qualified lead)

Let’s assume your leads have been qualified. They are aware of a problem they have, and your business can either help them or provide a solution via one of your products or services. It is at this point you know you can add value to a lead, and that lead can potentially become your customer.

Buyer's personas often represent the details of qualified leads, which helps understand the challenges and problems these are trying to resolve.

B) Be mindful of the buyer’s journey (there is no decision on a product or service to solve their challenge or problem)

It is imperative to be aware of where in the buyer’s journey your lead is. They might be in the 'Awareness Stage', 'Consideration Stage' or 'Decision Stage' according to the buyer’s journey description at Hubspot.

It is during the 'Awareness Stage', where leads are identified and qualified.

These qualified leads are businesses that have shown a challenge or problem that your business is uniquely qualified to resolve either through products or services.

You want to focus the nurture leads efforts into the Consideration Stage, to position your products or services at the top of the list from the lead's perspective, just before the lead enters into the Decision Stage.

Recent studies by marketingprofs show that 74% of top content marketing performers, craft content based on the stages of the customer journey; making the need to align the content, whether it is via email, blogs, or other, where the lead is in the buyer’s journey.

The 3 Content Types to Nurture Leads

According to the 2020 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends - North America from MarketingProfs, the highest performing content types for nurturing leads are:

  • Email Newsletters (31%)

  • Blog Posts/Short Articles (13%)

  • In-Person Events & Case Studies (tied at 9%)

Let’s take a look at each of these 3 content types, how to use each of them and the desired impact we want to produce.

1. Use Personalized Emails to Nurture Leads

Before you send any emails to your qualified leads, you want to determine the goals for each and every email. As well as set the timeline for sending a sequence of emails.

Once you have identified the goals and frequency of the emails, you can personalize emails to provide valuable content to your qualified leads, ask them to make micro-commitments or take specific actions such as downloading a whitepaper.

For example, you should include the first name and the company name of the qualified lead in every email. Also, if someone downloaded a specific content such as a whitepaper, then the next email can reference the whitepaper in the body of the email.

The impact of the different emails is to create a relationship, add value to the qualified lead (business) and increase their confidence in your company to provide products or services that will be of benefit to them.

2. Create Targeted Content via Blog Posts to Nurture Leads

Integrate stories in some of your blogs or articles and help your leads visualize the results your company has delivered for others. This targeted content will, in turn, help them see themselves working with you and achieving similar success stories.

The impact comes from showcasing the expertise, testimonials, and stories that highlight different ways and perspectives on how your company helps clients experiencing similar challenges and problems.

3. Nurture Leads Through Content (Case Studies, Whitepapers, and Comparison Guides)

Case studies, whitepapers and comparison guides, help your leads assess where you stand against the competition. They showcase what makes your business different and what sets you apart, as well as put your business in a position of authority in your field.

The impact of these content materials is to differentiate your products or services from competitors and to highlight what makes your offer unique.


It is common practice to create a workflow that walks a customer through a series of emails, blogs and other artifacts. As you can infer, all of these artifacts provide better results when they work together, when they are aligned and sequenced correctly. Depending on the composition of your team, you may consider, as many marketing managers do, to outsource copywriting services for your own business as well as for the work you may be doing for your clients.

As you look to hire copywriters to help implement the different aspects to nurture leads and convert them into clients, take into consideration the difference between the Most Expensive Copywriters and other Copywriters. After all, a lot of effort has gone into identifying and getting these leads engaged, don’t lose them by lowering the standards.

If you are ready to implement your campaign to nurture leads and increase your client conversion rates, schedule a consultation to learn more specifics on how Copywriters.com can work with you and help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Jorge Gamboa

Jorge is a copywriter with a background in IT, with extensive experience leading & coaching Agile teams, scaling agile and lean transformations in small, medium and large enterprises; Jorge is also an Executive and Leadership Development coach and facilitator with LMI Canada and is a member of Copywriters.com

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