3 Copywriting Hacks For Instagram Ads

Erica Gordon
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You might already be running advertisements on Facebook or Twitter, but don't forget about Instagram ads. These bad boys can be an awesome sales driver. 

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, however, Instagram is more graphics-driven. Because of this fact, many business owners mistakenly assume they can ignore the quality of their captions.

The thing is, people actually read the captions when they view Instagram ads. This means what’s written there does matter. 

As you probably know, creating great captions is all about the copy. Appealing to people online, especially through words, can be a difficult task. So how can you make sure your Instagram ads are actually grabbing people's attention?

You start by hiring a social media copywriter who knows their way around an Instagram ad, and is very familiar with the Instagram interface. Expert on Instagram copywriting can create attention-grabbing Instagram ads. These three copywriting hacks for Instagram are used by copywriters to make your ads stand out from your competition, and grab the attention of your target demographic.

1. Make Your Caption Punchy and Clever

Instagram isn't all about pictures. In fact, a well-written caption can be just as vibrant as the photo. Checking out a post on Instagram is a two-step process: seeing the photo first, then reading the caption. When a potential customer goes to read your caption, it means you've successfully grabbed their attention and they're now looking for something that'll pull them in a bit deeper and keep them from scrolling on.

This is where hiring a copywriter can be helpful; a professional copywriter can help you stand out in your customers' feeds with an eye-catching and compelling caption.

Using punchy and clever words to evoke emotion is a very effective tool and perfect for Instagram captions. For instance, suppose a shoe company that's primarily advertising to young athletes has come out with a new line of sneakers.

It is certainly fine to write a caption that describes the line as, "Sleek and great for athletes." But this kind of language isn't very exciting.

A better caption would pull the prospect in with evocative and empowering words. Instead of its original proposal, the company makes its caption, "Endurance-enhancing. Sleek. Fit for champions."

Using short sentences and short paragraphs is another attention-grabbing hack.

Using powerful language is far more likely to pull a prospect in and have them grow a more genuine curiosity about your product.

2. Limit theHashtags in Your Caption, and Keep Them Relevant

Hashtags are a great way to maximize the visibility of your ad. However, there can always exist too much of a good thing. Instead of littering your caption with hashtags about vaguely-related topics, try limiting your use of hashtags and being extra cautious about the ones you select.

For instance, you are putting together an Instagram ad campaign for your company's new home-fitness equipment. There are thousands of fitness-related hashtags on Instagram, with thousands of posts under each one.

It may seem logical to throw hashtags like #fitness, #gym, #muscle, #homeworkout, and so on at the bottom of your post in an effort to increase visibility. In reality, this makes your caption look unattractive and messy.

If you want these extra hashtags, include them in a comment under your image, but not in the caption.

For the caption, select a few hashtags that are popular and most relevant to the product you are advertising. In this case, #fitness and #homeworkout are great selections — as they are both popular hashtags and relevant to the product.

Additionally, creating your own catchy hashtag is a great way to engage with potential customers. The hashtag can be as simple as your company's slogan. Unique hashtags keep an online conversation going about your company and help customers spread the word about your product or service.

3. Don't Just Promote — Encourage Engagement

Hashtags aren't the only way to engage with your target demographic. Encouraging engagement is incredibly important and can be done in a variety of ways.

Reposting is a primary way of encouraging potential customers to engage with your company. If somebody posts a photo of themselves using your product or service, let them know that your company cares by reposting their photo on your page.

This is a great way of encouraging engagement and convincing potential and returning customers that your company cares about their patronage.

Furthermore, use your caption to let people know if your company has a membership or rewards program. Or, a special deal for followers. Let them know that you want them to get the best deals possible and stay up-to-date with what you're offering. Give them a reason to follow you.


If you want your Instagram ads to stand out, these three copywriting hacks will help you get there faster.

  • Make your caption powerful. Use punchy and empowering words to better appeal to your target demographic.

  • Limit your hashtags and keep them relevant. Use only a few popular, relevant hashtags — and experiment with making your own to avoid a cluttered caption.

  • Encourage engagement. Let your customers know that you care by encouraging them to engage with you on social media.

You probably know how time-consuming copywriting is. Fortunately, you don't have to write your own copy. You can spend your time on other things. Simply choose from a network of professional copywriters and hire a social media copywriter today

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