3 Email Marketing Secrets To Increase Your Email Open Rates

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Email marketing is no walk in the park. And as a marketer, you know this. You've probably spent countless hours crafting email copy, praying for a miracle.

If you’ve tried to write email copy for email marketing, then you know how difficult it can be to intrigue your customers and increase your open rates. When used effectively with the right copy, however, emails are a great sales driver and serve as a distribution channel that you truly own and control.

First and foremost, emails can keep existing customers informed about new products and developments — and this makes emails a great route to staying connected with your customer base.

Building up a solid list of people who subscribe to your email list is one feat. But how do you get your subscribers to actually open the emails? It may involve shifting your perspective a bit on email marketing at large.

Your customers don't want to waste time. Maybe they've gone through the effort of subscribing, but they still won't click on things that appear irrelevant or uninteresting to them. Piquing your subscribers' interest is the single most important objective in writing email copy.

If you're struggling with email marketing, the following email marketing secrets are sure to help you better intrigue your subscribers and increase your email open rates.

1. Make Your Subject Line Relevant to Your Target Demographic

When trying to increase your open rates, look at your subject line as a matter of life or death. After all, it doesn't matter how good your email copy is if your customers don't read it.

Ask yourself a few questions when writing a subject line:

  • Is my subject line relevant to my target demographic?

  • Does my subject line get to the point fast enough?

  • Would I, personally, open an email with this subject line?

There are certain conventions and formulas for writing subject lines, but you don't always have to follow them -- there really isn't one right way to write a great subject line.

But there is one right way to approach writing a great subject line: you have to spend time thinking about what that headline is. Without doing so, your email will drown in the vast sea of formulaic corporate emails.

Email marketing means sparking a desire in your customers and making sure your email stands out. And having an interesting subject line means a higher likelihood of customers opening your email and subsequently giving you their business.

2. Email Marketing Is About Being A Friend To Your Customers

Your customers have taken the time to subscribe to your company. They are on your mailing list because at one point in time they cared about keeping up-to-date with your products or services.

In turn, you should let them know you care about keeping their business. When drafting an email to send to your subscribers, consider what kind of language you're using. Is it stiff and overly-formal?

Say that your company is organizing a Black Friday sale. As a marketer, you are sending a mass email to your company's subscriber base to let them know the sale is coming up soon. You write a subject line like this:

"Up to 50% off, store-wide! Black Friday Sale begins November 29th!"

Oftentimes, your subscribers will see this as spam. It’s too impersonal. They don't have to blink before they see a slew of numbers and dates, and proceed to ignore your email. Instead, try writing a subject line like this:

"Ready for Black Friday? We got you covered..."

Not only is this kind of language more inviting, but it also builds more anticipation in the reader.

Using friendly language is a quick and easy way to make your subject lines or email content more engaging, leaving customers feeling like your company cares about their business. If driving sales is the goal, then keeping your customers interested and engaged is pertinent.

3. Provide Incentives Based On Your Current Open Rate

At the moment, there is likely a portion of your company's subscribers who already engage consistently with your emails. But do you know who exactly is engaging actively with your content?

Maybe, but also maybe not. Though there are a plethora of ways to segment your mailing list, segmenting by rate-of-engagement can be a starting point. By doing so, you can make sure that those who already love keeping up with your products or services can be rewarded with incentivizes.

This could mean offering them special promotions, deals, or letting them know about upcoming sales earlier than other subscribers.

If your already-loyal subscribers feel cared about, they are more likely to keep giving you their business and capitalize on the opportunities that you put in front of them.

Doing this in tandem with writing more engaging copy will help you drive more sales from all of your customers, even the ones who are already invested in your company.

Act On Your Email Marketing Efforts Today

If you're looking for a better email marketing strategy to increase your open rates, keep these secrets in mind the next time you write to your customers:

  • Make your subject line interesting. Avoid formulas or the overuse of email templates, and instead spend time writing something that'll grab readers' attention.

  • Be a friend to your customers. Use friendlier, inviting language so that your readers stay interested and feel cared about.

  • Consider your current open rate. Segment your list by rate-of-engagement and reward already-loyal customers.

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