3 Smart Ways to Improve Your SEO Copywriting

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Here’s a little SEO copywriting scenario you’ve probably encountered:

You’ve spent hours writing and rewriting a fantastic website. You’ve researched topics and keywords, found the perfect voice to connect with your target market, and included clever calls-to-action.

But no one is reading your content.


Here’s a hard truth of modern copywriting: creating fantastic content isn’t enough anymore. If you want to be successful, you need to get your content found.

There are 3.5 billion Google searches every day – that’s 3.5 billion opportunities to get found. So how can you make sure that your content takes its rightful place in the SERP?

Here are 3 smart ways to step up your SEO copywriting game:

1. Run a content audit.

There are always improvements you can make to your content, but reading and rereading will only get you so far. Take your analysis ten steps further by running a content audit.

You can use any number of audit tools like Screaming Frog or Moz to analyze the content of a given page or post.

The audit will assess SEO copywriting best practices such as:

  • Overall content length, formatting, and use of images

  • Both broad and exact keyword use in your copy, title, subheads, and meta description

  • Use of internal and external links, as well as any backlinks to your content

  • Potential problems with duplicate content, keyword cannibalization, or crawl issues

Reviewing the content audit results will enable you to quickly identify areas of improvement.

Do you need to break up your content with lists and subheads for easier reading? Did you forget to include any external links? Or maybe the problem isn’t with your content at all and a technical issue is preventing your page from being crawled.

In addition to individual audits, you can also leverage a sitewide content audit to compare higher- and lower-performing pages and posts.  

2. Keep an eye on your competitors.

After you’ve examined your own content, it’s time to do the same with your competitors. Use a tool like the SEMrush Position Tracker to determine which keywords you and your competitors are targeting, then scrutinize those pages.

Which of their pages are ranking high in the SERP? How does the quality and format of their SEO copywriting differ from yours? Are they doing something on the page that you’re not? What are they doing that you know you can do better?

Another thing to consider is whether you’re only targeting head keywords. Yes, these big-money keywords can bring you a high volume of visitors if you manage to rank highly—but they’re also some of the most difficult to rank for.

You may be able to steal more traffic away from your competitors by cornering the market on a few long-tail keywords that correlate with your head keywords.

3. Tailor your SEO copywriting to user searches.

Understand the user intent behind each page of your website. Will someone be visiting this page to learn more about a topic, find resolutions to a specific pain point, or compare your product to others?

If you’re not sure what the answer is, look to your keyword – it should tell you. If it’s a brief head keyword, your page should probably be an overview. If it’s a long tail keyword that’s phrased as a question, your page should provide the answer.

Using this tactic will help you ensure that you’re offering the user exactly what he or she is searching for.


Remember, the best SEO copywriting isn’t just well-written—it’s strategic. Tailoring yours to meet your user’s expectations will yield you more traffic, more conversions, and ultimately a higher SERP ranking.

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