3 Strategies to Grow Your Email Subscription List

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To make your marketing efforts more effective, you need to be able to target and pre-qualify potential customers. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through a strong email subscription list.

Customers that opt-in for your emails decided that your business and products are interesting and that they want to stay informed.

While many companies understand the concept of having an email subscription list, not as many companies understand how to create and build a successful email subscription list.

Building your list is not difficult—if you know what to do. If your company is working toward building a strong connection with customers, here are three strategies to grow your email subscription list.

Only Send the Highest Quality Content

The key to making your subscription list stronger is to make sure that your subscribers only receive content that they find valuable: high-quality content. Subscribers judge content by several factors, including the quality of its medium and its value to them.

There are a lot of resources for determining what good content is, so take advantage of them when determining what content quality guidelines work best for your company.

A copywriter can also help with creating quality content.

Offer a Freebie

Another way to attract subscribers to your email subscription list is to offer a freebie. People love to get free stuff, and your potential customers may be more than willing to give your product a try if they get one for free. This is a tried and true tactic to promote email subscriptions, and it has proven effective.

However, it is important to make sure that the freebie offers appropriate value to your subscribers. If it does not offer enough value or is of poor quality, you won’t attract subscribers. If your freebie is too valuable, you may give away the chance for more sales or up-sales.

Offering the right amount of value in a freebie attracts subscribers, and accurately represents the value of your other products so that it might lead to a higher purchase conversion rate through your email subscription list.

Make It Easy to Share Content

While your email subscription list is a good way to disseminate content to your subscribers, there is a much wider audience of potential viewers out there that your list can’t reach.

Your subscribers can spread your content to the people they know and think might be interested if you make it easy to share your content. You can do this by creating content in a form that makes it easy for your subscribers to capture it and repackage it for different media platforms.

For example, you can focus on visual representations of your business like pictures or infographics that are small enough for subscribers to repost on Instagram or Twitter. This way, they can spread the content to their followers, which will lead them back to your company.


Growing your email subscription list is a good way to improve your business’s sales conversions. There are many different ways of building your list. Experiment with several options until you find one that works best for your company.

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