3 Tips To Skyrocket Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Krishna Mohan Pandey
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Looking for last-minute inspiration that will skyrocket your holiday marketing campaigns? Perhaps you have been trying out holiday-themed products, special holiday coupons, holiday discounts, and special deals but you aren't quite seeing 'amazing' results.

You might have even analyzed last year's holiday campaign to try to remember what worked last year.

You understand how big of an opportunity holiday marketing is, and you know you aren't the only one who wants a portion of this trillion-dollar pie.

With holiday marketing campaigns, you're successfully fostering relationships with existing customers, attracting new customers, improving your brand image and gaining huge short-term profits.

The problem is, all brands seem to go crazy with marketing during the holidays, and there's just too much noise in the marketplace during the holidays. It's tough to stand out all the time, but it's especially tough to stand out during the holidays.

During the holidays, almost everyone is offering a special holiday discount, for a limited time only, during the holiday season. The question is, do you want to be like everybody else?

If you're going to spend money on a holiday marketing campaign, you should get the most bang for your buck. So, below are 3 tips to skyrocket your holiday marketing campaigns:

1. Use "Emotions Over Logic" In Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Emotion drives your prospects' purchasing decisions. Since the holiday season is when people are emotionally heightened, they feel happy about spending money on gifts.

An average American spends $846 on Christmas presents alone. That's why it would be smart of you to pitch your product or service as a gift. And, use emotional selling during this warm-and-fuzzy time of year.

Barnes & Noble did a holiday campaign with a special holiday hashtag, #BNGift, on Twitter and Instagram. People were directly able to ask them, what's the best #BNGift for my dad who loves Italy?

Barnes & Noble responded to queries with a few follow up questions and then the answer. Their campaign involved thoughtful responses. At the end of each conversation, the customer bought their products joyfully.

This campaign made the customer think that he/she was important, thus emotionally they felt happy and loved.

This clever holiday marketing idea not only drastically boosted their sales, but also built a strong relationship with their customers.

You could do something similar for your holiday marketing campaigns to skyrocket your campaign the way Barnes & Noble's campaign skyrocketed.

2. When Education Meets Entertainment

Have you heard of "Edutainment"? Edutainment is when education meets entertainment.

It's also called infotainment.

By using the right edutainment strategy, you will ensure greater attention, retention & interaction from your potential customers.

Edutainment can be done by: 

  • Organizing holiday-themed games/events.

  • Special Q&A live stream on Facebook, Instagram Or YouTube.

  • Free quizzes that generate curiosity.

Imagine that you are surfing a bodybuilding website, and there is a free quiz (because it's the holidays) to find out your body type (in case one of your New Year's Resolutions is to get fit). By taking the free quiz you have engaged without even realizing the quiz was a clever lead magnet. Once you complete the quiz, you get a list of supplements recommended for your body type. Smart, right? You were educated about your body type, and entertained with the quiz.

After you finish the holiday quiz, imagine that you're also offered a special "1-week free" trial program. Once you opt into the free week of the program, it'll be difficult for you to stop, as you'll want to continue - so you'll pay to continue.

In general, anytime you offer something for "free", your ads will generate more leads and more people will engage. You can even offer something small, like a free PDF info-packet.

3. Enlist The Help of Word Wizards (Copywriters)

Without the use of persuasive words and emotional trigger words, it'll be tough to skyrocket your holiday marketing campaigns.

The Word Wizards who know all about this are copywriters.

It doesn't matter how much money you spend on your holiday campaign. If the Facebook ad or landing page copy isn't persuasive enough to motivate the reader to take action, then you're probably wasting your money, because no action means no revenue.

You can genuinely have an extremely valuable, wonderful holiday offer - but if the copy is not compelling, it's unlikely you'll see many results.

Copywriters understand how to use simple and clear language, emotion-provoking words, shorter sentences, intriguing stories, and irresistible offers.

Leo Burnett said, “The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.”

Copywriters also know how to write a complaint Facebook ad and how to write an email that people willingly open and joyfully read. H Having a professional copywriter on board is like having a wizard in the 21st century, who uses a pen instead of a wand and converts words into money for you.

Hire a professional copywriter today, and ensure your next marketing campaign gets results you could write home about.

Krishna Mohan Pandey

Krishna Mohan Pandey is a certified High Income Copywriter, Inbound Marketer & Content Marketer. Krishna believes in delivering a stress-free experience to his clients through his ability to write scalable & persuasive copy that converts & generates tons of revenue. His approach to copywriting is result focused. Time to take the first step & boost your leads & revenue.

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