3 Ways a Marketing Copywriter Can Boost Your Conversions

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Hiring a marketing copywriter can help to boost conversions for your eCommerce company or online business. Perhaps you’re getting impressions on your ads, but not many clicks? Or maybe you’re getting the traffic you want, but not seeing the conversions you’d like to see? A professionally trained, marketing copywriter can help with this.

Have you ever heard the phrase “if you build it, they will come”? While that might have worked for Kevin Costner’s character in the movie Field of Dreams, you probably know better and will shake your head in disagreement. After all, you know you can’t just make a product and expect people to discover you on their own accord.

Many business owners, however, carry the spirit of that phrase into their copy. They believe something like, “As long as my copy has enough information about my products, someone will buy it.” That is the wrong mentality.

Unfortunately, that fallacy has left many business owners with less-than-stellar conversion rates. It reduces the effectiveness of their ads, websites, landing pages, product listings, emails, and every other touchpoint in their marketing efforts.

William C. McDowell, Rachel C. Wilson, and Charles Owen Kile Jr produced a study entitled An examination of retail website design and conversion rate. They found that almost 96% of website visits end with no consumer purchase.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your eCommerce brand wasn’t part of that statistic?

It is possible.

But only if you intentionally focus your copy on conversions. And having a marketing copywriter design your copy can improve your conversions at each step of your customers’ journey.

Your click-through rates on ads will improve.

Your email open rates will go up.

Your opt-in rates will increase.

Let’s say your marketing copywriter only improves the copy on only one step of your eCommerce website or funnel. The result you are likely to see is still an overall increase in revenue.

Here are 3 ways that a marketing copywriter can help to increase your conversions.

1. A Marketing Copywriter Uses Proven Leverage

When creating copy, a marketing copywriter that knows their craft will leverage the AIDA framework. What’s AIDA, you might ask? AIDA is an acronym that stands for:

A - Attracting Attention

I - Building Interest

D - Channeling Desire

A - Taking Action

AIDA doesn’t just work for marketing; take peacocks for example.

Male peacocks have the responsibility of first attracting females with their flashy display of tail feathers. Then they strut back and forth, displaying their fitness and health, to build interest and channel desire towards them. Finally, when the female peahen selects a suitable mate, well, they take action.

By implementing the AIDA framework into your marketing strategies, you can move your customers from the awareness stage to the decision stage. This framework takes them from one funnel step to the next, ultimately leading to the conversion.

So how would this actually work for you?

The first stage of this framework is to attract attention to your brand. You can do this by knowing your audience well enough to call out their pain points and desires.

Now that you’ve captured their attention, the next step is to build their interest. If you start talking about their problems in a way they feel understood, they’ll want to know more.

Dean Graziosi said, “people will buy into you when they feel understood, not when they understand you.”

The next step is to take that interest and channel their desire. But isn’t interest enough? Without a strong desire, you will not get the customer to take any action. This is best done by showing them what they can potentially have or achieve with the help of your products or services.

The final stage is to persuade the customer to take action. Generally, it’s best to be clear and concise and tell your customers exactly what you want them to do. I’ll expand on that in the next section.

2. A Marketing Copywriter Moves Your Customer Down a Slide

Did you know that people see up to 5000 ads a day? It’s no wonder that a study by Hairong Li and John D Leckenby entitled Internet Advertising Formats and Effectiveness, showed that click-through rates have been on a decline for years now.

One thing that a marketing copywriter can help you with is increasing your click-through rates using persuasive copy. Every step of your funnel has a drop off percentage.

Where should you focus your efforts first? If you aren’t sure what to work on first, your marketing copywriter can diagnose which steps are underperforming.

Once identified, it’s about implementing the right strategies at that step to increase the click-through rates. This will help your customers slide down your marketing funnel.

Two areas that usually make a significant difference are the headline and the call-to-action.

The headline is at the beginning. 

The call-to-action is generally at the end.

Since the call-to-action is at the end, it’s the last thing customers see before moving to the next step of the funnel. So it needs to be clear, concise, and compelling. It persuades the customer to do precisely what you want them to do next.

What about the headline? It’s actually more critical to fully optimize the headline since it is at the beginning. You can do this by finding unique and creative ways to improve relevancy and specificity. 

When relevancy and specificity appeal to the right audience, they will be curious to read past the headline. If they don’t get passed that point, they will never get to the call-to-action itself.

How do you know you have the most optimized headline?

The only way to accomplish this is to create a few initial variations of your headline and split test them against each other. Then you review the data and see which one performed best. That becomes your baseline and control. Your marketing copywriter will then create new headlines, which you can test against the control.

This becomes a process where you’re trying to beat the control each time.

3. A Marketing Copywriter Thinks Like a Proton

What’s all this about protons? Well, protons are positive. And people like to experience positive feelings, as positivity is associated with happiness.

But can you buy happiness? Perhaps the short answer is yes (retail therapy), and the long answer is no (not long-lasting). But as it relates to business, there’s no doubt that your customers would rather feel happy than sad.

So the key is to communicate with positivity. Research from Kelsey Libert and Kristin Tynski at Harvard Business Review show that positive marketing campaigns are generally more effective than negative ones.

It’s normal for people to feel both positive and negative emotions throughout their day. It feels good to be happy, doesn’t it? If your messages invoke happiness in customers, they’ll naturally want more of it. Not to mention, they also feel good about sharing that happiness with those around them.

Here are three ways that your marketing copywriter can integrate positivity in your copy:

  • Focus on solutions. If you address the problems your customers are facing and show them a way out, that will provide a positive tone that breeds hope.

  • Make it personal. If you speak directly to the reader with the words they use and the thoughts they think, they’ll feel understood.

  • Use positive words. These words help to invoke that positive feeling inside your customers.

The goal of being positive is so that your customer desires to continue the journey with you, and buy more of that positive feeling they like. And that journey will take them through your funnel towards the conversions you’ve laid out for them.


Hiring a marketing copywriter is a great way to increase conversions at every step of your funnels. There are many drop-off points in a funnel.  When the copy and messaging is optimized at each point, you will see higher conversions rates, improving sales, and increasing revenue for your company.

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Arthur Kam

Arthur Kam is a revenue-generating marketer and direct-response copywriter. He's a former engineer, who bootstrapped and exited two eCommerce brands that each made multiple 7-figures in sales. Nowadays, when he's not focused on helping clients scale their companies through copy, marketing, and funnels, he loves to travel and experience the world with his wife and business partner, Dr. Grace Lee.

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