3 Ways to Refine Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

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It seems like everyone is in business these days. There are founders, freelancers, side hustlers, and influencers in addition to traditional executives, managers, and interns. The good news: this creates endless opportunities for a B2B content marketing strategy.

The bad news: competition is fierce. Even the people you’re marketing to are busy marketing their own products and services. You need a pretty stellar B2B strategy to excel in this game.

Here are 3 tips that can help:

1. Know your audience.

Yes, your audience is B2B, but you need to know much more than that if you’re going to create a wildly successful B2B content marketing campaign. Are you marketing to small businesses or enterprise clients? Is your product better suited for start-ups or established companies?

B2B is a broad audience. As in, really broad: the U.S. Census Bureau documented 5.6 million employer firms in 2016. You can’t talk to them all—nor do you want to.

Narrowing down your audience makes it easier to attract and engage the prospects and leads who are most likely to become paying customers. Specifically addressing your audience’s most pressing needs and concerns yields better results than generalized, nonspecific content can.

Understanding the size, stage, and type of company you’re targeting also gives you insight into the buying cycle. For example, if most of your leads are mid-level managers at large organizations, they likely need to get approval and buy-in from senior managers and key stakeholders before they can commit to a buying decision.

If you’re targeting small business owners, however, they probably have less budget to work with but more freedom to make a buying decision. Your B2B content marketing strategy needs to take these differences into consideration.

2. Focus on results.

Business is about results. Whether your prospective buyer is a receptionist, executive, or small business owner, he or she wants to understand the value your product or service brings to their business.

The faster you can prove ROI, the faster you’ll grab your audience’s attention. Here’s an example: If you’re marketing front office software for medical practices, don’t talk about customizable patient check-in options. Instead, talk about the tangible benefits those features bring. Brag that your software is “proven to cut check-in time in half,” or “lets you process co-pays with just a click.”

Do you see the difference? Talking about value is more interesting and impactful than simply rattling off a list of features.

Including testimonials is another excellent way to strengthen your B2B content marketing strategy. In fact, 67% of B2B customers consider peer reviews as an important factor in their decision-making process.

Build trust with your audience by taking the time to collect powerful testimonials from your existing customers, then share them with your audience of prospective buyers. You may also consider creating case studies or white papers to give your audience an in-depth look at how your product or service can boost business.

3. Email ‘em.

If your B2B content marketing strategy doesn’t include email, it should. A survey shows 74% of B2B content marketers say email is their most successful distribution channel.

It’s not enough to send emails, though—you need to make sure yours stand out, especially considering that the average office worker receives a whopping 121 emails each workday.

Much of your success hinges on the subject line. Personalized subject lines are 22% more likely to be opened, as are subject lines that sound urgent. Putting a little thought into those 5-10 words can yield big wins for your content marketing efforts.

It’s also crucial to partner with your design and development teams to ensure that your email content is mobile responsive. Research shows 68% of emails are opened on mobile devices, so you want yours to look mind-blowing on a smartphone screen.


Endless opportunities exist for a B2B content marketing strategy. To create a successful strategy, know your audience, focus on results, and send emails that stand out.

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