4 Content Marketing Best Practices For Growing Businesses

Erica Gordon
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What are the content marketing best practices you need to know about to generate leads and increase sales? Putting together a good plan for content marketing seems like a difficult task. There’s a lot to it, and there’s a lot you need to know. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you know what to do. I’m going to lay out the crucial content marketing best practices you need to practice, in order to achieve your business goals.

Effective content marketing requires that you understand what kind of content your target audience wants to engage with. It also means building greater awareness about your content niche.

It's the job of any marketer to boost conversions by first seeking to thoroughly understand their target demographic. Your target audience is comprised of real people with real fears, hopes, desires and interests. Your content marketing practices should reflect your understanding of all of these human emotions.

You may be asking yourself — what should I be prioritizing when putting together a plan for content marketing? Below are some content marketing best practices that you can start implementing today:

1. Create a List of Objectives

Having a clear list of objectives is vital to successful content marketing. Ask yourself what your company goals are, and outline these objectives before beginning a marketing plan.

Are you wanting to increase your conversion rates? Increase overall website traffic? Improve the SEO of your content?

If you compile a list of clear objectives, you'll be ready to put the best marketing plan in place. This is among my content marketing best practices and is the first thing I do.Independent of the content you're producing, and the prospects you're producing it for, you should be preemptively compiling a list of your company objectives to ensure you are strategic and organized in your marketing efforts.

2. Conduct Keyword Research

Researching highly-searched keywords is an essential component of any content marketing strategy. Forbes recommends conducting a few preemptive google searches of relevant topics and industries that your company is engaged in. This will help you determine what phrases your target demographic commonly searches to find new content. Keyword research tools such as SpyFu help you find target keywords or keyphrases that are highly-searched, which you can include in your content. SEO copywriters know how to properly distribute the target keyword throughout the content, so that it will rank on Google. Your content then has a higher chance of being visible whenever someone searches for those specific keywords.

It's important to put the time into keyword research before any content is created. You don’t just want to utilize keywords with a high search volume in your content, though. You also want to make sure your keywords are as relevant as possible, which means conducting new research every so often to keep your list of keywords up-to-date.

Keyword research also involves staying up-to-date on which keywords are proving successful for competitors. This will help you gain an edge against your competition when planning content to push out going forward. 

Now do you understand why keyword research is among my list of content marketing best practices? A good SEO strategy requires it.

3. Optimize According to Analytics

You likely have some way of tracking user activity (such as Google Analytics) and you should  use that information to optimize your content. Content marketing best practices are practices that pay attention to client behavior. Examine which content of yours is receiving the most attention. Which content is being shared most often on social media? Which content has the highest conversion rates? These are important analytics to pay attention to.

Refer to your list of objectives when trying to optimize your content in this way. Whatever kind of engagements your company prioritizes, your analytics will show you how to better tailor the content you're marketing. 

Analytics will show you what content of yours has proven successful, and give you an idea of which techniques to use while optimizing content that hasn't performed as well.

4. Write Compelling Cornerstone Content

Creating high-quality cornerstone content is one of the content marketing best practices for a reason. It's particularly important for your website’s SEO.

Cornerstone content is described as being "among the most important pages of your website, right up there with your home, About and Contact pages." 

Having good cornerstone content lets search engines know which articles to prioritize, and which articles to rank.

As long as you're posting consistently, cornerstone content at the top of an internal link structure will help your website rise above the ranks of your competition.

In addition to improving SEO, compelling cornerstone content can improve reader engagement and increase your following. 


Figuring out how to implement content marketing best strategies can be challenging, which is why you might need help from a professional copywriter. When you're rethinking your content marketing strategy, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Create a list of objectives. (Come up with a clear and detailed list of company goals, so that you can better organize your content strategy overall.)

  • Conduct keyword research. (Continually conduct keyword research to better understand the behavior of your prospects and your competition.)

  • Optimize using user analytics. (Use your user analytics to better understand which content is performing the best, and how you can optimize underperforming content accordingly.)

  • Create cornerstone content. (Use cornerstone content to rise above the ranks in online searches, and keep your readers engaged.)

Part of any successful content marketing strategy is having good copywriters on your team, who understand SEO, keyword research, analytics, and know how to write cornerstone content. You can find the best copywriters for the job here, so that you achieve your business goals.

Erica Gordon

Erica Gordon is a lead strategist for Copywriters.com, an SEO content writer, blog writer and a copywriter. Erica has over a decade of experience writing for top tier publications such as Huffington Post, POPSUGAR, Elite Daily and Thought Catalog. You can follow Erica on Instagram @ericaleighgordon to say hi and see her full portfolio.

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