4 New Business Goals to Have a Great Year in 2020

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As we start this new year, companies, managers, and entrepreneurs are polishing their business goals. Now a new year and a new decade is a fresh start for many businesses and start-up owners, who might have had a bad streak in 2019. With this thought in mind, this is your best time for setting goals and finally reaching the conversion numbers you want for your business.

Now, you obviously don’t want to stay behind this year. With the competition continuously growing fiercer every year, it is right for you to start setting a well-crafted plan for 2020. And don’t worry if you feel lost or insecure over your marketing strategy. It happens to some of the best managers and business owners as well.

So to help you out a little, I've put together 4 of the top business goals chosen by marketing agencies and business owners for the upcoming year that you should include in your overall strategy for reaching better results this year:

1. Converting Leads into Customers

The main priority for marketers and business owners around the world is to generate revenue. And to do so they need to increase their sales numbers by turning leads into customers. According to HubSpot's annual Inbound Marketing Statistics report, 69% of companies around the world choose to convert leads and turn them into actual sales as a top priority.

It is important to have a great strategy in place that involves both your marketing and sales teams and has a clear vision of your buyer’s persona and journey through the customer conversion funnel. This is the trend that has been sticking for a few years and will continue to for the start of this new decade.

2. Increasing Sales Leads

Yes! The second of the top 4 business goals is also a sales goal. The reason for increasing sales leads is the increasing harmony and co-working between marketing and sales departments in recent years has produced such great results. For 2020, the trend is predicted to continue. And of course, increasing sales leads is the main concern of every company or business. Who doesn’t want or need more cash flow?

According to a 2018-19 research study by HubSpot across a variety of industries, the conversion rate of sales leads oscillates on average around 15% to 27%. It is natural to focus more resources to increase these high-value leads, which are at the bottom part of the marketing funnel. These are significant percentages not to be taken lightly, since one prospect or top-of-funnel lead may have a conversion rate on average of around 1% to 5% (and these are already high numbers).

3. Increasing Your Website Traffic and Lead

According to VentureHarbor.com, the top challenge marketing departments and agencies faced during 2019 was generating traffic and leads. Even though this has been a priority for companies for quite some time, recently what has changed is the engagement between prospects and a certain brand or company. It is harder and more expensive than ever to acquire a customer, so it's important to have this objective in mind.

One important motto nowadays that has proven to be a great tactic is to “deliver value first”. Many business owners have reported increasing trust from their customers when they gave a lot of information and value to their prospects in advance before buying. This is a very common approach which will help you attract more traffic and potential leads to your brand.

4. Increase Subscribers to Your Social Media Channel

Last but definitely not least, the start of the new decade continues the social media trend for conversions and revenue. As it was for the last decade, social media is still at its peak and will only continue to grow as a channel for sales conversions.

It is important to set a target number of subscribers you want to hit. Make it a quantitative target so that you can measure your performance. One common mistake that marketers make is to set a subjective goal such as “Have more views on next YouTube video” or “Increase number of subscribers on Instagram”, but they don’t have a concrete target. When it’s time to harvest the results, they usually end up with a poor outcome.

Taking Action on Reaching Your Business Goals

One way to ensure you achieve your business goals is to pay close attention to your media content. Not just your videos and images, but also what you have written on your posts or video scripts. It is important to always give your customers high quality content that has some value that your prospect can benefit from. To do so, you can hire top copywriters to produce quality copy for you while you dedicate yourself to more urgent tasks.


For a profitable year, work on 4 business goals: converting leads into customers, increasing sales leads, increasing website traffic, and increasing subscribers to your social media channels.

To help you reach those goals, I recommend you take a small glimpse of copywriters.com where you’ll find top class copywriters who doesn’t just do copy like it's a mechanical task. They work alongside you and help you along the way with your marketing strategy. They'll get in-depth with understanding your products, your business, and your customers.

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