4 Reasons Why Your Brand Voice Should Be Carefully Developed

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In today’s super-crowded, extra-competitive market, brand voice has become the most critical aspect of every scaling company. The main reason for it is because old fashioned, traditional marketing isn’t that effective anymore.

Not only is the marketplace already saturated with promises and claims, but also the customers have become skeptical about ads. According to communications firm Edelman, almost 74% percent of customers find a way to avoid ads.

It’s become harder and harder to acquire traffic and convert it into customers. A massive amount of trust and emotional connection are required to close leads to purchase what you offer. Having a brand voice that's caring, authoritative, and trustworthy can help you to create both.

If you are looking to get more clarity about brand voice, we’re going to discuss it all In this article. I’ll go deep into 4 reasons why your voice should be consistent and developed with thoughtfulness.

And later, I’ll give you some tips on how to develop the right voice that feels trustworthy and caring. But first, let's determine what brand voice and tone actually means.

Brand Voice and Tone: The Real Meaning Behind Them

Brand voice is basically how a brand defines its core personalities, messages, and values to their potential and existing customers. Meanwhile, the tone is more about how you communicate what you are all about. Or, in other words, how a brand delivers its voice to customers.

Imagine a great brand voice as a person that you admire. Their voice is usually appealing, recognizable, and consistent. However, their tone is always adapting and changing depending on the circumstances.

Mailchimp’s voice guideline is an excellent reference for a great voice and tone. Another example of a great brand voice is the Dollar Shave Club. Their popular YouTube video helps establish the brand as a fun-loving and easy-going underdog who challenges the shaving industry giants.

Now how about we create a simple example? Let’s say you find that your target customers are attracted to a brand that speaks to them like a friend. A funny or easy-going voice would be perfect for every message that you post.

The tone, however, depends on who you are talking to and which platform you are on.

If it’s for a younger audience, a more comical and hype tone can be effective. For an older audience, the tone can be a little bit formal and casual but still give a sense of friendliness.

By now, you may be wondering, is having a consistent and clear brand voice really that important? To answer this question, let's take a look at 4 reasons why brand voice matters.

Avoid Getting a Black Eye

In modern marketing, the omnichannel approach has become a must to grab the marketplace share. Having a clear voice across all platforms can help you to build trust with both warm and cold audiences. However, what happens if, by mistake, you develop the wrong voice?

It’ll certainly give your reputation a black eye, as the voice creates a negative impression on the customers’ mind. It’s not easy to repair a brand when people already have a negative opinion about it.

Especially with the Internet, you can’t just delete something once it's published. You can’t just put the toothpaste back into its tube. Once target customers see the negative messages from the brand, it will haunt the brand for the rest of its existence.

That's why a brand voice must be developed with thoughtfulness before it becomes public.

Get Google Algorithms to Love You

If you notice, all content that ranks high on the first page of Google search engine results pages (SERP) has its own unique brand voice. Content that has a clear voice is more compelling and tends to get more click and share.

For instance, have you been in a class where the instructor delivers a flat, boring lecture full of complicated words? You probably always feel tired after every class being taught by this teacher.

Now imagine, another instructor comes in and gives the lecture with day-to-day words and sometimes throws in jokes to lighten up the class. The class likely becomes more compelling and you probably can’t wait to attend the next lecture.

Well, Google algorithms and especially your readers are experiencing the same feeling.

Content with a voice is more interesting to read and readers are more likely to share it. And Google loves pages that get many visits and have low bounce rates. As a result, Google will be more than happy to grant its first-page spot to you.

Attract High-Quality Brand Advocates

A brand advocate is someone who loves and is willing to promote a brand without the brand paying them. Having high-quality brand advocates who say good things about or even support your product can drive more qualified traffic into your business.

These advocates have a thousand to a million die-hard followers, which they genuinely want to help.

Having a trustworthy, reliable, and consistent brand voice will eventually attract these advocates. It's a win-win approach where both the company and the advocate can gain fruitful benefits.

If the advocate can recognize your brand as a solution, they will seize that opportunity to help their followers. As a result, it'll increase their status even more.

For the company, it shortens a lot of time in the trust-building process. They can leverage the brand advocate’s influence to build brand trust for them. 

Gather Your Own Ready-to-Buy Die-Hard Fans

Ready-to-buy die-hard fans are the type of customers that are already emotionally connected with a brand and ready to purchase the offer. Their emotion is the trigger that drives the buying decisions. For example, let's take a look at the Marvel and DC brands in the movie industry.

If we ask fans of superhero movies, "How would they describe Marvel's and DC's voices?" most of them will say that Marvel has a lively, warm, and light voice. Meanwhile, DC has a gloomy, serious, and rugged voice. Fans will have no trouble describing both brands.

But which brand voice, according to the fans, is better?

Well, the fans will say Marvel is better because their Avengers Cinematic Universe dominated the movie industry in the 2010s. However, DC's Batman trilogy still being regarded by fans as one of the best superhero movies of all time.

So it’s difficult to say one voice got the upper hand. But both brands are proof that having a consistent and clear voice can gather a massive amount of ready-to-buy die-hard fans.

As in the last two decades, both brands’ superhero movies always become box-office hits as soon as they came out. And of course, both have generated billions of revenue from their films.

How to Develop a Voice that Feels Trustworthy and Caring

There are 4 simple steps to create the right voice that feels trustworthy and caring in the eyes of the customers:

  1. Research your best repeat buyers. You can detect what is the best possible voice that your target customers like by asking those repetitive buyers. Chances are, they are attracted to the same voice. Caring about what customers want is ultimately the key to developing that caring voice. As Gary Vaynerchuk likes to say, "The best marketing strategy ever: "Care."

  2. Spying on your competitors. At the end of the day, you don’t want to sound like your competitor. Being specific about the voice you don’t want to have can narrow down your options.

  3. Connect all the dots. So now you have a picture of which voices customers like and what makes you different from the competitors. Connect your mission, vision, and values with your research to determine the best voice that symbolizes your brand.

  4. Create a consistent and repetitive flow of content creation. Create a clear voice guideline that can be used by every single person on your content creation team. From the project manager, editor, to copywriter, everyone should be clear on what voice they need to have on the content that you post. 


As you can see, a great brand voice doesn't necessarily mean that you must have the best voice in the industry. It's more about helping target customers to identify, recognize, and connect with your brand.

It takes time and consistency to develop a brand voice. But once you have it, customers will be more than happy to invest their trust and emotion in your brand.

If you're looking to get the high-level of consistency needed to develop your brand voice, leverage the power of professional copywriters. Book a consultation call today with one of our strategists to find how these dedicated copywriters can help you.

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