5 Alternative Resources for Marketing Your Freelance Writing Business

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Do a Google search for “marketing your freelance writing business” and what pops up?

Articles saturated with advice on SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, creating video content, and on and on. Right?

Sure, these online marketing techniques are fantastic, and I encourage every freelance writer to use them. But sometimes what your business needs is an “out of the box” strategy to kick your marketing into gear.

When you’ve exhausted all your online marketing options, try out these alternative offline tactics for promoting your freelance writing business.

1. Networking Events

I know, I know.

All of us freelance writers are supposed to be shy wallflowers who never leave our offices. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Networking events, no matter the type or place, are excellent opportunities for marketing your freelance writing business.

These events allow guests to mingle with other professionals, hear from a speaker, and chime in on group conversations related to the event’s theme. Think of this as your chance to introduce your services to the local community. After all, you never know who you might meet.

And, if you happen to be the introverted type, not a problem! You can still make the most of networking events with these tips.

To find networking events in your area, use resources such as:

  1. Eventbrite

  2. Facebook Events

  3. Meetup

2. Talk to Your Friends and Family

Even if they may have no idea what you do as a freelance writer, your friends and family are still a great marketing resource. Ask your trusted connections to keep an eye out for potential opportunities within their offices, organizations, or friend groups.

Again, you never know when Aunt Sally or your buddy Bill might come in handy. Who knows? Maybe they’re friends with the marketing manager of a big company nearby!

3. Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are a fantastic place to promote your freelance writing business. Whether at a local networking event, conference, or business seminar, these opportunities give you the chance to share your wisdom with a crowd.

Speak about topics you’re passionate about, too! Once the attendees see how knowledgeable and charismatic you are about a certain topic, they’ll want to learn more about how you can help their business.

4. Business Fairs

Does your area’s Chamber of Commerce host local business fairs? If so, find out how you can be involved. Reserve a table and set-up shop to talk about your freelance writing business. As interested participants come along, you can educate them about your services, the benefits of working with a freelance writer, and more.

Plus, you’ll meet prospective clients at other booths, too. Be sure to find time to step away from your table and mingle with other business owners. Discover how you can help their business succeed with copywriting and content creation efforts. Remember to have that elevator pitch prepared!

5. Coworking Space Resources

Several freelance copywriters prefer to work at a nearby coworking space. And why not? These spaces are filled with beneficial amenities and resources. If you’re a member of a coworking space, utilize these resources to promote your business.

From pinning your business card on a cork board to introducing yourself on the community’s intranet or Facebook group, there are several opportunities at your disposal. Other coworking amenities that can assist in marketing your freelance writing business include:

  1. Member events

  2. Educational programs and workshops

  3. Community forums

  4. Coffee conversations

  5. Mentor programs

Reach out to your local coworking communities and see what resources are available to advance your freelance business.


While a great deal of advertising for your copywriting services is done online, take a break from the screen and use these alternative methods for marketing your freelance writing business:

  • Networking events

  • Talking with friends and family

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Business fairs

  • Coworking space resources

You can also reach out to us at Copywriters.com about how we can work together on your next marketing project.

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