5 Benefits Of Having A YouTube Channel For Your Business

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There are several benefits of having a YouTube channel for your business, yet countless companies never think of starting a YouTube channel. As a business with growth goals, it’s important to continuously search for and think of ways to increase your revenue. You have to leverage all of your social media platforms to get your products and services in front of as many people as possible. Using YouTube is an effective way to raise awareness about your product or service.

One of the benefits of having a YouTube channel is that it's a cost-effective way to increase your traffic. If used regularly as part of your marketing strategy, YouTube can be great for business.

If you have a small business, trying to create a marketing strategy for your products and services. Use YouTube to connect with your customers – share your expertise and knowledge. Another one of the benefits of having a YouTube channel for your business is that YouTube is great for brand image, and shows off your company's personality. This helps customers connect with your brand.

YouTube videos aren't just funny or silly. There are also millions of helpful how-to video channels set up by individual brands. The benefits of having a YouTube channel for your business include educating your customers on how to use your product or service.

You can demonstrate, market and advertise your products to increase traffic and may even attract new customers. YouTube has helped millions of business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business. You simply need to know how to leverage the platform to its fullest potential.

Below are the 5 benefits of having a YouTube channel for your business:

1. Leveraging YouTube Traffic

One of the benefits of having a YouTube Channel for your business is leveraging its traffic.

As you already know, YouTube is a video-sharing site. And it is the largest and most popular video-sharing site in the world. YouTube is also the second-largest search engine on the web apart from Google.

With 2 billion monthly active YouTube users globally, 73% of adults use YouTube. It saw a 5% increase in July 2018 and that’s about 1.9 billion monthly logged-in. But how much of these are premium subscribers? According to Bloomberg, YouTube Premium grew 60% between March 2018 and March this year.

YouTube has outgrown Facebook to be the most widely-used online platform – according to Pew research.

It has become a hugely popular video-streaming platform and your business is guaranteed to find a group of customers and fans – as long as you can produce educational video-content.

2. YouTube Videos are Great for SEO

Google owns YouTube, which means YouTube videos are great for your SEO. YouTube videos can yield awesome search engine visibility. Since Google is a universal search platform, it indexes every video you upload on YouTube. That being said, you need to know how to optimize your YouTube vidoes for SEO. You must optimize each video’s title with keywords that are highly-searched on Google. SEO copywriters can help with this.

Getting found first in google search results is what every business executive wants. So, if uploading YouTube videos improves your company's visibility on search engines, that's clearly one of the benefits of having a YouTube channel for your business.

Therefore, having a YouTube channel is a great benefit to your business. But how exactly google search engine can benefit your business?

The benefits of having a YouTube channel for your business linking with Google, means there's a great chance of attracting the attention of new customers with your videos.

On top of that, In 2006, Google has acquired $1.65 billion in stock from YouTube to dominate its search engine. No doubts, your uploaded videos will be shown in Google search results if you get an SEO copywriter's help with the search engine optimization process.

News from Cisco reported 80% videos will continue to dominate the traffic for IP and overall internet growth – by year 2021.

Tomorrow’s moguls are today’s YouTubers.

3. Improve Brand Image with Videos

One of the biggest benefits of having a YouTube channel for your business is the fact that videos showcase your brand personality and improve brand image. YouTube has a global audience waiting to see your brand's personality. Consistent video content gives you the opportunity to tap into new visitors globally. Through YouTube, you can reach worldwide audiences.

To put it in another way, if you can’t write or produce excellent content, you’re likely to miss out on leveraging the 80% of people who prefer to watch videos – as mentioned earlier.

However, if English is not your first language, don't worry, because the YouTube platform is available in 88 countries and 76 languages.

Videos are indeed one of the best ways to expose your brand globally in a compelling way. And if you’re still developing a strong recognizable brand, YouTube is great for building your company’s personality.

With that said, it is also crucial to include a clear or several call-to-actions in your video-depending on your product and content. In that way, your viewers would know what kind of action to be taken next.

Copywriters can help you write video scripts for the most compelling video content.

4. Videos Capture More Attention Than Other Content

YouTube is the second-largest search platform – no matter who your audience is – with more than 500 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Therefore, creating compelling video content to capture your viewers’ attention is essential to get your brand exposed.

People are more selective nowadays on what they'll devote their attention to. Everyone loves videos, though. Almost 50% of internet users look at video related product or services before visiting a store. And creating a video that tells a story of your brand is memorable and engaging in the eyes of customers.

People trust what they see, and also, videos naturally have a high level of persuasion.

Other benefits of having a YouTube channel for your business are that, not only will you capture people's attention, but you are also building greater authority for your brand.

5. Users Interact with Videos, and Videos Evoke Emotion

According to Statista, In the United States, the percentage of internet users watch video content is 85%. People remember 70% of videos they consume and 52% worldwide of marketing professionals said video content yields the best return of investment.

On an even better note, videos influence buying decisions. Most of your prospects' purchasing decisions are driven by emotion, and there's no better way to evoke emotion than through a video. You can also increase your revenue with AdSense - through Google’s AdSense program.

This sounds crazy but thousands of YouTube channels are making six-figures per year through Google AdSense and YouTube content.

As mentioned from the beginning, videos are an excellent way to connect with your customers. YouTube not only allows you to post videos, there’s also several features for your customers to stay engaged with you.

Your customers can leave comments on your video, 'like' the video, share it cross-platform (for example, share your YouTube video on their Facebook page) and even subscribe to your YouTube channel so they're always updated by your brand.

You can also create YouTube users list by personalizing ads to millions of viewers. 360 video or interactive video is one way to gain more interaction from your customers - from click, hover, swipe, scroll and drag, video content makes everything more unique and fun.


There’s recently been some breaking news from Forbes that YouTube has tightened its video content policies, rules, and regulations.

Therefore, it is important to follow the rules, or hire someone who already knows the rules.

Here at Copywriters.com, we are familiar with all of the rules to abide by with YouTube, so that you can fully utilize the benefits of having a YouTube Channel for your business.

Let’s be real, business-oriented reading can be dry, and videos are more fun.

We focus on creating compelling video scripts, building authority for your brand, improving your brand image, and we help you take full advantage of the huge growing traffic on YouTube. Contact us today if you want to learn more about our YouTube video copywriting services.

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