5 Companies Who Came Up With Great Holiday Ads

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Are you taking advantage of the popularity of holiday ads? During the festive season, almost every company seems to produce fun holiday ads.

Why are they working so well?

The thing is, holiday ads are great for your brand image and positioning. The best marketers use their ads to tell stories. They focus on storytelling to get emotional responses from the viewer.

Ads that delight or touch the feelings of the customer are the most popular around this time of the year. During the holidays, your ads can spread cheer and positivity online.

Addressing your customer’s emotions is clever. Emotion drives our purchasing decisions, for the most part. During the holiday season, the best feelings you can address are sentimental feelings. Ads that cause the prospect to feel sentimental score 50% higher in appeal, according to Forbes.

In other words, creating holiday ads holds great potential for your brand. They build a positive connection between brand and customer, and likely result in higher sales.

Let’s have a look at 5 companies that came up with great holiday ads this year:

Macy's: Holiday Ads Where Dreams Do Come True

The American department store Macy’s came up with a whimsical holiday ad. The star of their ad is a little girl who dreams to become Santa. When her classmates make fun of her and her dream, her parents help her to be Santa for the night.

This ad is great because it gives viewers the sense of a Christmas miracle. If you have ever been in a position where people laughed about your dreams, this ad will be touching.

The resolution is nice and leaves the viewer feeling hopeful. If we work together ,our dreams might come true. For your brand positioning ads, you might want to appeal to the hopes and dreams of your readers, too.

Apple: Make Someone’s Christmas

During the holidays, Apple released a touching Christmas ad that went viral, about how two young girls used their iPad to make the holiday spirit comes alive.

The holiday ad starts with a family on a trip to the grandfather’s house. Halfway during the ad, we find out that the grandmother has recently passed away. Everybody is busy and the two daughters continuously get handed the iPad.

As they play, they find memories from their grandparents' life and turn them into a meaningful gift. The emotions shown in the ad are convincing and strong.

With this holiday ad, Apple addresses the fact that holiday time isn't always cheerful. But if the family sticks together, memories can be kept positive.

Visa: Support Small Businesses

Visa put their own spin on their holiday ad. They still speak to your emotions, but on a different level. They promote shopping in local shops on high streets. They create a sense of community and show sympathy for small shop owners.

Many small shops can't keep up with the competition against big chains. As online shopping became more popular, the lives of small Mom-and-Pop shops gets even tougher.

In their holiday ad, Visa is clearly siding with small business owners. They are using cause- marketing, which helps them appeal to all people who support the same mission. They are presenting a cause that people believe in and appeal to human emotions.

Oreo: Stay Playful

Oreo's holiday ad won’t make you cry, but will remind you that the holidays are also about wonder and play.

The cashier at a gas station is quite surprised when a Christmas elf is entering the store. He soon finds out that the Christmas elf is new on his job and doesn't understand the concept of milk and cookies.

The cashier teaches the elf and they become friends. This ad speaks to another holiday value: To help each other out and feel nostalgic and cheerful.

Chick-fil-A: The Best Gift is Quality Time

The U.S. based fast-food chain Chick-fil-A and the German supermarket chain “EDEKA” show similar values in their holiday ad.

For them, Christmas time is about spending time with your loved ones. Especially during the holiday season, parents get caught up in crazy busy preparations. In the ad, we see neglected children that simply want to enjoy time with their parents.

Both ads make the point that time together is the most valuable gift. Their ads don't showcase their products. The viewer doesn't know who the ad is from until the very end.

In a press release ,Chick-fil-A’s marketing director Ashley Callahan said:

“At Chick-fil-A, we’re always thinking about time, and work hard to give customers time back in how we serve them. This year we’re excited to help people gift and spend time together.”

Those ads stand out the most because they don't feel pushy or salesy. They genuinely focus on real values. They make it easy for the viewer to sympathize. What these holiday ads have really accomplished, is improving their brand image.


The holidays are a time to reflect on values and sentiments. Ads that position your brand in a positive light, and make the viewer feel sentimental, are great during the holidays.

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