5 Compliant Ad Formats to Use in Your Facebook Lead Generation Strategy

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If you thought that Facebook lead generation strategy has only two major ad formats—image and video—you may be surprised to find out that Facebook lead generation strategy has five ad formats. You will learn about each type in detail in this article.

Before I dive into each of those ad formats, I'd like to ask you a question. Do you know why Facebook lead generation is powerful? Wayne Davis says, "The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market ‘lives’ on the web."

Facebook has more than 2 billion people, 140 plus million businesses, and $3 billion promoted.

Marketers consider that Facebook has the largest social media following and the best platform to generate quality leads because it’s impossible not to find your target audience there.

Now, you may have tried other lead generation strategies such as email marketing, but Facebook lead generation strategy has beat them all.

Why? Because you’re going to get high-quality leads if your ads are targeting the right audience on Facebook.

Before I start explaining the ad formats, did you know that Facebook has extreme restrictions and regulations to follow for your ads to get approval? You’re going to discover the secret of approved ads in a second.

Now, let's talk about the first ad format, which is the image.

1. Image

Image is the most original format type to use in your Facebook lead generation campaign.

But not any image is accepted. According to Facebook, your image should not have more than 20% text. But there are exceptions.

If your ads use an image of a book cover, album covers, product image, games images, or event posters, Facebook accepts those images. They accept them even if they are more than 20% of the whole picture.

The images that Facebook might not approve include:

  1. Text-based logos

  2. Watermarks

  3. Numbers

All of those images Facebook considers as text.

The image ad format is excellent and easy to set up and run. Do you know which ad format marketers love more than the image?

It’s video. Let get to that.

2. Video

According to HubSpot, video ads get 66% more qualified leads yearly than those that don’t have video.

Facebook videos have an average engagement rate of 6.3% compared to 3.2% video on YouTube. Do you know what that means? Facebook video catches your audience’s attention more than videos on other platforms.

Also, Fit Small Business reports that Facebook video has the best cost-per-click (CPC). The average price for Facebook video ads is $1.86.

Now, what if your target market doesn’t have steady internet speed or you have a collection of images, and you want to show them together? You can use the following ad format, which is a slideshow.

3. Slideshow

The slideshow is a collection of still images mixed with sound and motion. The user sees it as a video.

It is very cheap to create because you can create this ad format using your mobile or desktop. You mix some images with sound such as music to create a very fun and enjoyable experience for your audience.

You may be wondering how you can use them. You can use them to highlight the benefit of your service or product or tell your business story using this eye-catching ad format.

Now, imagine having new products ready to launch, and you want to generate leads for those. But you don’t want to promote each one separately. You want to promote them together. So, you can use the following ad format, which is carousel.

4. Carousel

Carousel is a collection of images and videos in a single ad, and each one has its link. You can add a couple of pictures or up to 10 videos.

According to Digiday, the carousel ad format performs ten times better than other ad formats.

You can use this type of format if you have many products or services, and you want to show them in single ads. The good news is you won’t pay more money because it has the same price as other ad formats.

Now, you may want to be more creative, and you want to create an ad that combines all the previous ad formats. You should use the following ad format, which is an instant experience.

5. Instant Experience

Instant experience is also called canvas, and it is mobile-optimized. By using this ad format, you can get your audience’s attention and create a beautiful and full-screen destination for your ads.

What can you add in this ad format? You can add images, videos, carousels, and text all in a single ad.

You can create this ad format from a template, or you can create your own from scratch. It has five types which are:

  1. Instant storefront: you can showcase your products in a grid layout.

  2. Instant form: you can give your audience an easy way to share their contact information.

  3. Instant customer acquisition: you can send your audience to your landing page and encourage action.

  4. Instant storytelling: you can give your audience an engaging way to discover your brand, product, and services.

  5. Instant Lookbook: you can give your audience an option to explore your products in action by featuring them in photos.

And according to Facebook business, they are easy to create, fast-loading, and suitable for any goal.

Next, you will discover the secret to a successful Facebook lead generation campaign.

What Is the Secret to a Successful Facebook Lead Generation Campaign?

Imagine in front of you right now a couple of pizza slices, each one made by a pizza chef.

You eat the first one, and it tests good but when you try the other one, it is much better. What’s the difference? They are both pizzas but made by different chefs. Each chef has their own recipe and secrets to implement to make it delicious.

It’s the same thing with your Facebook lead generation campaign.

You could test a couple of ads written by two copywriters. One ad could perform better than the other. You may also get one approved, while the other one is not. What makes the winning one special?

It’s unique because the copywriter of the better ad understands human psychology and knows how to create Facebook compliant ads. You can get the highest ROI on this profitable platform as a result.

And you can increase your chances of a successful Facebook lead generation campaign by hiring a copywriter from Copywriters.com. Book a call with us now.


Facebook leads generation has five ad formats:

  1. Image: the quickest and most straightforward ad format to create.

  2. Video: the best way to get high-quality leads.

  3. Slideshow: the best option to get video experience at a lower cost.

  4. Carousel: the best option to combine images and videos in a single ad, and each item has its link to it.

  5. Instant experience: the best option to combine all four ad formats in a single ad.

Finally, remember the best ads come from the best copywriters, so if you would like to get high ROI and high-quality leads, book a call now.

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