5 Email Marketing Strategy Tips For Higher Conversions

Carrie Huang
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If you own an online business, you probably have a marketing plan, but have you implemented an email marketing strategy yet? Did you know email marketing could be the most effective marketing channel there is?

Email marketing can outperform other marketing strategies you're using for your online business. Different approaches such as SEO, PPC, and content marketing are often incomparable to an email marketing strategy.

An email marketing strategy is also the most cost-effective way to promote your business and communicate with your target audience.

If you’re already sending out email marketing campaigns, have you met your desired return on your investment (ROI)? If not, I'll provide you with tips on how to achieve a higher ROI and bring in more results from email newsletters. Especially if you're an online marketer or a digital marketing agency owner, I want to fill you in on what I've seen has been working for email marketing and why this is the go-to channel.

Read on to find out 5 email marketing strategy tips that’ll get you higher conversion rates:

1. Give Your Messages Some Personalization

Does it capture your attention when you see a message with your name and information? You can’t help but to open your message and read on to find out what it could be about.

Stand out from your competitors by personalizing the reader’s first name in the email subject lines. This will increase your email open rate a lot more than before if you're not already doing this. The more personalized your messages are, the more revenue you’ll receive.

Use customer data to your advantage to personalize each message. It makes a difference when you greet them with “Hello Joe” rather than “Hello” or “Hello Customer.” To make your emails look more authentic, include your email signature and a working reply email address.

For more personalization, you can mention something within your message that could pertain to your customers. For example, you can send relevant emails to your potential customers when you notice them taking an interest in your ads. It’s an opportunity for you to tailor offers to those who clicked on your ads but haven’t bought from you yet. Everything is more targeted, more specific, and more personal to customer's actual needs and wants.

2. Know Your Target Audience With Segmentation

How well do you know the people subscribed to your email list? Do you know each of their interests? Every subscriber you have is different. Don’t make a mistake in sending everyone the same email.

When your email content is more relevant to your subscribers, you can avoid getting your emails ignored. One email marketing strategy you can implement is email segmentation. When you segment your email list, you'll be dividing your list into sub-groups to target customers based on their personal preferences.

Imagine your business is selling digital marketing services… you can ask your subscribers which specific service they’re into. You could create segmented lists for website services, social media management, etc. Every different subscriber will be either on one of your campaigns or many of them.

You can also segment people on your list by age, gender, and location. Try to gain more information from your customers to improve your chances of more sales opportunities in the long run. You can examine more ways to segment your list by using:

  • Survey/quiz results

  • Previous purchasing history

  • Email activity

3. Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

As of 2019, statistics show 61.9% of email opens occurred on mobile. Everyone is on their phone, even when they’re not working. Are you of the many people that check your phone as soon as you wake up? You can’t help but check what new messages you received and if you’re missing out on any further information.

Most emails aren’t mobile-friendly. Are you optimizing your emails for mobile devices? If your subscriber has difficulty reading your email on their phone, they'll most likely ignore or delete it. Don't let this happen to you and use a mobile-friendly design for all your promotional emails to maximize your results. Keep in mind - emails on mobile devices will generate higher revenue.

There are a couple of ways you can optimize your email marketing strategy for mobile devices. You can implement a responsive email design, keep the subject line short, and make the CTA stand out as much as possible. When you create a responsive email design, you’ll immediately improve user experience. When you keep the subject line concise, it'll allow your subscribers to know exactly what your email is about. You can also include your CTA in your subject line. Make sure you make your CTA visible, so it'll be easier for readers to click.

4. Test Your Email Marketing Strategy

Having your strategies planned out is one thing, but testing it is more crucial. Testing your emails will only give you the data you need to make your marketing perform better. You should routinely test:

  • Subject line

  • Messaging

  • Call to action (CTA)

  • Design

  • Personalization

  • Target Audience

  • Sender information

When you send out variations of your email campaigns, you can calculate which emails gave you better results. There might be a massive difference in the increase of your email open rates. You may even experience your test emails outperforming your expectations with only a few simple tweaks. For example, refining and changing a few words in your subject line could make your email campaigns more of a success.

You can also test to see if whether short or long emails are more effective for your business. Find out why your readers enjoy your content to eliminate all the guesswork. And before you send out any emails, send an email to yourself or someone in your team. See where it'll end up. Sometimes emails could land into your spam folder and leave your emails untouched.

5. Automate Your Email Campaigns With Triggers

Have you ever received an email right when you finish signing up or buying something? You might have received a “welcome” or “thank you” email immediately. This action is automatic because of trigger emails.

Trigger emails get data from user behavior. These types of emails also perform better than regular emails since the open rates are much higher. Your customers are taking action at the moment, so why not give them a reason to keep taking action? If you left items in your shopping cart but haven’t made the purchase yet, a trigger email could help influence your buying decisions.

“Keep in contact with people who don’t need you at the moment and open their eyes to what you can do for them.” - Tim Watson, Founder at Zettasphere

You'll have more chances of converting email opens to sales when you can keep up the communication with the customer. Trigger email campaigns show more support to customers. You might want to send them an exclusive offer email. Based on their user behavior, these types of emails could help you win the customer.


An email marketing strategy could bring online marketers more success when using the right tactics. We’ve shared with you 5 email marketing strategy tips to help you improve your conversions. It's more cost-effective and results-driven to focus on launching email campaigns. You will start to see more ROI and higher conversions for your business. If you need help crafting compelling emails for your subscriber list, you can always hire a copywriter here. Hire someone who understands email marketing strategies and can deliver results.

Carrie Huang

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