5 Fundamental Principles to Hiring a Direct Response Copywriter

Carrie Huang
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Finding the right direct response copywriter to work with takes great consideration. You can hire any copywriter to do the job. But you’ll want to hire a copywriter that can stick around if they’re already familiar with your niche. It’s hard to tell whose work is effective nowadays unless you test them out. Especially if you’ve never hired a copywriter before, how do you know who’d be a good fit for you?

A direct response copywriter speaks directly to the customers in a way that compels them to take action. They’re people on your team who are responsible for helping your business bring in more sales. If your goal is to scale, then having well-written copy that converts cold leads into buyers is critical. Someone who knows how to use strategical persuasion in your ads will make you successful.

You need someone you can trust and have confidence in - someone who will understand your business inside and out. We know that building your business over its lifetime and having more successes are essential to you. Imagine: What would change for you if your ads gave you results every time?

That’s why we’re here to prevent you from hiring the wrong person and save you time. We know the difference between good and bad copywriters. You’ll need a skilled copywriter who wants to grow your business with you. So, how will you find a copywriter like that?

Here are five principles you should look for in a direct response copywriter:

1. Know Your Market

Do you know what moves your market? Marketing is about psychology and the way you communicate with your target audience. It’s essential to know who your ideal customer is and what problems they’re facing. They're motivated to buy from you if you can speak to them through emotion.

Copywriters need to understand your typical customer's life. They'll need to know their age, where they live, and occupation. They need to write in a language that makes the readers feel important. It will help gain trust in your products or services.

Let’s pretend you’re selling women's products to young female adults. However, the copy sounds like a middle-aged man wrote it. Do you think readers would be compelled to take action? No. There are specific terms that women use that men don’t. Middle-aged men can sell women's products too, but that’s if they know the market well enough to.

2. Shortcuts to Better and Faster Copy

Every great copywriter knows the shortcut way. It’s the way where you’d use someone else’s already proven research. There’s nothing wrong with this. Why waste your time doing all the research yourself?

Shortcuts are the secret to writing better and faster copy that’s proven to produce results. Don't spend hours coming up with the words that you think might sell. Copywriters learn from professionals and ads that worked well.

The highest converting campaigns are well-researched. Even your competitors have already researched for you. There’s no need to start from scratch if you’ve already seen what works and what doesn’t.

A copywriter’s role is to study your competitor’s materials. They'll dissect them, add in uniqueness, and use it in your promotions. This process will help move your business in the right direction.

3. A Direct Response Copywriter's Effective Controls

Besides using shortcuts, consider excellent copy and promotions from everywhere. A smart direct response copywriter keeps their eyes open for controls. Controls are winning pieces from other marketers. They're used in advertisements to create the best results.

Author and well-respected copywriting wizard John Carlton puts it this way:

“They call it the control because the numbers it brings in are the controlling numbers. You either beat it, or you don’t. If you beat it, you become the control.”

Using controls is another copywriter’s secret to increasing your conversion rate. For example, a great heading and strong hook gets you to read further. That’s something you’ll want to keep note of. You can observe the way it’s written and tweak it to fit with your niche instead. It’ll grab your audience too.

4. Owning a Swipe File

Swipe files contain controls. A swipe file is like a copywriter’s vault that holds powerful pieces of copy for insight and inspiration. It's the secret weapon for any copywriter. It may even be the closest thing to a master’s degree in their skill.

Every copywriter’s swipe file contains different content. As copywriters find more powerful promotions, they keep and add to their file for future use. It includes marketing material from decades ago that still works.

Copywriters use their swipe files whenever they want to overcome writer’s block. They study someone else's writing style to become more productive. It helps them to understand why certain promotions are a success but they don't copy the exact words.

If your copywriter owns a swipe file, it means they care to improve their writing and learning. They could help you recreate proven results in the long run.

5. Stay Informed with the Latest News

Research can get outdated. That’s why staying informed with the latest news relating to your niche is crucial. This copywriting trait is good to have because you'll need to keep up with your market trends.

If you fall behind on this, then your business content can be untrue or irrelevant. Don’t let this happen to you because you’d want to gain every lead’s trust. If you’re on top of this, then it can give you a competitive edge. You’ll have new insights that sets your business apart from others. You can cater to your target audience better this way. You can stay informed through social media, conferences, news alerts, blogs, and more.

If you’re too busy to keep up with all this, you can always rely on a direct response copywriter.


You can consider these 5 fundamental principles before hiring a direct response copywriter. It is what’s going to help you set apart from good and bad copywriters. You’ll need someone that understands you and your business to bring you better results. You can start looking for one that’s the right fit for you here.

Carrie Huang

Carrie Huang began her career at a full-service agency doing all things marketing. She then discovered that copywriting is the only skill that suits her the most. Her focus now is converting sales and producing results for clients. Carrie's dedicated to helping you achieve a vision in which she believes in too.

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