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Do you know why many businesses today have shifted their attention to Instagram to generate more leads? The social media platform currently ranks third in the world after Facebook and YouTube. So it’s no wonder many businesses today use Instagram to measure the success of their digital marketing.

By 2019, Instagram had over 1 billion monthly active users with 25 million business profiles. And, most importantly, there were 500 million daily active users on Instagram.

Undoubtedly, it has become a powerful tool for businesses to establish a strong online presence.

The social platform has also provided convenience for digital marketers. With a single login, users can connect up to 5 different Instagram accounts simultaneously. And, did you know that in 2017, 8 out of 10 people on Instagram follow business profiles?

You can imagine how many people would use Instagram for commercial purposes. Today, regardless of whether it's a company or individual business, almost everyone makes good use of Instagram.

Despite being a visual platform, there are many windows of opportunity to generate more leads. A simple, yet effective way is to use copywriting in every part of your Instagram business profile. Copywriting helps generate more leads with engaging posts on Instagram. It applies to photos, highlights, stories, and even video scripts.

A good copywriter uses conversational and persuasive writing on Instagram to acquire leads that become conversions. Now, how can you use this platform to your advantage? Here are five easy tips to generate more leads on Instagram.

1. Begin by Giving Value to Generate More Leads on Instagram

Giving value helps to build a positive and sustainable relationship in gaining quality leads.

First, it starts by telling your audience about your brand and makes it easy for them to understand you. You wouldn't want them to misunderstand your brand and what your business actually does.

To do this, make sure your description is crystal clear on your Instagram bio. Your bio helps your audience to know what your brand stands for. Consider describing what you do specifically by including a link to your website. Give value by solving your customers' problems. You could provide a link to your free training or educational content. And, you can also give out coupons for what you’re selling.

Besides using Instagram bio, there are many ways to provide value to your audience. One useful method is by making use of your highlights section to promote valuable content. When possible, use photos or videos that deliver proven results in generating leads as your highlights.

Also, entertain your audience – Instagram is a social platform. Giving value doesn’t have to mean your content is wholly educational or professional. Look for ways to entertain your audience. It can be anything from inspiring quotes to funny memes, as long as they are relevant.

By providing value, you’re developing and nurturing a relationship with your new and existing followers. Assist them in solving their challenges and make it easy for them to learn about your brand.

2. Swipe Ups Through Stories

Sharing Instagram Stories is effective in getting your audience to take the desired action. It’s probably the best way to generate more leads.

Instagram Stories are 24-hour posts in the form of photos or videos. The duration allowed for each post is only 15 seconds. However, what’s compelling about the feature is its “swipe up” function. The function guides an audience to your bio or any links such as your landing page. With just swiping up, it gives convenience and less resistance to follow your call-to-action.

Despite lasting for only 24 hours, you can save your best-performing story posts in your highlights section. This collection of content gives users direct access to your call-to-action, which, consequently, acts as your lead generating magnet.

The “swipe up” function in Instagram Stories unlocks only when you have 10,000 followers. But, fortunately, you can use IGTV when you have less than 10,000 followers. The steps below show you exactly how you can do swipe ups via IGTV posts:

  1. Upload a video on IGTV by tapping on the button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Make sure the video is at least 15 seconds long. (Don’t forget to prepare a relevant video cover.)

  2. Determine the title of your video.

  3. In the description section, provide your call-to-action link.

  4. Go to your Instagram Stories. Create a post that prompts your audience to swipe up. (Use the available GIFs to make it easier to see.)

  5. On the top of your screen, you’ll see a link option. Tap the link icon, then choose the IGTV video you wish to upload. Once you've selected the video, choose "Next" until you complete the upload.

And that’s it! When your audience sees your Instagram Stories, they can swipe up to watch your IGTV video. By seeing that particular video, they can follow the link provided in the description section. Just make sure you tell the audience clearly about your link.

3. Establish a Strong Reputation

Consistency is essential in building a strong reputation. Your profile impacts how people perceive your business – the profile tells a story. It shows your brand’s passion and personality. The key is knowing your niche, which allows you to deliver a positive first impression to your audience.

People on Instagram hit the follow button for a reason. Unless they’re spying on you, they follow because your reputation resonates with their goals and beliefs. Once they’re in, they’re expecting consistency from every part of your post. It includes hashtags, photos, captions, stories, comments and all other activities.

Establishing a strong reputation means filtering out the audience outside of your niche. The more specific and consistent you are with your branding, the stronger your online brand becomes.

Having a fixed online reputation is crucial in attracting “true” followers. What businesses need is a genuine relationship with qualified audiences. This relationship has the potential to generate more leads.

To do this, examine your Instagram bio, highlights, and your last nine posts. These components give the most exposure to your visitors once they land on your business profile.

Remember to tap into the desires of your followers to build the right reputation. They follow your brand because they feel understood. They believe you have the solution to their problems. So communicate your message accurately.

To generate more leads, find out about the content your target audience prefers to consume. Learn from their responses to every activity you make on Instagram.

4. Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers are your brand ambassadors who promote your business. A deep community bond and loyalty are what lead to a fruitful collaboration with influencers.

To generate more leads on Instagram, work with influencers on long-term projects. Consider implementing reward programs to keep them motivated in promoting your business. Why? Because giving incentives encourages them to increase not only your leads but also your conversions.

However, selecting your influencers is as vital as establishing your online presence – your reputation. They’re the new faces of your brand so it’s best when they already have an affinity for your brand. So, consider working with an influencer who’s genuinely passionate about your brand.

People trust influencer reviews more than personal recommendations. Having the right influencers can have a tremendous impact on your business. It becomes apparent, especially when they have massive followers on Instagram and post regularly.

Also, do a local or online meeting regularly to get them involved in your business. This way, you can gather feedback and create new business ideas to generate more leads. Plus, you’ll have two Instagram social listening channels – customers and influencers – to collect more information.

Including your influencers in growing your business encourages a strong sense of ownership that inspires trust and loyalty. Consequently, they’ll help you in promoting your content and potentially act as your lead magnets.

5. Show Your Face

In the end, Instagram is still a social platform. It’s for people to connect with despite the heavy use of visuals rather than text. People want to connect with real people that they can understand and empathize.

Getting real people to show their face and tell others about your brand makes your business more relatable. A study found that 32% of Instagram photos with faces attract more engagement, such as likes and comments. So, when it comes to creating posts aimed for lead generation, include people’s faces whenever you can.

Besides photos, a great way to communicate about your brand is by using videos. Video posts acquire 38% more engagement than photos, and 2.1 times more comments. It can be regular video posts, stories, or IGTV.

To start with, you can post videos on what’s going on inside your company. Show the members of your team, the founders, and members of other departments. Let people know about your culture and how you work with your colleagues. It adds more personality to your brand. It doesn’t matter if your team is less than five; people are curious about who’s behind the brand.

When you develop a more personal relationship with your audience, you’re bringing more credibility and authenticity.

Showing your “face” attracts Instagram audiences that resonate with your values, and it helps them remember your brand. It’ll give them a reason to follow you and learn about your business. In turn, you'll have genuine followers that generate more leads that are qualified for your business.

Hire a Social Media Copywriter

Generating more sales leads from your Instagram business profile may sound simple. But, certainly, there are many more methods and aspects to consider when it comes to acquiring quality leads.

Also, looking at different indicators and experimenting through trial and error may be rather time-consuming. Having a copywriter makes the process of getting more followers and buyers more efficient. Copywriting helps in generating more sales leads through every part of your content. It encourages more engagement and influence. And, it persuades your audience to buy what your business is selling.

When it comes to Instagram, you may want to look for a copywriter who specializes in social media. Social media copywriters understand what goes into writing persuasive, revenue-generating content from image-caption posts to compliant ads.


Instagram is a great visual content gallery that compliments your landing page. It allows businesses to develop a strong digital presence and generate more leads. And, having a team of copywriting experts to manage your business profile gives you a more predictable and measurable result.

If you're looking for help with your Instagram copy, book a call with us today to find out how you can maximize your social media performance.

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