5 Proven Ways Your Customer Testimonials Can Win You Business

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Customer testimonials are the most valuable asset your business has. Don’t believe me?

Have you ever purchased a product online because a friend recommended it to you? Or have you ever ordered food from a restaurant that received 5 stars on Yelp?

If you answered yes to any of these, you understand what I'm talking about. It turns out that happy customers make fantastic salespeople.

A recent study by Looka concluded that when considering a purchase, "92% of customers will read online testimonials and reviews first."

This is why gaining the trust of your customers is serious business these days. Think about it: A company’s reputation literally lies in the hands of anyone with a smartphone. This means that small businesses can now compete with large corporations.

Done right, customer testimonials can strengthen your social proof, increase your conversion rates, and promote specific products and services.

So you may be asking yourself, what does social proof mean?

Social proof is a fancy way of saying that consumers will make decisions based off of what other people are doing. It makes sense, right? This is why customer testimonials in your marketing and advertising can have a huge impact on your brand’s image.

But there’s more to it than that. Customer testimonials help people feel safe when connecting with your brand. With a testimonial, any customer gets to see you in action before they risk any of their time or money.

So what do you say? Are you ready to open your doors and share your brand with the world? Here are 5 proven ways your customer testimonials can win you business.

1. Start Using Video Testimonials

Have you ever read a customer testimonial that sounded too good to be true? Maybe it was a situation where the customer was drowning the business with praise and thoughts.

Testimonials more often than not create doubt. This is because anyone can make up an imaginary customer, give them a name, and then write a convincing testimonial on their behalf. So how can you differentiate yourself from these other businesses?

An easy way to do this is by incorporating a video testimonial onto your webpage. Video testimonials are the new, modern trend of marketing. When a customer is visibly thankful, relieved, or happy because of your product, other potential customers will also feel these emotions too.

A recent study by UScreen concluded that videos have a 95% retention rate, while people only remember 12% of textual information.

There are many reasons why videos make content much more memorable, but the biggest determining factor is how well it can drive emotion within your customers.

When creating a video testimonial, here are three questions you can ask your customers to answer for you:

  1. What problems were you looking to solve when you found our product or service?

  2. How has our product or service helped you solve this problem?

  3. Would you recommend our product or service to someone else? Why?

Customers trust reviews. And believe it or not, people trust reviews from strangers just as much as they do from their family members. So when putting together your customer testimonials, remember the value of adding a video testimonial to your web page.

2. Tell a Story with Your Customer Testimonials

An easy way to take your customer testimonials one step further is by turning them into engaging stories.

Storytelling is a powerful tool that allows you to personalize your interactions with your customers. When you tell a good story, your customers won’t even realize they are being sold. Why? The answer is clear. Decisions are driven by emotion rather than rationalization.

You see, humans are emotional creatures. Our brains become more engaged when we read stories, which helps drive action within us.

Dan Lok, serial entrepreneur and CEO said, “People don’t buy because of logic; they buy because of emotion."

So, think about when you’re selling a product or service to someone. Are you just talking about the features and benefits? Or are you painting a detailed picture in their mind?

A popular story telling technique is known as the before and after story. When your customers are in the buying mindset, chances are they are looking to solve a problem. The “after” can help drive sales because your customers are viewing your product as a solution to the challenges they are facing.

So when putting together customer testimonials, consider turning them into an engaging story. And if you’re ever unsure of how to do this, the copywriters at Copywriters.com are here at your fingertips.

3. Address Any Possible Objections

Let me start off by asking you a personal question. When shopping for a product or service online, do you spend more time reading the positive or negative reviews?

Customer testimonials are incredibly powerful. A single bad review can hide the value of 50 good customer experiences. The best solution here is to focus on customer satisfaction. If it isn’t already, customer satisfaction should be just as important to your business as your product or service itself.

Here are three key ways to address possible customer objections:

Educate your customers. 

Sometimes your customers may be upset by a specific feature your product has. Instead of arguing with them, consider explaining why you implemented that feature in the first place.

Maintain excellent customer service. 

Not only will this prevent bad reviews, it will also help define your brand. You can even consider implementing ManyChat into your webpage to have 24/7 customer service.

Hold your products and services to a high standard. 

If you have made certain claims about what you offer, ensure you hold yourself to that standard to prevent any customer dissatisfaction.

When you focus on addressing any possible objections, it helps prevent negative experiences from showing up in your customer testimonials. And, according to research, avoiding a bad review is far more valuable than getting a good one.

4. Share Your Customer Testimonials on Social Media

One of the most valuable ways to utilize your customer testimonials is sharing them on social media. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your reach and scale your brand’s name.

Remember, you don’t have to use your testimonials in the exact format you received them. Keeping them short and to the point will make great stories for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And do you want to know the best part? You’re creating free, shareable content!

Amit Kalantri, author and entrepreneur, said, “Customers love certainty, make sure you give it to them."

So how can you effectively share your customer testimonials on social media? Start off by dressing up your content with names, pictures, and dates. One of the most difficult things to build in today's competitive market is credibility.

As you can probably imagine, it’s pretty easy to create your own testimonial. More often than not, people can tell if you’re just praising your own business with made up reviews. A great way to bridge this gap is to add these characteristics. This allows you to brag about your brand on social media in a professional way.

So consider implementing this strategy into your marketing today. It will boost the credibility of your customer testimonials and instill trust in your brand.

5. Keep Your Testimonials Short

Customer testimonials are important for your business, but this doesn’t mean that you should use the entire thing. Most people don’t like reading more than two sentences when they are scrolling through social media. This means you need to rephrase your testimonials to be reader friendly.

So how exactly do you rephrase someone else's words? You see, you aren’t exactly manipulating their words to mean something else; rather you are taking the highlights of their review to use for your social media.

A great trick to use is to take the points that best resonate with your target audience. A simple Google search of your target demographic can help you pinpoint their pain points and desires.

A recent study by StatusU concluded that 90% of people on social media like to communicate and interact with different brands.

What does this mean? Not only do you have the opportunity to improve your reach, you have the chance to communicate with your target audience and with people who have never heard of your brand before.

It’s called social media for a reason after all. So use this chance to get real world feedback, and potentially even more customer testimonials. Are you ready to kick start 2020 on social media? Ready, set, go!


Now that you are equipped with everything you need to fully utilize your customer testimonials, there’s just one more thing. But before we get there, here are the 5 proven ways your customer testimonials can win you business:

  1. Start using video testimonials

  2. Tell a story with your customer testimonials

  3. Address any possible objections

  4. Share your customer testimonials on social media

  5. Keep your testimonials short

The final piece to the puzzle is having a dedicated copywriter to format, rephrase, and deliver quality work for your business. The copywriters here at Copywriters.com specialize in ROI focused work that strictly promotes organic traffic and healthy relationships.

So what do you say? If you’re ready to dramatically improve your reach, book a call with us today.

Matthew Nanan

Matthew Nanan is a freelance copywriter and blogger from Toronto, Ontario. He is a resourceful young adult who has been trained and mentored by industry leading copywriters. He writes unique and research-driven content that is strictly focused around providing his clients with results. When Matthew is not writing, he enjoys reading and teaching martial arts.

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