5 Reasons Why SEO Copywriting Services Are Worth Every Dollar

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There is plenty of information out there about SEO copywriting services and why these services are so beneficial to your business. However, even with the seemingly endless amount of content explaining how to write sales copy, what it costs, and a variety of other information, you might still be wondering: Is purchasing SEO copywriting services is actually worth the cost? 

That line of questioning can begin because it is often unclear how SEO-optimized content can actually bring value to your business. After all, without understanding how a service can help you close more deals, any reasonable business owner would be reluctant to buy in.

And what is the difference between an SEO copywriter and a regular copywriter anyway? How can an SEO copywriter help you make money instead of just cost you money? And how do you even approach hiring a qualified SEO copywriter?

Today, we will be answering those questions, and in turn, take a look at five ways investing in SEO copywriting services can supercharge your business.

1. SEO Copywriting Services Help Increase Your Visibility on Google

Let’s start with a personal question. Whenever you are searching for a solution online, do you click on page five of the web search results to get your answer, or do you typically find it on the first page of Google?

Statistically, over 75 percent of clicks go to sources on the first page for a Google query. And that makes sense. After all, you want to read from the most credible sources in the most convenient way possible, right?

Google understands this and its algorithm accounts for that principle. As a result, it ranks credible websites higher in its search results and displays content that repeatedly includes keywords that its users are looking for.

If you just take a step back to think about what it means for a brand to be “credible”, it really comes down to being insightful and consistent. And those are exactly the value-adds that SEO copywriting services bring to the table.

When you hire on a writer to help you put out more SEO-optimized content, the benefits tend to also extend past ranking higher on Google. Specifically, higher-ranking articles tend to attract more visitors, which gives you more chances to get your offerings in front of potential clients.

2. Skilled SEO Copywriters Can Save You Time

No doubt, you are an expert in your niche and are fantastic at running your business. But SEO and copywriting are often a completely different ballgame for most business owners. And since you are busy, you may not have time to pick those skills up on your own.

That’s why SEO copywriting services are worth investing in.

Having the expertise of a trained SEO copywriter, who will do the keyword research, write your copy, and optimize it for SEO, means that the time they spend is the time you save you to work on your core business.

3. SEO Copywriting Services End Up Saving You Money

Though it is true that great SEO copywriters are often more expensive to hire than regular copywriters, investing in the right SEO copywriting services often still end up saving you money. Here’s why — it all comes down to the bundling of skillsets.

When you think about hiring professionals for on-site SEO, they often might not always have the expertise to write sales copy for you. On the other hand, hiring a regular copywriter means that your content might not be optimized to target certain keywords that will help you gain the most visibility in search engines like Google.

Yes, combining the two skillsets means that you might be investing more than you would on a regular copywriter, but it is generally more money-efficient to do so than hiring two separate professionals.

Not to mention, SEO copywriting services tend to embed the consideration of SEO into the copywriting workflow. That can further save you time compared to separately considering the quality of your copy and SEO.

4. Great SEO-Optimized Copy Also Provides Value For Your Audience

But great SEO copywriting services don’t just help you optimize your copy’s visibility — they also prioritize your audience’s needs. The truth is, people hate being sold to, especially if it is the first time they are visiting your website.

You will rarely find that prospects stumble upon your website and buy from you right away. That is why great copy will provide quality content to your readers and take a value-first approach to build that relationship.

The best SEO copywriting services keep this principle in mind. And by utilizing them, you can take a more organic approach to engage with your website visitors. Consequently, some of them will eventually become clients once they understand the value you can deliver.

5. SEO Copywriting Services Help You Drive More Sales

Additional to being optimized for visibility, great SEO copywriting services can help you close more deals. Often, copywriters are often known as “salesman in print”. After all, good copy really does do a fantastic job of selling your product or service.

And the best SEO copywriting services account for the fact that nuances in your messaging can make all the difference. They understand that SEO and informative content are key but recognize the end goal of having your prospects click “buy”.


So to sum it up, SEO copywriting services can help you with much more than putting together strong, informative copy. Importantly, it also optimizes that content for search engine visibility, which can help you build credibility.

But at the same time, the best SEO copywriting services also understand your intent to sell. And because of that, it makes sure there is a compelling call to action for your prospects.

So How Do You Find Quality SEO Copywriting Services?

Now you know that SEO copywriting services can help you establish credibility, nurture leads, and save time, you might be wondering where you can find a quality SEO copywriter. Though there are hundreds of writers on freelancing sites, it is often a hassle to screen writers on those platforms.

And you will find that many of the writers you vet may not be qualified. That factor alone can cost you and your business valuable time. Copywriters.com, on the other hand, is a vetted network of hundreds of copywriters. It screens writers so you don’t have to, allowing business owners like yourself to focus on their businesses.

So what are you waiting for? Hire an SEO copywriter now and you might just see the next stage of your company’s growth.

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Steven Li is the founder of The Rising, a publication that covers how changes in the environment impact business, politics, and technology. He is also a contributing writer at Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes.

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