5 Secrets to Retain Your Customers as a Lead Generation Agency

Lisa Scheiblhofer
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Are you having trouble with retaining clients for your lead generation agency?

Starting as a lead generation agency is tough. There are already lots of lead generation businesses in the market and it’s hard to stand out from the crowd.

Scaling up and growing as an agency is even tougher. There is no guarantee that you can retain clients that you worked with so far. What can you do to improve your situation?

Maybe it took you months of work and effort to build up your small customer base. You managed to get some clients and started to believe in your abilities. Results showed and you were celebrating your success.

Now, some newbie might enter the market and offer exactly the same services for a bit less. Maybe they manage to deliver better leads by sheer luck and your clients hire them instead. Everything you worked so hard for can be gone in seconds.

Unfortunately, this is a very real situation for many lead generation agencies. For some, working client by client might be enough to get to a 6-figure income. But there is one problem.

Most lead generation agencies fail to develop a consistent stream of clients.

Clients might work with you once. But to become scalable and grow your business, you have to be able to retain your clients. What if there was a way to grow as a business and make your clients happy at the same time?

Next are 5 tips to improve your chances to retain a client and scale your lead generation business.

1. Make Lead Generation About Them

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What do they need and what are their problems?

Focus less on yourself. When you make it about them, you will stand out from the crowd. All the other lead generation agencies compete on price. Don’t join them. Instead, focus your time on researching what your clients need. Then, deliver exactly that.

Imagine you are working with a customer who struggles to convert cold leads into sales. You could promise them more leads but that might not be the solution that’s best for them. Instead, you could focus on generating warmer leads. Or offer resources that teach your client how to convert a cold lead.

While other agencies promise a certain volume of leads, you can be the lead generation agency that focuses on quality. Instead of promising outrageous numbers that won't convert anyway, focus on high-quality leads.

This way you will stand out. Pay attention to details and show your clients that you care.

2. Craft an Outstanding Offer

This is the part where you show your clients that you know their pain. Imagine you came across an offer that is directly addressing your concerns. How would you feel?

Show your customers that you understand them. That builds trust and makes the decision process easier for them. Grab their attention by tailoring your offer exactly to their needs. Confused minds don’t buy.

So, take some time to craft that clear offer that attracts your exact target audience. If you struggle to put your offer into words, a trained copywriter might be able to help you out.

3. Create Content that Makes Your Audience Smarter

“Content marketing is where I always turn to generate high-quality leads and gain awareness from my target market.” — Benji Hyam, Director of Growth on Everwise

It can be on social media, blog posts, videos, anything you can think of - your content builds trust. Have you ever come across a social media channel where everything resonated with you? Did you feel they had a clear and inspiring message and useful content that made you feel understood?

You want to be that person for your clients. Your content gives value to your customers. It helps to position yourself as an expert lead generation agency. Resonate with your clients. Address their pain points and concerns, but also hopes and dreams.

When prospects are continuously connected to you over your content, you warm them up. New clients will want to work with you and previous clients will likely hire you again.

4. Be the Lead Generation Agency that Stands Out

“I get bombarded daily by all sorts of vendors, but I thought CIENCE’s emails were fairly clever. They caught my attention, so I talked to their account executive and agreed to a 90-day trial of their services.” — Jim Vaughan, Chief Revenue Officer of Events.com

Vaughan's remarkable statement is from a case study of Cience.com. According to Business2Community, Cience.com was the top lead generation agency of 2019. So, having a look at their case studies might give you an insight into what makes them so successful.

In this example, they managed to get a loyal client, simply because their emails stand out from the rest. Imagine if your agency could do the same. What would that mean?

Standing out from the crowd goes two ways. Your outreach has to stand out to actually get new customers. Your work with clients has to stand out so they will choose to work with you again.

5. Make Clients Want You

Okay, so your offer is focusing on them. Your content is valuable for them and they were happy to work with you. Still, they didn’t hire you again?

Sometimes, business is a lot like dating. Maybe the first date was enjoyable. But did you make them want to go on a second date?

In other words: are you awesome enough to make it worth their while? Even if the work was great, maybe they need one last step to be fully convinced.

I don’t advise you to compete on price. If you go cheap it won’t help you to scale up. What you can do, however, is to offer certain discounts for existing clients. Craft a subscription-based model. Make it a valuable package that will compel them to work with you long term.

Subscriptions are a great model because they have fixed rates every month. Your clients know what to expect and it might seem like less of a risk to them.


To truly retain clients and grow as a lead generation agency, you have to stand out from the competition. The best way to do so is to truly understand your clients. Give them what they actually need and show you care.

Don’t compete on price or numbers. Compete on quality and understanding. If you want to learn more about how a trained copywriter can help you to retain a client, contact us today.

Lisa Scheiblhofer

Lisa Scheiblhofer believes that the most important part about copywriting is human emotion and connection. Because of this, she focuses on making your message speak to the heart of your audience.

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