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High converting Facebook ad copy is the secret ingredient in a successful Facebook advertising campaign. Without professional copywriting involved, many campaigns fail to generate the intended impact, thus failing to create high converting Facebook ad copy. This happens when the copy is flat, dull, not targeted enough, the message isn’t clear enough, fails to evoke emotion, or it’s grammatically incorrect.

Compared to the other social media platforms, Facebook is still King in terms of active daily use. In fact, over 70% of Facebook users in the United States log into their accounts on a daily basis, according to a recent report by the Pew Research Center. Only 59% of users do the same on Instagram, 38% on Twitter, 27% on Pinterest, and finally, 22% on LinkedIn.

There are several things that go into making a Facebook ad successful. In this article, we will be focusing on the copy part of the ad. But first, to leverage this advertising potential, you need to understand how to write high converting Facebook ad copy. Read on to learn how to capture more sales and growth for your business through specialized ad copy techniques.

What is High Converting Facebook Ad Copy?

To start, Facebook ad copy is the written copy found in Facebook advertisements. To be high converting Facebook ad copy, the copy has to be effective at creating leads or persuading a prospect to buy something.

You can test the effectiveness of ads by simple A/B testing, also known as split testing. This is testing one campaign's copy against the other. This method of split testing is often used by copywriters, as it’s a powerful way to gain insights into which content works better for a given audience.

Why should you learn more about the audience you’re advertising to? Such research allows your business to refine the copy to create better copy for the next campaign. Maybe your first test yielded so-so results, and your second test was much more successful. If it's about the copy, you can easily see that the second test is high converting.

Below is an example of effective copy in a Facebook ad:Boston Sports Clubs promoted a Facebook ad, the copy of which simply said, “Join today for only $5, and get the rest of the year for free!” This high converting Facebook ad copy from Boston Sports Club (sourced from Hubspot) shows how simple persuading copy can be.

Why is Advertising on Facebook Critical for Businesses?

Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is on track to generate millions of dollars in revenue this year. How? From Facebook ads alone. That’s how Facebook makes the majority of their money - selling Facebook ads. The common belief is that Facebook advertising is dead is simply not true. The businesses giving up on Facebook advertising are missing out on serious profit gains.

Additionally, Facebook's highly targeted ads are an extremely effective way to create personalized marketing campaigns. 

Facebook allows you to create ads based on very specific sets of criteria such as location, age, gender, and other characteristics to narrow your audience down to a T. The result? You have a higher chance of marketing to the right customers. This means that you increase your chances of attracting qualified leads.

For businesses serious about marketing, Facebook is a social media network that cannot be ignored. This is especially true if you are a b2c company, as Facebook works best with consumers. For enterprises looking to get the most from Facebook, less is often more. Not posting as frequently helps, along with getting creative. Video marketing is taking off and is an excellent opportunity to create high converting Facebook ad copy. Higher engagement means higher conversion.

How to Capitalize on Facebook Ad Copy With Help From a Professional Copywriter

All copy should be approached with care, especially in social media marketing efforts. Simply put, the wrong copy can make any campaign with potential, unsuccessful. On that note, hiring a professional copywriter is the best route to take.

So, you may be wondering if it's okay to hire an intern, or a copywriter from Craigslist. Or, perhaps you have thought about outsourcing on Fiverr or Upwork. Unfortunately, lack of experience, and lack of qualified training, is all too common on these sites. We highly recommend turning to a professional copywriter for your needs. This will generate the greatest return on investment for your business.

A true pro at Facebook ad copy will take your content ideas, your offer, and your message and turn them into high converting Facebook ads. A good rule of thumb to follow when looking for quality ad copy includes the general criteria:

1. Will it drive forward the buyer's intent? Copywriting is intended to be sales in print. Generally, the most effective ads use language to create suspense, drive action, or create an impulse.

2. Is the copy engaging and focused? This type of is not like UX writing or journalism. It is to the point, but also emotive. It should elicit an emotion.

3. Does the copy include a clear Call To Action (CTA)? At the end of the day, customers want to buy products and services. They just don't know it yet! But every great Facebook ad needs to include a link to sign up or purchase.


Facebook ads offer unlimited potential when it comes to creating high converting copy. The trick is to hire a professional writer who can guarantee your results. Once you narrow down your personas and audience to target, the rest is easy.

Are you ready to improve your Facebook advertising copy, so that it converts more prospects into customers? Book a call today to discuss our Facebook ad packages with a professional social media copywriter. Image credit: sitthiphong / Shutterstock.com

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