5 Tips to Increase Sales Using Email Marketing

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How important is email marketing in increasing sales to your business? As your business expands, you will require email marketing as part of your sales campaign. There were more than 3.8 billion email users in 2018, according to a Radicati group study. This shows that emails will be an amazing way to increase the market’s exposure to your business.

After all, you might be striving to establish credibility for your brand and to increase the number of visitors to your website. Emails are useful in a few ways:

  • “Follow up” messages targeted at the customer if they have started an action on your website but not completed it.

  • “Thank you” messages to people who bought from you or performed the desired action.

  • “Celebratory” and “Sales/Discount” messages during special days throughout the year.

  • “Value-add” messages to strengthen customer and business relations through education.

  • “New-product” promotional messages to get people interested.

Whichever email provider your prospect uses, be it Google or Yahoo, email is always categorized into two main piles: opened and not opened. If your subscriber does not open the email you send, then they will not be able to respond to whatever is inside. However, if your email is opened, then it’s up to the content of the message to appeal to the subscriber and motivate them to take action.

Email Numbers that Potentially Double Your Sales

So, as an email marketer, your initial success and failure depend on your subscriber’s willingness to open the emails you send. The response rate is also directly proportionate to the number of subscribers who read them.

Assuming a response rate of 10% if 50 out of 1000 people (5%) open your emails, you get 5 of them executing the desired action. And if that 5% increased to 10%, there would be 10 people responding to your email. What does this mean for you? Potentially double the sales and revenue for your business!

As you can see, your email open rate directly affects increases to your sales. To help you drive up those numbers, here are 5 tips to increase your sales using email marketing.

Why Email Marketing Matters

Let’s analyze what you would like for your business. You want to convert leads into prospects at a great price. Check. You want to have a good return on investment for every dollar you spend on marketing. Check.  Email marketing can achieve all these for you!

Most Americans check their email at least once a day. Undoubtedly, this is the case for the rest of the world as well, which surpasses the usage for any other platform. Emails are used in the prospects’ business and leisure and to connect with others across all ages.

If you spend time improving your email marketing skills, you will instantly see an increase in consultation requests, bookings, and sales. Email plays a complementary role to all of your other marketing campaigns: landing pages, Facebook ads, etc.

Email is also one of the most personalized platforms to showcase your brand to your audience. Great emails have always made use of the customer’s names to begin the conversation. Are emails an effective marketing strategy? You bet! Recent statistics have shown that for every dollar you put into email marketing, it generates $38, which is a 3800% return on investment (ROI)!

So how do you ensure your message gets across to your prospects through email marketing? Below are 5 critical tips to get you started.

How to Improve Your Email Opening Rates

Tip 1: Get organized correctly

There are so many folders for organizing email nowadays. Email providers do the initial categorization of the emails: junk, spam, promotions, social, and your regular inbox. If your email lands in the wrong category, it will rarely be opened.

Also, Google has its algorithm which it refers to as Google Magic which can label certain emails as important. It would be crucial to get onto that list, from the prospect’s perspective.

Tip 2: Nail your first impression

Imagine yourself strolling by the park, autumn leaves falling gently around you. Just then, you find your eyes locked onto an attractive person. They’re dressed to impress, as if pulling you in, making you want to know more about them.

If you consider how your email provider displays emails, you will recognize that the subject line is always the first thing your prospect sees. Just like that attractive person you saw, you want your subject line to be interesting and eye-catching. You want it to demand your attention.

You want your prospects to be curious about the potential content they will see once they click on the email. You want a reaction that is similar to “Oooh! A-ha! I want to know more!”

How to Improve Your Email Response Rates

Tip 3: Be conversational, not just informative

Put simply, write the way you speak! How would you feel if I gave you a long, academically written article to read? You'll most likely become disinterested. You don’t want your email content to bore the readers or turn them off. People want to be engaged and participate in every process of the buyer’s journey. Short and sweet sentences that get your point across would be something that you are aiming for.

Tip 4: Know your audience and add value

Your email needs to be personalized and targeted. Vegetarians will not bother with emails from a steakhouse about deals on their steak menu. Make sure that you research your market to know their desires, pain points, and emotional triggers. This allows your message to be more compelling to the reader. People need to know that you care about them before they even start caring about you. Give them something they want to know about through your emails.

Entrepreneur Dan Lok said, “Remember, people don’t buy from you because they understand what you sell—they buy from you because they feel understood.”

Tip 5: Include links to testimonials and reviews

What people say about you, your products, and services are immensely more powerful than what you can say about them. When you show your prospects that your product or service works for others, they will be more inclined to trust you. This is an effortless way to increase credibility and get introduced to new clients through referrals.


Even though other channels might be the focus of your business for acquiring new and retaining current clients, don’t overlook emails as a lucrative channel. As long as you ensure that your emails are written in an enthralling, individualized way that makes the prospect feel understood, there is no doubt about its money-making potential.

Imagine getting a large number of subscribers to your email list from your website, but failing to monetize that growth. That’s devastating, isn’t it? So consider hiring a copywriter to write your sales emails and boost your marketing campaign now. They also specialize in different forms of emails and can combine creativity with your business purpose in the email content. No matter how you plan to use email marketing to expand your business, a dedicated copywriter will be an asset to you.

Rachel Li

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