5 Tips to Increase Your Email Engagement

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Everyone knows how important is it to make every means of outreach to your customers, potential clients, and overall online presence, count. And one way that often gets swept under the rug is email engagement.

Keeping people’s attention on their inboxes is a reliable way to keep them invested in the comings and goings of your company or your client. In short, it’s something you can’t afford to ignore.

Here are a few tips to make sure the emails you send get opened, are read, and most importantly, create engagement.

1. Start with the Right Subject Line

It might sound obvious, but making the right choices on the language you use in your emails is incredibly important. And the words you choose vary in style for the different sections of the email.

The headline needs to be actionable; however it cannot be too overt. Telling your clients, “Buy Vinyl Records Now,” or using any verb-centered phrase, feels far too much like the millions of pieces of junk mail out there.

So when trying to get a user’s attention, begin with a promise of what the email offers. “Discover the Classic Sound of Vinyl” sounds more like a proposition, one with no expectations on the reader’s end (except for enjoying some sweet vinyl tunes).

2. Make the Copy Count for Email Engagement

The subject line gets the email opened, but it’s the job of the body copy to keep the reader engaged all the way to the clickthrough. There are several different ways to do this. Making sure that there’s a sense of timeliness, or an urgency, that while subtle, still gives the reader a reason to click through.

Another way is to feature the benefits of your products or your email. The reader may already know what the features are, but the real thing that people care about is how those features can help them in their lives.

That’s how you’re going to increase email engagement—by showing the reader what the product or service can do for them, and more importantly, how they can buy it.

3. Get In and Get Out, But Be Cute

No one wants to read a 5,000-word email. Ever. However, people also don’t want to read a 300-word email with no soul to it. Brevity is the soul of wit and engaging emails—speaking with a sense of cleverness and humor are always going to be more entertaining to read than a normal, beef-jerky-dry email with the personality of a napkin.

Keeping things brief in concert with humor are going to keep people focused to read any of the great benefits you’ve listed, as well as the call-to-action you’ve got in there. So it benefits you to get the best writers you can find to help craft you some amazing emails and increase email engagement.

4. Graphics are Always Your Friend

The best writing can always get better, and not always with a bunch of editing and proofreading. Images, graphics, and infographics help ease the workload of the reader, and are always welcomed. From breaking your text up with images to prevent eye fatigue to replacing text, words are always better when paired with graphics.

5. When All Else Fails, Learn from Your Peers

Don’t forget about your competition. There’s no shame in subscribing to other email lists for inspiration, especially from the companies with which you’re competing for a piece of the market share. There’s always insight to be gained via someone else’s email campaign, whether for good or bad.

If this degree of sleeping with the enemy is too much for you, then there are the other well-known repositories of knowledge the internet has to offer. Reddit, Quora, and other sites with strong media presences can help you write better, and craft an email message with focus.


How can you entice your reader to open your email? Make a promise about what they'll get in your subject line. The content should be just the right length—not too long or too short, and offer them value. For more ideas on creating email engagement, look at what your competitors are doing.

You can also work with a copywriter at Copywriters.com. They have experience with writing email copy and keeping eyeballs on the page.

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