5 Tips to Write Stellar Copy for Your Next Website Project

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You have so many things to consider whenever you have a website project: budget, copy, search algorithms and ranking, to name a few.

Content is an important factor in ensuring that a website ranks higher in search engines. The length of website content in articles, blogs, or landing pages, for example, should contain more words covering a wider context base rather than shorter lengths.

Make Your Website Shine and Rank Higher in Searches

Smarter copywriting for websites will give you a better return in a higher ranking on search engines. Consider implementing these five copywriting tips to help your next website project rank higher in online searches.

1. Content Length

Content length is one of the factors integrated into Google’s algorithm to rank websites. Web pages that contain longer word counts will rank higher. However, you need to make sure the content is readable, so it won’t bore readers, and still provides all the pertinent information that makes the page “Google friendly.”

2. Localize Web Page Content

Localize the web page content so that the website is effective in targeting personalized online searches, which are extremely popular today. Many people search for shops, restaurants, and other places with “near me” in their keywords.

Personalization factors for people searching online include their language, current location, and browsing history. Provide relevant information that users will search for online, but make sure the website project contains localized contact information such as the business address.

Also check the content is not overly saturated with localized keywords. That won’t help the Google ranking.

3. Create Mobile-Friendly Content

Create content that is mobile-friendly, so you’ll increase the chances of ranking higher on Google searches. Many people use their mobile devices to search websites so pages with designs that are optimized for mobile searches is important.

4. Contain Keywords

Keywords matter, so make sure your web pages contain ones that will rank well in searches. Have the keywords in mind before writing the content so that you can create a page that reads well and doesn’t contain unnatural writing.

Your website project must contain the keywords in the titles, headers, meta description, and content. Don’t oversaturate the site with keywords or the website will be penalized by Google.

5. Write Content that Adds Value

Don’t focus solely on technical SEO techniques, but make sure the content is creative and adds value to the reader. Readers themselves are oversaturated with online content today.

For the website content to shine and make a positive impact on the readers and ranking, both Google and the readers need to find that the content is interesting and readable.


Take your website project to the next level by writing content that grabs the reader’s attention and boosts your search engine ranking by writing content that ranks well with Google’s algorithms.

Content length is important. Also remember to create localized content for personalized searches and implement a mobile-friendly design.

Keywords are a key factor but don’t get carried away with keyword stuffing. Take the time to find the right balance and your efforts will be rewarded with improved online ranking and more traffic to the website.

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