5 Traits To Look For In A Freelance Content Writer

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One of the best ways to optimize your business is by hiring a freelance content writer to produce high-quality content to attach to your brand. Hiring people outside of your company can add more diverse thinking in how to use information and market your business. That’s why hiring remote writers can be favorable. As the gig economy continues to become more competitive, it grants businesses the opportunity to be more selective with writers. Here are 5 traits to look for when you're looking to hire a freelance content writer.

1. Skill Stacking

Still stacking is when a freelance content writer learns and develops additional skills that enhance their main skill of writing. Anyone can become a freelance content writer. When you’re seeking excellent freelance content writers, however, you should look for people who have additional skills, such as sales or marketing. These additional skills help the writer get into the frame of mind of your prospective customers.

One of the most highly sought-after employees in the freelance economy are full stack writers. This is because they can offer the business more than just their ability to write content for the company blog.

Although full-stack writers tend to be more expensive, you are more likely to make a return on your investment. Rather than hiring several different writers to perform distinct tasks, you can find one freelance content writer who's skilled in all areas. 

For example, a full stack writer understands SEO best practices, to enhance your search engine visibility. This means you’re less likely to have to hire an SEO expert, to ensure their content is SEO-friendly.

2. They Are Experts in a Niche Industry

Finding a writer who is extremely knowledgeable about the niche your company operates in can be very beneficial, as they'll already be speaking from a place of understanding. You’ll always want to actively seek out writers who are knowledgeable about the niche you’re in.

For instance, if you're a content marketing company, you’re looking for a freelance content writer who has worked in the marketing world. That way, industry-specific jargon will be easier for them to pick up and your articles will be a lot more authentic.

3. They Understand SEO

Part of delivering compelling copy is having it be easily discoverable by others outside of your immediate network. To achieve that, you’ll want to pay attention to search engine optimization (SEO). Though there are professionals who specialize in SEO, hiring on writers who already have that SEO training can make putting together sales copy just that much more seamless. 

4. They Respect Your Timeline

When hiring a freelance content writer, it's important they exercise basic workplace etiquette, even if your encounters might not be face-to-face. Good copy always takes time and often requires writers to operate on time constraints while not compromising for quality. On the other hand, you’re also busy as a business owner. That’s why you should only look to hire freelance content writers who keep deadlines central to their workflow.

But even beyond meeting your company’s clear deadlines, it is also important that a freelance content writer is responsible. Oftentimes, content writers have to deal with proprietary information belonging to your company or your clients, and it’s important that your writers are responsible with that information.

5. They Understand Your Company and Your Target Market

In addition to being responsible, it is crucial to hire someone who truly understands your business. Whether it’s because they took the time to research your industry and your target market, or it’s because they were already familiar, this is a key trait in a high-quality freelance content writer. 

It doesn't matter if you find the most talented writer in the world. If they don’t understand the purpose behind your product or service, then the content produced will be inauthentic, which often is an immediate turnoff for your prospects.

Beyond understanding your line of business, quality freelance content writers should also be able to resonate with your target audience. Writers who are skilled in thinking from the perspective of your customers can establish a sense of relatability. When businesses speak the language of their consumers and directly appeal to their customers' desires, selling becomes much more organic.

Stephen Zhao

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