5 Ways to Achieve a Successful Marketing Campaign

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Picture this: You are cold emailing clients to start what you hope will be a successful marketing campaign, but you haven’t gotten any replies. It’s been weeks turning into months and still nothing.

You have a great service to offer and you know these businesses can benefit from your help. But it just seems that no matter how much you reach out, there’s just silence. What are you doing wrong?

Well, there are a few possibilities. Ask yourself: What did you talk about in your message? Who did you reach out to? Can this person help you make that sale, or do they even want to?How do you handle this problem?

Well, you are part way to the answer, but there’s something missing. Email is only part of the solution. Keep in mind, digital marketing expert Tim Burd said, “There's no such thing as problems, only incomplete solutions."

The Key to a Successful Marketing Campaign

If you want to have a successful marketing campaign, it's important that you don't just focus on attracting clients. You also need to hold the attention of your prospects.

It may take months or even years for a prospect to convert to a client. Now, this doesn’t mean sending cold emails day after day, hoping for a response. Instead, why not focus more on a full-faceted marketing campaign?

This will not only allow you to get the attention of your prospects, it will also keep your company and service in the back of their minds. You will be able to better control the representation of your brand throughout your campaign.

This will allow you to truly attract and hold the interest of your leads. While there is much more to consider when designing your marketing campaign, here are 5 ways to achieve success.

1. Provide Value First

What makes a person want to trust you? Your successful marketing campaign is about earning the trust of your prospects. If you can’t do that, then it’s not working.

Trust is built over time, one interaction at a time. This is why you must continue to prospect and build a relationship over time. If your content shows you as needy, your prospects will be turned off and will be less likely to engage with your business.

Why should you nurture your relationships? Well, you may not need the clients right now, but you should continually put your name out there. By producing quality content for your prospects to enjoy, they will be more open to working with you going forward. Even though they have never spoken with you, they can see the results of your work.

What impression will your prospect have of you? By allowing them to opt into your funnel, they will be slowly warmed up to working with you, as they will have a better impression of your business and your ability to help them.

Just some of the things you can do to add value:

  • Provide a newsletter

  • Give actionable information

  • Focus on their needs and desires in what you provide

2. Personalize Your Emails to Increase Open Rates

What’s the easiest way to reach out to a client? By email, right? Get their email address, do some research, and send a message letting them know what your service does for them.

While this is the primary way to communicate with your prospect, there’s just one problem. You aren’t the only one with that idea, and odds are your email will not be opened. Do you read every email that comes to you, regardless of who sent it?

The average open rate of emails is approximately 37% across 28 industries. However the average open rate of emails in marketing and advertising is just 25%.

Suppose you roll a 4-sided dice, but only on a 4 does your email even get opened. Are you willing to roll that dice? Sure, you might get lucky, or you might get ignored, waste your money, or worse, irritate your prospect.

Remember to keep the email interesting, but more importantly, personalized. If you are reaching out to a specific person, include their name if you can. You can expect to see up to a 17% increase in open rates when the subject is personalized.

3. Build a Long Lasting Relationship with Your Prospect

Instead of using email as a one-time interaction, use emails to increase your chances of a successful marketing campaign. It is a way to further relationships, build trust, and get your name out there.

Provide insight to the prospect and add value to their business. What reason will you give for them to open the next email? Build trust with your client so they want to keep opening your emails.

Once your emails are adding value on a weekly or biweekly basis, then consider reaching out more. You will have successfully warmed up your prospect through your marketing campaign. When people trust you, they are more likely to do business with you.

Remember, the average open rate of emails is 25% in marketing and advertising. Did you also know that the average office worker can receive up to 121 emails per day? That was in 2015, so imagine what it must be like today!

But be warned: do not limit yourself to email, or even just one platform.

4. Build Your Social Media and Google Presence

What else can you do? Instead of focusing solely on cold emails to create a successful marketing campaign, consider focusing on your brand marketing. By building your brand constantly, you will attract the type of prospect who will be more likely to convert.

Your marketing campaign should also include Facebook, Twitter, or other appropriate social media platforms based on your brand marketing approach. Consider that upwards of 74% of people say they use Facebook for professional purposes.

Think about it. What would you do? If you are presented with an opportunity, but you don’t know what to do, what is the first thing you would try?

You would try and get more information. Statistically, you may use Google, as it drives upwards of 94% of all organic traffic. Your prospects just want to get some sort of assurance.

However, what is more compelling? If you end up on a Wikipedia article, or being redirected to your social media, or landing page, and learning about the personality and heart of your company?

You want to be able to control the first impression that any potential business may have of you. However, to do this, your successful marketing campaign will require an SEO strategy as well. It does you no good if you have a brilliant landing page or a Facebook group if no one sees it.

5. Keep Your SEO Strategy Clear Throughout the Campaign

Have an SEO strategy because this is how you get found. As you know, you need to be ranking high on search engines, especially Google, if you want to be found.

Now, you can pay for ads to supplement your marketing campaign. But how much does that really cost? Depending on your competition, you can expect to pay between $1 and $7 per click.

Have a clear path to build up your SEO ranking if you want a successful marketing campaign. This is a long term strategy. It won’t bring prospects immediately, but over time it will bring in more quality prospects that are more likely to convert.

Now, what is the best way to increase your SEO ranking? Well, there are several ways to go about this.

Imagine your prospects are on one side of a canyon, and your service is on the other side. How do you get them across?

To bridge this gap, use content marketing in your marketing campaign. Constantly give value to your prospects, and show them that you are the best fit for them at all times. Whether this is through a blog, Twitter posts, or Facebook posts, keep them ready for more.


To build a successful marketing campaign, start by adding value to your prospects. Then work on creating a long lasting relationship through emails, social media posts, and a presence on Google.

There are many free tools that will help you get started when it comes to designing your campaign. HubSpot offers a free training that can get you started with the basics of SEO, as well as other courses. However, this will take additional time to implement. But, the payoff can be rewarding and you might even match some of the great marketing campaigns out there.

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