5 Ways To Get More Customers For Your Business With Buying Triggers

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To become a success, I imagine you are often looking for ways to get more customers for your business. Do you sometimes feel as though there are too many ideas and suggestions in the marketplace? I'm sure you are trying your best, yet you still have challenges finding clients for your business. A challenge is an event that causes you pain and emotion - you are of course only human after all. This emotion then triggers you to want to make a change, doesn’t it?

The same goes for your clients or prospects. They often feel pain and emotion as well. Yet for them, what they experience are buying triggers - an urge to buy. This is a change in their life that makes them more receptive to what you are offering. When such a change happens, they are no longer comfortable with their existing situation. They develop a burning desire for more information, which is exactly where you want them to be.

Do you feel as though you have already tried everything? Perhaps you’ve tried describing features vs benefits. You’ve provided product or service options. You have made room for quality at competitive prices. Facebook ads and lead generation on other social media platforms are in full swing. And yet, it seems the growth of your business has stalled.

Are you wondering what else can you possibly do? Sometimes only a few important changes will make a world of difference. There are five main important buying triggers that you may be ignoring. These are ways to get more customers for your business that are simpler than you may think or realize.

If There Were a Few Key Ways to Get More Customers For Your Business, Would You Be Interested in Learning More?

Does this headline grab your attention? If so, then you have just experienced an illustration of one of the main triggers that will get customers to buy from you: Curiosity.

It's human nature to be curious about many things. When you can couple your prospect's curiosity with a need or problem they have, that’s a great start. Then once you offer your service or product as a solution to those problems, you have a winning formula.

Understand that there is emotion attached to people’s sense of curiosity. Fear of the unknown gets customers asking questions. It’s the reason that drives them to be glued to the daily news, for example. Then they go searching for safety and comfort. You can satisfy their curiosity about products within your niche by presenting yours as the best solution. Their fear will turn into pleasure and satisfaction. They will look to you as the recommended solution, which creates the potential for more referrals.

Simplify the Costs and Benefits to Make Your Offer More Desirable

When looking at ways to get more customers for your business, there is usually an easy solution that is often the best solution. A confused mind will do nothing, so the harder you work to make it easier for the customer, the easier it will be for them to know how to buy.

Consider this idea as you are reading this article... What is your preference in how this material is presented?

  • Complex and twisted ideas that need an expert to interpret?


  • Clear and simple instructions using simple language that is easy to follow?

If you would like things kept clear and simple, your customers will like that option too. Simplify the costs and benefits of your service or product. Answer any objections before anyone even asks. Don’t make your customers guess what you are saying. The next buying trigger will help you understand how best to do this.

What Exactly is it That Makes Your Customers Buy From You?

Have you ever imagined yourself in your customers’ position? Have you ever asked yourself why they buy from you? If you are not asking direct questions like this, you are probably leaving money on the table. This could be one reason why your business is struggling to grow, even though that information is easily within your reach. When looking for ways to get more customers for your business - just ask.

“The amount of income you make is directly proportional to how well you understand your market.” - Dan Lok

You shouldn't limit yourself to just asking your best customers what makes them buy from you. Ask questions of those who may be looking but not buying. Exactly why is it that they are NOT buying? Here are some lists of questions to help you accomplish this goal. Use these lists to get answers from your existing and potential clients. Then make the necessary corrections to your sales message.

Using both sets of answers, present the combined solutions back to the market. You’ll soon realize these are solid ways to get more customers for your business.

Tell a Story That People Can Relate To

Stories have, and always will, play a big role in people’s lives. They make it possible for people to see themselves in the story you tell. This is one of the most important ways to get more customers for your business. Allow the client or prospect to imagine how their problem can be solved, the same way it was solved in your story. Give them something to dream about.

People are hooked to many different types of stories on different types of media:

Anywhere that has an audience, stories are being told. Stories capture the audience and turn them into fans. That is a useful clue about the power of storytelling. Here is a great article that focuses on 10 storytelling styles in video marketing as an example.

Master storytellers have built careers through their command of this skill. Books continue to be written. Organizations and businesses have been and are being built. All from the power of storytelling. You don’t have to be a master storyteller to utilize the storytelling technique, you just have to know how to evoke an emotional response.

Again, it’s a smart idea to not spend time guessing when looking for ways to find more customers for your business. Once you ask your clients, as suggested above, then you know what types of stories they will probably respond to. You should then make use of the services of expert storytellers. Whether it’s for your lead generation or your Facebook ads, or any other areas you are focusing on to grow.

As many people have said before, “Facts tell, stories sell.”

Social Proof - Fear of Missing Out

Whether you realize it or not, the majority of the time, humans generally place a high level of trust and belief in what other people say. The quality of your product or service is best described to your potential clients through the testimony of other clients.

When it comes to ways to get more customers for your business, you can never have enough testimonials. Dan Lok, the owner and CEO of Copywriters.com and Closers.com, has a YouTube channel with thousands of testimonials in multiple languages. Not only should you have a large number of testimonials, but you should also know how best to use them.

Reviews also play a large part in the success of businesses. Here are some interesting statistics:

The types of proof used as ways to get more customers for your business are many. It's not just personal or user reviews. Your customers also pay attention to the following:

  • celebrity endorsements

  • expert approval

  • business credentials

  • media write-ups

  • social media shares

HubSpot provides a thorough description of these types of proof, with great examples. When any of these apply to the growth of your business, make full use of them.


The above are 5 powerful tools that you may not have been paying attention to. To summarize, these are ways to get more customers for your business that you can easily make use of right away:

  1. Create a sense of curiosity for your existing and potential clients. Feed that curiosity, then offer your product or service as the solution to fulfill your clients’ needs.

  2. Simplify the costs and benefits of your product or service. Handle all objections your clients might have when you make your offer.

  3. Ask your clients why they buy from you or ask those who look but don’t buy why they didn’t buy. Make use of answers from both types of clients to change your ad and lead generation messaging.

  4. Take advantage of people’s interest in stories. Show them how you can solve their problem by helping them relate to your story.

  5. People have a great need to not miss out on what is going on with the world. Reviews and testimonials about your business, when used effectively, will greatly increase your revenue and growth.

To take full advantage of these key factors, find copywriters who are completely focused on ways to get more customers for your business. Rather than struggle to put these ideas in place yourself, let our professionals help you to reach your business goals faster. Request the services of a professional copywriter today.

Maxwell Mapuranga

Maxwell Mapuranga is a copywriter with a background in digital marketing, sales, and closing. He also has over a decade of experience in healthcare both from the customer side, as well as vendor perspective.

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