5 Ways To Increase The Conversion Rate For Your Dropshipping Sales Funnel

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Your dropshipping sales funnel is set up and ready to go, correct? You've put in work designing your online store to your liking, and you're selling products that you believe in. So what can you do to get your customers as excited about your store as you are?

Attaining a high and steady conversion rate is the dream of every dropshipper. An increased conversion rate means an increase in sales, and so you've been looking for some fast and easy ways to get your funnel started. But how do you do it?

I’m going to tell you about 5 fast and easy tricks that will help you increase your conversion rate. Whether you're new to eCommerce or have a wealth of experience, these tricks are sure to help you grow the profitability of your dropshipping sales funnel and hit your conversion targets.

1. Write Detailed Product Descriptions to Strengthen Your Dropshipping Sales Funnel

If you want to sell your products, you have to write detailed product descriptions. These descriptions typically include everything from pricing information and materials used. After all, your customers should know how you're adding value if they are to buy.

The other thing is to expect new customers to have some anxiety on their first visit. They've never shopped with you before and are just as skeptical as they are curious.

So providing detailed product descriptions will help alleviate anxiety by reassuring new customers that your products are top-notch and your service is to be trusted. Use detailed product descriptions to turn curiosity into certainty.

2. Add a Customer Review Feature

Implementing a customer review feature is one of the best ways to make your dropshipping sales funnel more profitable. Research shows that potential customers are more likely to buy something that's received a wealth of reviews.

Your products are top-notch, so let your customers share their satisfaction with the world and help you increase that conversion rate naturally. Consider the following tactics:

  • Display top reviews in each product description

  • Display top reviews on your homepage

  • Allow users to scroll through the entirety of customer reviews for a given product

  • Create an easy rating system, such as a five-star ranking, in addition to written reviews

3. Provide Live Support to Humanize Your Dropshipping Sales Funnel

When building a successful dropshipping sales funnel, you should prioritize customer satisfaction. Offering your customers live support is an easy way to let them know you care. So if your customers can have their questions answered at a moments notice, your conversion rate will increase as a result.

Not to mention, your customers are also more likely to return after receiving this kind of support.

If you're not in a position to offer 24/7 live support with real respondents, an automated support feature is better than nothing.

Your customers may have questions that go beyond an FAQ. So, take the time to consider the plethora of questions a customer may have and try to provide them with answers even when your team is unavailable.

4. Offer Multiple Payment Options

Offering multiple payment options is vital in the world of eCommerce. Not every customer has the same means of payment at their disposal.

Customers will turn away quickly if your store offers only a limited selection. You want your dropshipping sales funnel to be as profitable as possible, and that means offering as many payment options as possible.

Including support for conventional credit/debit cards, specialty cards, as well as digital wallets like PayPal will drastically increase your conversion rate.

5. Provide Free Shipping

For many customers, shipping costs make all the difference. You don't want to drive customers away with a high cost of shipping. Instead of including shipping as an additional cost in the customer's cart, include the cost of shipping in the price of a given product.

This way, the customer doesn't feel as though they are overpaying in shipping costs. First-time visitors are more likely to engage with your online store if they see an apparently low cost of shipping. They will also be more likely to return later, which will serve to grow the profitability of your dropshipping sales funnel.


Increasing the conversion rate for your dropshipping sales funnel can be a frustrating task. But it doesn't have to be. Keep in mind these five fast and easy ways to increase your conversion rate, and start making your dropshipping sales funnel more profitable.

  • Write detailed product descriptions. Give potential customers a clear and detailed overview of products to help alleviate their shopping anxiety.

  • Add a customer review feature. Let your customers review your products, and help convince new visitors to engage by displaying positive reviews.

  • Provide live support. Guarantee customer satisfaction by providing customers with helpful answers on-demand.

  • Offer multiple payment options. Don't leave anyone behind. Offer customers a plethora of payment methods to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

  • Free shipping. Play into the psychology of shipping costs, and include the cost of shipping in your product pricing.

Oh, and one last thing: implementing these tactics comes from having compelling copy. Hire a dedicated copywriter today, to ensure that you increase the conversion rate for your dropshipping sales funnel.

Steven Li

Steven Li is the founder of The Rising, a publication that covers how changes in the environment impact business, politics, and technology. He is also a contributing writer at Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes.

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