5 Website Revamp Tips That Will Convert More Visitors Into Customers

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Why is a website revamp necessary for your existing business, and how can you ensure that every page on your website converts more visitors into customers?

There are many reasons why website visitors don’t convert into customers, but one of the leading causes is the poor quality of your website. That includes your website's design, experience, speed, copy, and SEO strategy.

Your website's copy and design may need to be revamped, among other things.

Once visitors land on your website, they quickly make a decision about whether to stay or bounce, within a few seconds.

Perhaps your target audiences have seen your ads, or your content on social media. Maybe they have read your emails or watched your videos on YouTube. No matter where they come from, they always come with certain standards and expectations.

So, the first impression of your website visit becomes crucial to drive the conversion. No matter how compelling the values and information that you provide on your website, it won’t uphold unless you present them in a certain way to grab their attention and engage them.

If you think a "website revamp" is only about redesigning your website, you're incorrect. Besides the website redesign, the copy of your website is equally essential to take your visitors to the next level in the buyer's journey.

Below are the top 5 website revamp tips for a high-converting website:

1. Your Website Revamp Should Make it Become Faster and More User-Friendly

What makes a website easy to navigate, and user-friendly?

  1. Home Layout

  2. Quick Access

  3. Home Location

  4. Credibility of Builder

The layout of your website needs to be user-friendly. Your website should adjust the design based on the device that users use. As per the IAB report, over 70% of users use a mobile device to navigate the website. Your website revamp, therefore, should include a mobile-friendly version.

Second, quick access to your website, meaning the load time of your website, is very important. Visitors might leave your site if it isn't accessible within a few seconds. According to the case study of online retail performance, even 100 millisecond delays caused a lower conversion rate. So, it is essential to use light-weighted content on your web pages. For instance, you should optimize your images to lower the overall size of your web pages. Reduce image sizes to increase site speed.

When it comes to the user experience, remember that most visitors don't like those annoying pop-ups at the wrong time and in the wrong place. You want to avoid making those mistakes on your website.

Make sure your website is on a secured protocol (SSL), so that users will not see that security warning when they visit your site. This makes visitors feel more comfortable on your site.

2. An Aesthetically-Pleasing, Eye-Catching Color Scheme

When it comes to the design of your website, you should carefully choose your color combination or color theme.

There is plenty of research and case studies that reveal how specific colors drives more conversions on your website. According to the research, the color is the primary reason that converts 84.7% of consumers to buy the products. And based on one of the case studies, an Orange Call-to-Action button produces 34% higher conversions than the Green button.

This is because the human brain responds differently to different colors.

You should be selective about the colors for all areas of your website such as the background color, text color, etc. If you're not sure what color to use, you can always perform A/B testing to discover the most optimal combination. Split testing allows you to see which colors are getting a better response from visitors.

3. Keep it Simple and Clean

Make the navigation of your website simple and easy to understand for visitors. Make sure to keep your navigation links and breadcrumbs relevant and visible at an appropriate location of your website.

Users will feel more comfortable on your website if it's not cluttered and it's therefore easier to navigate.

Besides navigation, make sure that the users are not skeptical about anything on your website. For instance, it's always better to clarify the "Why" when you need specific inputs from users. When you ask for their email address, for example, clarify why you need it. Explain that you won't use it for any other purpose, as that establishes trust.

Additionally, to resolve the objections of users, or to provide particular support instantly, you may want to use chatbot-based support over an FAQ. Visitors may not like to crawl through a bunch of questions and answers in the FAQ to find what they need. A chatbot tool, like Manychat, makes user interaction more effective. Some websites have both an FAQ and a chatbot, and this makes for the simplest visitor journey.

4. Website Revamp with Revamped Copy

Great copy makes a website come alive. Revamp your website by using compelling website copy that triggers the emotions of your visitors and persuades them to take action.

How can you figure out which emotions to nurture during your website revamp of the website copy?

The best way to achieve this goal is to hire a copywriter who understands your market, product, buyer's journey, and the target audience before writing compelling copy. Great copy is 80% research and 20% writing. An ideal copywriter, for instance, is an expert at discovering the answers to the following questions:

  • How do you build a buyer persona and discover a unique value proposition?

  • How do you write a short and simple, yet compelling headline which triggers the visitor's emotions?

  • How do you make the copy flow?

  • How do you craft an outstanding call-to-action?

  • What makes an offer irresistible?

5. Revamp Your SEO Strategy

As Google keeps changing its algorithms so frequently, now it has become advanced using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It's challenging to stand out on Google search results using those old methodologies like keywords and metadata. For your website to appear in Google search results consistently, you have to keep your content and website aligned with the latest SEO best practices.

To deal with this challenge during a website revamp plan, many business owners hire a copywriter along with an SEO expert to serve both purposes. Sometimes, you can even hire a professional SEO copywriter.

Hiring an SEO-friendly copywriter rather than a regular copywriter is in your best interest. SEO Copywriters not only write relevant copy based on your market and target keywords, but they also optimize the copy for search engine visibility. If you want to revamp your website and also improve SEO for your website, book a consultation with an SEO copywriter today.

Darshit Shah

Darshit Shah is a Copywriter with focus on marketing psychology and user experience, to help clients achieve record growths. He is hands-on in PPC Google AdWords and LinkedIn along with writing Copies of entire sales funnel. While working in Microsoft, he explored AI to Digital Marketing for accurate forecasting of Conversions and Call-to-Action rates, to reduce overall marketing cost.

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