6 Inconsistencies In Your Social Media Presence That You Need To Fix Right Away

Erica Gordon
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Establishing connections with consumers through social media presence is a vital aspect of any company’s marketing strategy. A great social media presence can provide a significant increase in brand visibility, and sales revenue. Being intentional about cultivating your social media content will greatly increase exposure for your brand and form relationships with your prospects.

With that said, generating good social media content is a more involved process than it appears. The smallest details, such as the time of day you post, or the number of hashtags you use, can make or break a customer's impression. In order to best gain and retain followers, you need to address the following 6 inconsistencies that might exist in your current social media presence:

1. You Don't Schedule Your Social Media Content

When establishing your social media presence, it’s important to post consistently, at around the same times of day. Generating a schedule of when you are going to post will allow you to remain consistent in your posting habits. Making sure your schedule is regular, even by posting at the exact same time each day, will make you seem more reliable to customers.

However, make sure your content does not seem too automated. Scheduling every Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram post can destroy the possibility of establishing a relationship with consumers. Breaking your schedule to respond to events and trends can create a sense of authenticity in your social media content.

In other words, if you do pre-schedule your posts at the same time each day, you can also add some extra posts at random times to surprise your followers.

2. Your Voice Is Not Consistent

The social media content you generate is what allows consumers to discover the voice of your company. Personifying your brand helps you form a positive connection with customers. However, it is easy to lose this connection if the voice of your posts isn't consistent. An easy way to keep this consistency is to have the same copywriter write your captions each time.

It’s difficult to present a social media presence with a consistent voice, if many different people are writing your social media content or captions.

A company that has successfully established a unique voice in its content is Denny's. The Denny's Instagram has become well known for its avant-garde posts that display its foods in unconventional ways. Remaining consistent in its sassy approach to social media has gained them a cult-like following among the Millennial and Gen Z population.

3. You Don’t Have a Theme

A viewer's first impression of a post is based more on visual appeal than written content. Simple details such as a page's color scheme can be attractive to the eye and lead to more views. Similarly, when utilizing Facebook or Instagram stories, you want to be consistent when using fonts, colors and pictures. Keeping your social media content visually consistent not only looks nice, but it also gives an impression of professionalism and attention to detail. A color theme, for example, contributes to an attractive social media presence.

4. You Underuse or Overuse Hashtags

Including hashtags in your content can be very important, especially for small businesses to get their posts more views. Posts with hashtags are more likely to be seen by non-followers, allowing new businesses to gain traction within new audiences. However, you need to pay attention to the number of hashtags you are using. The sweet-spot is often two or three per caption -- more than this can overwhelm and divert potential readers.

Successful media pages also utilize trendy hashtags to connect with their target audiences. For example, creating posts for Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday (#TBT and #FBF) allows you to post retro designs, slogans, and logos. These posts generate a positive sense of nostalgia, especially within an older audience.

If you want to add more hashtags, add them in a comment, not in the caption itself. This trick allows your caption to remain de-cluttered, but your post will still show up in searches for whatever hashtags you add to the comment.

5. You Don’t Optimize Your Social Media Presence for Different Platforms

With so many social media sites available, it is important to supply content to multiple platforms. You need to maintain a consistent social media presence on at least the main three platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, what you post on Facebook will not resonate as effectively when posted to Instagram or Twitter. You need to spend time making multiple versions of your posts, each optimized for its intended platform.

As an example, the content Denny's posts to Instagram differs from that of its Twitter. Their Instagram account relies mainly on visual content, such as pictures of their food alongside visual puns. However, their Twitter posts integrate both visual and written content. Although these efforts take more work, the positive reactions they receive from viewers pay off.

6. Your Content is Not True to Your Brand

After establishing consistency within your social media content, you need to remain true to the message you have put forth. It may be tempting to try to capitalize on the trends of other companies. However, if these trends oppose what your viewers expect from your content, they can become confused, or you could lose their trust.


The exposure your company generates through a consistent social media presence can make or break your marketing campaign. If your content is inconsistent in quality, you will appear unprofessional and drive away possible consumers. However, an eye for detail will allow access to the full potential of social media. Here are 6 inconsistencies in your social media content to fix:

Problem #1: You don't schedule your social media content. (You need to post at the same time every day.)

Problem #2: Your voice isn't consistent. (Establishing a familiar voice creates a personal connection with consumers.)

Problem #3: You don't obey a visual theme. (Consumers react positively to visually attractive content.)

Problem #4: You underuse or overuse hashtags. (Hashtag use increases visibility, but overuse drives potential viewers away.)

Problem #5: You don't optimize content for different platforms. (Realize that different platforms require different forms of content.)

Problem #6: Your social media content isn't true to your brand. (Don't follow trends if they don't align with your brand's established message.)

To help fix these inconsistencies, consider hiring a social media copywriter today.

Erica Gordon

Erica Gordon is a lead strategist for Copywriters.com, an SEO content writer, blog writer and a copywriter. Erica has over a decade of experience writing for top tier publications such as Huffington Post, POPSUGAR, Elite Daily and Thought Catalog. You can follow Erica on Instagram @ericaleighgordon to say hi and see her full portfolio.

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