6 Lead Magnet Ideas That Will Capture Your Prospect's Attention

Erica Gordon
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Why should you spend the time to come up with great lead magnet ideas? For starters, lead magnets can often be huge sales drivers, allowing you to collect an impressive email list and interact with your customers frequently. By providing free value in a lead magnet, while subtly suggesting that your product or service is a necessity, sales should certainly follow.

What complicates execution, however, is deciding which lead magnet ideas will be the most effective for your product. Just think about the sheer number of possibilities. Lead magnet ideas seem to be endless. But what really works?

The First Consideration When Evaluating Lead Magnet Ideas

The way content is laid out - the format - is very important. In other words, prospects who engage with your lead magnet ideas are also demonstrating receptiveness to the format in which that information is given.

This, in turn, should give you a basis for deciding the best method of delivery for your magnet. The closer the formatting of your magnet to your paid content, the higher the chances are of a sale.

In other words, if you’re selling video content, offer access to a free video when someone gives you their contact information. This increases the likelihood of that prospect will buy your video content later.

Lead Magnet Ideas That Consistently Work to Generate Sales

The following are a few of the highest converting lead magnets that have worked for us and many of our clients.

1. Free Trials

If you’re selling a digital product or consumable, there is no better lead magnet than a free trial. Provided your product is priced well, and is extremely valuable, sales are all but guaranteed after a free trial.

Not only do free trials give your prospect a firsthand view of the actualized value proposition, but daily use or consumption can create a kind of dependence on the product. In other words, you'll get them hooked. This creates the incentive to pay for it once the trial is over.

Alternatively, including a paywall for certain aspects of your product can also be quite effective. Assuming the lite version is still reasonably functional, indicating the additional value of the full version can create sales before the trial is even over.

In this way, the free trial is one of the highest converting lead magnet ideas.

2. Quizzes

People like to be tested and love to learn about themselves. People find free quizzes irresistible. While that’s not to say SAT-length questionnaires are a viable option, short and compelling quizzes can be a powerful lead magnet. This is especially true if what you’re selling is information.

For instance, if you’re selling an online course, giving away a few secrets in exchange for having a client answer a few questions can be valuable.

Not to mention, the data you collect from the quiz itself can help you re-target those customers. That's definitely a win-win.

3. Templates

Most people want to do the least amount of work possible, which is why people love a free template. Templates save your prospect time. Depending on your product or service, providing a useful template for something otherwise open-ended can be one of the stronger lead magnet ideas.

The trick here is making sure that whatever you’re selling plays a similar role in reducing the prospect’s workload. If they successfully use your template, you're signaling that your other products will save them time and effort as well.

4. Checklists

Eliminating one’s uncertainty is valuable. That’s the idea behind providing a checklist as a lead magnet. Similar to quizzes, checklists with a bit of nuance can signal to a prospect their need for further education on the subject, or their need to hire someone else.

In this way, checklists are viable for businesses selling information, and those providing specialized services.

By utilizing your checklist to indicate the necessary next steps — which your business either provides or can help with — you’re able to give value to your prospect while highlighting the importance of whatever it is that you’re selling. This should make your value proposition highly attractive.

5. Free Advice

If your business is providing multiple services or products, free consultations can be uniquely powerful.

Although free advice-giving necessitates you (or an employee) actually spend time chatting with a prospect, doing so can give you an inside view of what they need, and how you can provide value.

When you understand your client’s specific situation, you won’t have to blindly pitch all of your services. Instead, you can push those relevant to them specifically.

Depending on the level of flexibility your businesses’ services allow for, free consultations also create another opportunity. One to make deals, packages, pricing, or programs tailored to the client, and thus more marketable to them.

6. E-Books

Easily the most common of lead magnet ideas, eBooks certainly have their place. Especially if your business provides information or services in a wide range of verticals, essentially giving away a methodology or strategy for one specific thing can be attractive to prospects, and more than worth giving their email or contact info for.  

If you make sure the content of the eBook warrants such a format, its utility will determine whether sales follow. Of course, eBooks will be particularly attractive if you’re selling written content.

What You Can Do With These Lead Magnet Ideas Today

By thinking about the format of what you’re selling, you can most effectively gauge which lead magnet ideas are most effective.

But arguably more important than the format is the quality of your content. Whether it's an e-book or an advice column you hope to produce, having a talented writer put it together is key.

Fortunately, you can hire a top copywriter today to make that happen. Contact us today to discuss how a copywriter can expertly craft your lead magnet to be absolutely irresistible.

Erica Gordon

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