6 Reasons Why Your Social Media Content Requires Copywriting Services

Justin Stewart
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I want you to imagine that it's a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and you’re stuck inside trying to improve your social media content. You’ve been staring at your screen longer than you’d prefer to. Writer's block starts to seep in, and your level of frustration is at an all-time high. All you want to do is think of some compelling copy that will convert social media followers into real customers.

Perhaps this isn't something you want to spend your valuable time on. Maybe other projects need more of your attention than writing copy for social media content. However, you know that your social media content requires good copy to convert social media users into customers, so you're not going to give up.

But what about hiring a social media copywriter to write engaging social media content that is high-converting and revenue-generating in nature?

You want to be the top dog in your niche right? Well so does everyone else, and social media content is King. Those who know that, use professional copywriting services to skyrocket their business toward success. I want you to succeed, and I want you to be the top dog in your niche.

You need people to trust your brand and believe in the heart of what you do. How do you plan on doing that without using a professional copywriter to sell and market your content?

According to a blog post on The Content Factory90% of marketers claim that marketing your social media content increases your business revenue. How? By selling with professional copywriting services. 

I’m about to share 6 reasons why you need copywriting services to improve your social media content:

1. Social Media Content: Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean

When you imagine going to the beach, either alone or with family, what color do you imagine that water is? Before you or anyone else decides to get into the water, do you make sure it’s safe to get into?

I hope your answers were blue, and yes I do!

You see when it comes to social media, the market is the ocean in a massive shark fest. You have countless businesses hunting for customers from every angle you could imagine. Before you know it the water bloody, and all the fish are gone. You’re left with little to no catch for the day, which means no money in your pocket. I like to call this area of the market, red ocean.

Often this is where the majority of businesses spend their time marketing on social media. Why? Because too many businesses use the same techniques and strategies to get customers. They’re too broad or generic with their niche.

Ocean Blue is Right for You

As a copywriter, our job is to steer you away from the red ocean. The red ocean is dangerous for you and your business. We dive deep into your market to see what is going on all around your industry niche.

The goal is to create a strategic plan that separates you from your competition, leading you into a “blue ocean.” Follow me so far?

For example, my job would be looking at your industry from every angle, and everything your competitors do too. I want you to be the unique, go-to expert in your field. My copywriting skills allow me to narrow down your target audience, and attract the right type of visitors to your content.

In a blue ocean, you have little competition and your uniqueness makes you the most attractive hook to bite! This type of market is a little more untapped and provides customers who are more eager to buy. Think about why you want your buyer to have what you’re selling. Understand who you’re trying to sell to, and how you’re going to stand out among the rest.

2. Your Content Combined With The Power of SEO

Your number one priority should be to get your content ranked well on search engines like Google, and therefore visible on Google.

To do that, we carefully place target keywords that your buyers are searching for in your content. Whether it be headlines, throughout the body of a text, or within your scripts, keywords are your best friend.

After all, copywriting is selling in print. So, we have to make sure everything is in place exactly where it needs to be. That means we have to make sure things like your content structure and readability are on point. Doing so will increase your content SEO, drive more inbound traffic, and organic traffic to your content.

All of this takes a lot of in-depth research, including keeping up with trends and any changes Google makes. This, of course, takes up a lot of time. We want to free that time up for you so that you can focus on other important matters. Having said that, this leads me to my next reason.

3. When it Comes to Social Media Content, Time is Not on Your Side

As a business owner or a marketing manager, you know how much time goes into creating social media content. You have to come up with ideas for pictures, videos, etc., not to mention the most important part, the copy.

I’ve discussed previously how much in-depth research we do as copywriters to make sure your content copy is top tier. To be quite honest, we didn’t even get to half of it. If you want to be number one in your industry, hours upon hours are necessary for the research, even days.

Let us take the heavy load off your shoulders so you can breathe for a minute. You have several social media accounts to cover with content, which can create loads of stress. You could spend time more practically, like running your business. Meanwhile, we take one for the team and put in the hard hours of research to execute killer copy! So relax, take a deep breath, and let us sell to your hungry customers.

4. Providing a New Lense For Your Social Media Content

An interesting quote by Oscar Wilde, “The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.” I’m not implying that you’re a pessimist, simply that you’re very close to the inside of your business. Being so close to the inside, it can sometimes limit your point of view.

As a copywriter, we can see things from a different point of view coming from an outside perspective. That allows us to look at your product, service, and target audiences at different angles

Many different people across all kinds of social media platforms see your content. Different platforms mean there are different ways you have to communicate with your audience. So, there’s a lot to know about your industry’s environment. Having different perspectives creates room for more knowledge, which leads to better communication.

5. Your Social Media Content Effects Platforms in Different Ways

One thing you have to understand is how your social media content communicates with platforms. How you would market your business on Facebook would be different than how you would do it on Twitter.

You have different kinds of audience members on each social media platform. Our job is to make sure we communicate with your audience. There are so many interesting and creative ways to produce content per platform.

I recommend using as many content platforms as you can to reach the widest audience possible. You choose the platform, and we’ll take care of the script!

6. Specific Skill Sets For Your Social Media Content

The best part of having a copywriter on your team is having specific skill sets. Yes, we have a good general knowledge of copywriting for many forms of content. But, we also specialize in certain forms of social media content.

You've heard the expression, “Jack of all trades, master of none" right? It’s indeed better to have a team of specialized copywriters working with you, who are masters at social media content because they specialize in it. This makes the projects work more efficiently, and each copywriter can bounce ideas off one another.

Having one copywriter trying to handle all your projects wouldn’t make much sense. A few specialized copywriters would finish your projects sooner, and give your content the right amount flare to succeed.


In today’s world of rapid online growth, you need copywriter services for your social media content. The world keeps moving forward and the internet keeps growing. It’s important that your business keeps up with the times, and takes advantage of using copywriters. We will make sure that you’re sailing in the right direction for your vision. We want you to succeed and take your business to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Relieve yourself of the pressure of coming up with social media content that converts, and give us a call to book a copywriter who can create your social media content.

Justin Stewart

Justin Stewart is a copywriter trained and certified the High-Income Copywriter Certification Program. He is also certified in Facebook Blueprint for Ad Policies, and certified in content / inbound marketing from HubSpot.com.

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