6 Proven Ways To Get More Business With Social Media Descriptions

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If you’re looking to get more business through your social media platforms, you must be careful of what you write. Whatever you publish will be a reflection of your business. If you’re careless in your posts, you might come off as a careless business owner to your audience.

Helvy Tiana Rosa, Indonesian playwright and writer once said, "You are what you write.”

So before you publish a caption on your Instagram posts, ask yourself, “Does it add value to my followers?” Or before you draft a description for your Facebook ads, ask yourself, “What’s in it for my readers?” Give your audience a reason to engage with your social media and click through what you have to offer.

Do you know how long your descriptions should be? Do you know what specific words can help you to convert more sales? What makes you unique from your competition on social media?

There’s much more to consider improving about your social media descriptions if you’re trying to get more business. It’s a smart idea to plan out what you’ll write before posting. If you take the time to do this correctly, you’ll be able to generate more leads for your business.

Here are 6 proven ways to get more business with social media descriptions:

1. Show Your Brand Personality

What's most important about your writing in your social media descriptions is your brand personality. Have you already established your brand voice and tone yet? You can get more business if you stay consistent with sounding like your brand. Your audience will be better able to distinguish your business from others. An easy way to keep this consistency is to have the same copywriter to help you write all of your descriptions.

Finding your brand voice and tone are essential. Your brand voice should represent your personality and style. Your brand voice is what helps you to engage your reader’s emotions. How do you want to sound like on social media? Do you want to sound casual or professional? Cheerful or serious? Informative or entertaining?

Be sure to write to the right audience. Knowing your audience will help you to understand how you should talk to them. You can start building a social media persona by doing some research on your market’s demographics. Don't assume that most people who use social media are a specific age group. It's better to do your due diligence and write in the language your market can understand and bond with.

For example, a 50-year old person viewing your social media might not appreciate abbreviations or the use of slang. Using emojis might seem unprofessional to certain people. Be sure to present yourself as the right business for the right market. Your goal should be to connect with your readers and get them to engage with your content.

2. Address Your Audience’s Pain Points

Your business is the solution to help certain people, but do you know what your audience’s problems and pain points are? Get specific when understanding your audience’s pain points. Once you get that part down, you’ll find the proper verbiage to use in writing your social media descriptions.

Your audience has an interest in paying for solutions to their burning problems. If you think you have what it takes to help them, then you will get more business by proving you understand what they’re going through. Your message will sound targeted, and it’ll bring more attention to your ads.

You can mention your audience's interests. What do they want to hear? You can mention some common pain points. What are the typical problems your current clients are going through? Perhaps most of your leads are facing similar problems, and you need them to know your services can help.

When you’re writing your social media description, use this formula to help you:


First, you have to identify a problem that your audience relates to. Then, show your audience how you can solve their problems if they decide to go with your services. Lastly, you can accompany your description or ad with graphics or a video so show what actions your audience should take next.

3. Write What You’d Want People to Share

Do you know how you can grow your engagement for your social media ads? What will more likes, comments, shares, and clicks do for your business? Everyone can post on social media, but the best copywriters will know how to write for each social media platform that you want to build your following on. These copywriters will also help you to grow your engagement.

You can get more business if what you’re writing is worth sharing. This means writing the type of content that’ll get people to talk about your posts. People will want to share your content if your ads do this:

  • Deliver value.

  • Express and define who your audience is.

  • Feel connected to the reader.

  • Make them feel valued.

  • Support a cause.

When you include these reasons in your writing, your audience will find it valuable enough to either share with someone they know who can benefit from your content or become a new lead themselves. Your content will be worth paying attention to. Soon enough, your readers will stir up conversations and get more people to notice you. So before you publish any posts or ads, ask yourself, “Why would someone want to share this?”

4. Say More While Writing Less

Sometimes writing a lot in your descriptions doesn’t always mean it’s good writing. Most likely, your readers don't have the time to read everything. You can get more business by getting the same point across with fewer words. Also, your ad's readability will increase if it attracts the reader's eye because it seems easy enough to read.

You should remove any unnecessary words or phrases from your writing. Lose as much as you can while keeping the same intent behind your message. It's more effective to write in a clear, concise way for people to understand faster.

Especially when you’re writing for social media, you need to keep away from long descriptions as much as you can. Some platforms may limit you to a specific number of characters. For example, Facebook only allows you to write up to 63,206 characters. Your engagement may decrease if your description nears the limit.

5. Use Hashtags to Get More Business

Another way you can get more engagement in your social media is by using hashtags. You can incorporate the appropriate hashtags into your sentences so more people will find you. You can also maximize SEO by using target keywords in your hashtags and throughout your writing.

Not only will hashtags help you to expand your reach, but they can also help you to build on your brand and establish a community. Hashtags are keywords that people are searching for in your industry. Your posts could get in front of your target audience if you use these tags. Be sure that your hashtags are relevant and don’t overuse too many in one description.

Let’s imagine you wanted to create a challenge for your audience. A hashtag you could use is “#BestCaptionChallenge.” This type of hashtag (especially if it’s trending) could help you raise more engagement since there will be people who may want to take part in the challenge too. When other people click on this hashtag, it will lead to your post. That’s how you can get more people to discover your business.

6. Craft The Best Responses

Other than writing the best descriptions for your social media, you should craft the best responses too. Sometimes you’ll have readers commenting on your ads, and your response will decide if they move forward or not in their buying decisions.

Your responses will prove you’re interacting with your audience and answering their needs. There might be questions your readers have if they were unclear about what you’ve written or your services. You have a chance to clarify your message by responding to people.

Remember to always stick with your brand voice. Readers want to know it’s still you who’s behind the message, and you care for them. Keep your responses friendly and informative. Never allow negative emotions in your posts, or they'll create a dark mood on your page. If there’s a complaint, you can reply in a private message.

People don't buy because of logic. They buy because of their emotions. You should politely respond to your audience and treat them as if they want to buy from you. They’ve shown some interest by commenting on your post, so this is your chance to generate leads and get more business.


You can get more business by tweaking your social media descriptions. We’ve listed 6 proven ways you can increase your success with social media writing. The popularity of social media has been rising over the years, which makes the competition more fierce in your industry. To set yourself apart from other agencies, you need to make sure your social media posts are what your audience will likely share with others.

Remember to be mindful of what you write and show you can help people with your services. If you’re able to speak to your market in their language, you’ll be generating more leads. And if you’re looking for someone to assist you in writing your social media descriptions, you can hire a copywriter here.

Carrie Huang

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