6 Ways To Create Landing Pages That Stand Out From Your Competitors

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Unique landing pages are key when it comes to standing out from your competition.When you have direct competitors offering similar products and services at similar prices, how can you gain a competitive advantage? How can you make sure you’re generating great leads with unique landing pages that convert? 

Whether it’s a website homepage or a Facebook ad, begin your plan with your end goal in mind. What action do you want readers to take once they read your landing page copy? Creating landing pages that convert is a specific goal that copywriters like to keep in mind before they ever start writing the copy.

Keep your offer consistent and clear, add value for consumers, and you will have a winning combination that increases sales and maximizes your return on investment. Below are 6 ways to create landing pages that stand out from your competition:

1. Keep SEO in Mind

Before your landing pages can grab people’s attention, you have to get them to see it and click on it. SEO is important and continues to stand the test of time because it works. SEO is all about predicting what people are searching for when they’re looking for your services. HubSpot, one of the world’s highest-rated sales software companies, says SEO is still the top marketing priority for businesses. Like it or not, your copywriters need to be well-versed in SEO best practices.

2. Show Social Proof on Your Landing Pages

Social proof is the idea of normative social influence, a psychological idea that people want to conform or be accepted by others. 

This means if they know other companies have used your services or you’ve been written up in credible publications, they believe you. Social proof fosters trust in consumers.

This can come in the form of testimonials, reviews from experts, or logos of well-known brands that have used your services. If you have a lot of followers on social media, be sure to post those numbers, as that also fosters trust.Add these elements to your landing pages to see a huge jump in conversions.

3. Great Copy on Landing Pages

Copy on landing pages has one important job: convert readers to customers. This type of writing is known as conversion copy and it is the base of every successful website. You can hire a remote copywriter who specializes in writing conversion copy and leave it to a professional.

Landing pages should start with a great headline if you want to stand out. The headline leads to some eye-catching images and then a compelling call-to-action. Your headline should be short, strong, and very clear, with no more than 10-15 words. 

Try using numbers and/or power words to evoke emotion in your site visitors, such as “unlock,” “challenge,” or “effortless.”

4. Write a Compelling Call-to-Action

The best way to convert readers to buyers is to have a strong call-to-action (CTA). Whether that is “Download our Free Resource,” “Start a Free Trial,” or “Subscribe to my Email List,” your call-to-action must be clear and give visitors a reason to click.

Your CTA can be almost anything, as long as it is adding value for the consumer. Why should they subscribe to your list? Why should they start a free trial? 

5. Clean and Simple Landing Page Design

Your landing pages need to be designed so that they’re easy to navigate, clean and easy to read. Keep it simple.

 If you have too many competing elements, your reader won’t know where to focus and it starts to look muddy. Avoid having multiple moving elements or videos crammed into the top of the page.

Start with one specific image or animation, the headline, sub-headline, and one call to action. Pick complementary colors or use just one color plus white for an easy-to-view page, adding a pop of color where you want the reader to focus: the call-to-action.

6. What’s In It For The Prospect?

One of the most important elements of successful landing pages is talking to the reader. Don’t make it all about “me,” “we,” and “I.” Instead, use the “you” pronoun in your landing page copy, and discuss the benefits the reader will get from using your services. How will your services directly benefit them and their company? How will your services help the prospect reach their goals?In general, never forget to include the major benefits for the prospect, directly in the landing page copy.

Remember that every potential client is always asking themselves, “What’s in it for me?” Tailor your landing pages to speak directly to the consumer and tell them why they need to take action.


Landing pages need to be clean, simple, tailored, and start with a specific end-goal in mind. You must have great copy using the right keywords, have a clear call-to-action, an eye-catching and simple design, show social proof, and tell the consumer how your services will benefit them. Do these six things and your landing pages will certainly stand out from your competition. To learn more about how a professional copywriter can improve your landing page copy, contact us today to learn about our sales copy packages.

Stephen Zhao

Stephen Zhao is a copywriter, an editor, and is part of the Copywriters.com team. He has a background in sales and marketing.

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