6 Ways Your Agency Can Use Email Writing Services to Nurture More Leads

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Many people wonder: Are email writing services still relevant today? According to Shanebarker.com, there are currently about 4 billion email users worldwide. And the number will continue to rise. But there’s more: Email as a marketing strategy offers you a return on investment of $44 for every single dollar you invest.

To increase your agency’s investment, use these general tips and email strategies to nurture your leads.

Some General Tips on Email Writing Services

When you're choosing email writing services, you should keep some tips in mind about email writing in general.

First, your newsletter must offer a clear way to unsubscribe from it. Consumers don’t like the feeling of signing up for something they can’t get out of if they change their minds.

Second, don’t forget to optimize your emails for mobile devices. According to emailmonday.com, up to 77% of all email is opened from a mobile device.

Third, don’t leave your email writing service to any copywriter. After all, you are hiring someone to nurture your precious leads to turn them into customers. If you "burn" your leads with unprofessional emails, those leads are gone forever.

Next, incorporate these 6 tips for using email to nurture more leads.

1. Write Subject Lines That Pull In Your Readers

Your email writing services have missed the point if your readers don't open your emails. Every day, there is a torrent of emails flooding your audience’s Inboxes. Standing out from these messages is no easy task. Don't underestimate how skeptical customers are today. If the subject line feels like spam or “junk” in the slightest, that email will go straight to the garbage bin.

The A-Pile/B-Pile Theory

Legendary direct-response copywriter Gary Halbert established the "A-Pile/ B-Pile Theory.” He explains that most people check their mail while standing next to their garbage can. Everything that seems in any way like advertising goes into the trash.

However, any mail from friends or acquaintances draw their attention and they open it. This is the effect you want to create with your emails: If your customers view your mail as junk, it will disappear in the giant B-Pile.

This means that you want to create A-Pile emails. To achieve this, you need to know your audience. The more you know about them, the better. This helps you to create subject lines that are relevant and interest them.

2. Write Personal Emails That Make Your Reader Feel Understood

A good email writing service needs to have a deep understanding of your readers’ pains and troubles. When your emails speak to your audience's pain points, you can make your message count. If your audience feels understood, they will think of something like this:

"Hey, if they know and understand my problems, they must have the solution as well!" The best copywriters make their audience feel like they are talking to a psychologist.

How can you make make good use of this insight? The most efficient solution would be to hire a professional copywriter. But one thing is very important: Make sure your message is not talking about yourself too much.

Email Writing Services Are All About Your Audience

People will only read emails that focus on their needs, not yours. In the end, email is all about creating a relationship with your customers. Your readers have an interest in how something will benefit them. So you need to show them how you can provide value.

Why is your solution exactly what they need to solve their problems? Spike your readers' interest by showing them how your services can relieve a deep pain in their lives.

3. Offer Content That’s Relevant to Your Audience’s Problems

Email writing services are best when they provide helpful, actionable content. Every time you hit ''send'', be sure that the recipient gains something useful and valuable. How do you do this? Serve your reader content and insight that's helpful and relevant to their problems. If the content you send out is not custom-tailored to their needs and wants, you might lose their interest.

Deliver High Value Content Through Your Emails

It's not a smart idea to give out ''free bait'' to get them to opt into your services. You should make it your goal to educate your audience on how to solve their problems. But at the same time, don't lecture them. Most successful marketing campaigns offer free trials, eBooks, PDFs or educational webinars.

According to digital marketing consultant Shane Barker, ''Fifty-four percent of marketers said that webinars are effective for converting and accelerating leads at the middle and late stages of the sales funnel. ''

4. Write Stories That Make the Reader Devour Your Emails

If your email writing service is willing to go the extra mile for you, they will make use of storytelling. Writing compelling stories is not always easy, even for experienced copywriters. But it's worth it. Good stories allow you to target even cold audiences.

Because of the way the brain processes stories, storytelling has a special power. Imagine that your reader is sitting by a fire and listening to the story in your email.

When you’re able to tell captivating stories, you are not just sending out emails anymore. You're actually entertaining your readers. Stories pull your reader in and they benefit from them. Most often, your reader will ask, ''What does this have to do with me?''

What Does This Have to Do With Me?

Make sure that the story has a meaningful moral to relate to your reader. There should always be some connection to what the reader is experiencing or having problems with. This ensures the reader takes away something beneficial from the story.

5. Write an Impactful Call to Action

The call to action is a concept your email writing service must be able to use. Your reader will have a hard time opting into your services if you don't provide a direct and clear call-to-action. When you use a call to action, make sure to streamline it for one explicit service or product only.

It's fine to include a call-to-action more than once but if each one has a different purpose every time, this concept loses all of its power.

Keep Your Message Clear

The reader should know what to do and how. If your reader has any uncertainties by the time they see your call-to-action, they will not opt in. Before that point, they should know what they can gain and what they can lose. The more there is on the “gain side” and the less on the “lose side”, the better for your conversion rate.

6. Split-Test Your Emails

Split-testing is something a good email writing service will do for you. This means that a marketing company will put your email out into the market and optimize your emails further. Of course, the idea is to put out the best email possible from the start. But once a copywriter has received some feedback from the market, they can see what areas to improve on.

How Your Email Writing Services Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

Can they spice up the subject line? Can they make the call-to-action even more inspirational? They will tweak different parts of your email marketing campaign to reach peak performance. The slightest tweak can upgrade the numbers of your metrics.

For example, they will analyze your email open rate, click-through rate, and their open-to-click-through rate. Can you see why split-testing is so important? That's the reason you should look for a professional copywriter to write your emails for you.


In short, your email writing services should be sending "A-Pile" emails with subject lines that grab your reader’s attention. They should offer valuable and relevant content for your reader.

One impactful way to do this is to use storytelling. Something that many people underestimate is the need for a clear and compelling call-to-action. Finally, your email writing service needs to split-test your emails to optimize their conversion rate.

If you're looking for someone to provide email writing services and nurture more leads, hire a copywriter today.

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Tomislav Winkler is a direct-response copywriter and marketing strategist from Berlin, Germany. He has a passion to write for the real-estate, gaming and financial investment industry. His mission is to write copy that helps businesses scale and make the world a better place.

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