7 Tips for Creating High Converting Landing Pages

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Having high converting landing pages is among the most important assets of your overall marketing strategy. Today’s buyers are more educated and skeptical than ever. That's why modern marketing strategies focus on offering value to potential customers, by providing useful content in the form of blogs, posts, videos, and other media.

Once your audience is “warmed up” and engaged with your content, they will eventually come to a point where they will take action - such as entering their email, subscribing to your service, or making a purchase.

Where all of this typically takes place is a landing page. You could see a landing page as a crossroad in your funnel. It’s where the action happens, where decisions are made - and where all the gold is buried.

Why High Converting Landing Pages Are So Important

Driving people to a landing page can be expensive. And nothing hurts more than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertisements, just to see people leave without taking action.

This can be very frustrating, and that's why it's crucial that you invest time and resources in getting your landing page right.

So, here are 7 basic tips you can use to create high converting landing pages.

1. Research Your Audience

Funnily enough, the first tip does not directly relate to high converting landing pages, but rather to your overall knowledge of your customers. You see, most business owners tend to focus too much on the words they are putting on paper. They should be concentrating their efforts on detailed research of their audience - which is to be done before writing your first word.

The problem is this: If you don't know who you’re writing to, how can you make sure that you are addressing the problems your readers are facing? If you’re not providing helpful solutions, your page won't convert.

I know it can be grueling, but give yourself time to get to know your audience. What problems are they facing? What keeps them up at night? How do their problems affect other areas of their life?

Every minute you spend here, you’ll be saving when it comes down to writing the actual copy of your landing page.

When doing your research, look for places where people are discussing your topic. You’ll be surprised that the best and most compelling copy is often found in a multi-page rant from an unsatisfied customer.

Yes, statistics, studies, and data are important, and you should include those in your text as well. Just don't underestimate the power of a heated discussion on Reddit or an angry customer review.

2. Have a Great Offer

Once you know your audience, you can create an outstanding offer that is tailored to your customers' needs.

If you offer something of true value to your customer,s it's going to be far more likely that they will purchase your product or service. At this stage, take a look at you competition and see how you can distinguish yourself.

Can you offer flexibility, where others are rigid? Is your product or service straightforward, while your competitor's is complex? Do you offer a strong guarantee?

Having a one-of-a-kind offer will be refreshing for your customers and it will also separate you from the competition. Of course, all of this will help with strong copy on high converting landing pages as well.

How? Well, it’s far easier to put your words where your mouth is if you're selling something that works and benefits your audience. You don’t need to repeat the same idea three times or fancy up your landing page with fancy language. Put the right offer in front of the right audience and reap your rewards.

3. Write a Strong and Compelling Headline

One of the most important elements of high converting landing pages is your headline. It’s the first thing your visitors will see and within a couple of seconds, they will decide if whatever you're saying worth their time. If your headline is bad, you’ll have a high bounce rate.

When it is good, however, you’ll see conversions ramping up. So make it count.

With this in mind, here are three proven blueprints for a killer headline:

How to headlines - Clean, basic and simple. “How to” headlines tell the reader without a fuss what your copy will be about and how they will benefit from reading it.

Imagine you want to surprise your family with a home-cooked meal for Christmas. “How to cook a ‘tradition-starting’ meal for Christmas - and have your loved ones ask for seconds” might just be exactly what you are looking for.

Profit-oriented headlines - We all want more. More time, more money, more leisure. In your headline, point out how your audience will benefit from using your product or service. If you did your research in advance, you’ll know exactly what your readers want to gain more of and you simply have to put it on paper. It can be that easy.

Avoiding a loss or negative experience - Equally, if not more powerful, are headlines that highlight how the reader can avoid a potential loss or negative experience. In his groundbreaking book Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman expands on this principle.

Picture the following scenario: You are given two options. You can either keep $5 that you already have or you can risk your money to gain an extra $5 with a 50% chance of an increase. In the second option, the chance of winning the money is equal to the chance of losing.

When given this choice, most people won't gamble and keep their money, simply because they don't want to risk the chance of losing.

So, when you take advantage of this fact and adjust your headline accordingly, it’s more likely that people will take the time to read what you have to say next.

4. Highlight Your Benefits with Bullets

When it comes to the body of your copy, there are many different techniques and styles you can apply to improve it. However, bullets are among the best tools for communicating features and benefits.

Why? They are simple and easy to write. Bullets are essentially a list, so you’ll spend a lot less time on making your text flow naturally. You don't need to provide fancy connector words between sentences and in the end, every bullet could stand alone, which saves you a lot of trouble while writing.

Unfortunately, many readers skim and scroll through your page and thereby often miss key information that is hidden in the text. But bullets stand out from plain text and immediately grab your reader's attention. This reduces the chances this information will be missed.

Bullets give a compact overview. One question every potential buyer asks is, “What is in it for me?” Bullets provide the perfect place for your answers to this question. With bullets, you can summarize everything your customers need to know in one part of your page. This saves time for anyone who’s in a hurry, and let's be honest - that’s almost everyone these days.

5. Tell Your Readers What to Do Next

Now that you’ve invested your time and energy into creating high converting landing pages, it’s time to ask the reader to take action. If you’ve gotten your readers to read until the end, good job! Remember, the whole point of high converting landing pages is to drive your prospect to take the desired action.

Let's not mess it up at the last step. To complete your high converting landing pages, take your time to come up with a great call-to-action (CTA).

Depending on what you’re asking from your visitors, your CTA might be as simple as “order now” or “enroll now”. But if appropriate, you can also become more creative and use more conversational CTAs like “Yes, show me how to unlock my inner potential." Whatever you choose, make sure that you communicate clearly what you want your prospect to do, because you don’t want to confuse your reader. A confused mind never buys.

6. Hire a Professional Copywriter

Creating high converting landing pages can take a lot of time and work. You have to do research, write the copy, and once the page is up and running, you should regularly tweak your copy to see if you can maximize conversions.

If you are truly enthusiastic about writing and you’re confident in your copywriting skills, you’ll have a good time creating your landing page. However, some business owners would rather spend time developing new products, helping clients, or simply enjoying a vacation with their family.

If that is you, you should consider hiring a professional copywriter. A professional will help you set up your page and create all the copy you need to achieve a high conversion ratio. When looking for a copywriter, make sure to hire someone from a credible source like Copywriters.com. Look for someone who specializes in your industry and who is specialized in landing page copy and you’ll see the best return on your investment.

7. Show Them Social Proof

Use social proof! I can't stress this point enough. Social proof is so powerful because what other people say you is infinitely more powerful than anything you could say about yourself. Social proof can come in many shapes or forms and here are some examples you could use:

  • Customer reviews

  • Past business ventures

  • Endorsements of thought leaders

If you can get your hands on social proof, you should include it on your landing page. Just make sure it’s relevant to what you’re trying to achieve.

Social proof gives your customers a glimpse at the results and experiences of past buyers. That creates enormous trust and helps them to reach a decision more easily.

Bonus Tip: Display Attention-Grabbing Images

We all know the proverb, “A picture says more than 1000 words” and although this statement may be old, it still holds true today. In fact, an article by Forbes credits much of the success of Instagram and Pinterest to their high focus on visual content.

And when you stop and think about it, it makes a lot of sense. It can take several minutes to go through a text, while looking at a picture literally can be done in the glimpse of an eye.


Creating high converting landing pages are a powerful marketing tool and you should definitely take advantage of this fact. Since you're probably spending valuable advertising dollars to drive traffic to your landing page, you should take the time to create a landing page that actually converts as intended.

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