7 Ways Great Copywriting Will Boost Your Marketing Strategies Before You Launch Your Business

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When launching a new business, you'll soon realize right away how important smart marketing strategies are for your success. Getting started can be exciting. It can also test your nerves and your courage. You may be fighting the fear of failure. Have you seen the statistic that 66% of new small businesses shut down within their first 10 years? I imagine you would like to be among the ⅓ of surviving businesses that last past their launch. If that is the case, do you wonder why and how ⅓ of businesses succeed and grow?

The short answer is preparation and innovation. Statistics show 33% of new businesses succeed for a reason. They begin implementing ideas before and during their launch to be able to grow right away. At the very least, they remain flexible in their methods of doing business. Companies that prefer to remain rigid in their marketing strategies while waiting to see how the business grows are usually unsuccessful ones. To give your business a greater chance to thrive, adopt the ideas that have proven successful in your market in a timely way.

Before you complete a transaction with your first customer, your business has no cash flow. It's not a good idea to pump capital into a product that you have created while hoping and praying that sales will come. It’s better to innovate. Create a market first. Through market research, you can poll your customers for feedback on how good of a product or service you are offering. Or ask them what type of product they would like to buy if it became available.

To make all this happen, it’s a good idea to spread your message on key social media sites. You should also take advantage of email and messaging. You will need to make use of tools such as focus groups and market surveys.

Do you have a website, a newsletter, or even a blog? Then you have some of the best tools available for your launch. If not, then a well-designed landing page describing the product or service works well to get started.

Start by joining or registering on a social media platform. After that, you may think to yourself, “What type of message should I create for my Facebook or Instagram? How will I spread the word on LinkedIn? What should I say on my video scripts on YouTube?”

1. Identifying Your Market and Knowing How to Build Your Marketing Strategies

Defining your marketing strategies requires starting off with detailed research... very thorough research. Then you need to craft a compelling message using the information you find. That message is best identified by knowing your market’s psychological pain points. This is all a lot to think about and create. Don’t struggle by trying to do it all yourself.

You should consider that professional copywriters embrace the upfront work of thorough research. They know how to use the right type of emotional trigger words to reach the heart of your audience. They also know how to help you customize your message. This then allows you to focus your marketing strategies in the areas that matter.

Once you have your research figured out, what should you work on next?

2. What Problem Are You Solving and How Will Your Customers Discover Your Solution?

Ruth Stafford Peale, the wife of the Reverend Norman Vincent Peale, said it best with the phrase: 

“Find a need and fill it.”

Get right down to the heart of the problem which your customers have. Don’t be shy about digging deep. You waste time and effort by trying to create a solution for a problem that only you think may be relevant. Make your marketing strategies easier by finding out exactly what your buyers want.

“The market is king.”—Dan Lok

If the market is king, then you’ll need to continue digging a little deeper to understand it. You should also figure out your potential clients’ external influences. Where do they get their information? Who are they listening to?

Leaning on a great copywriter to find out this information for you is a brilliant way to ease your burden. That’s because copywriters live to research and explore the workings and psychology of the market. They use that information to write the vital message you need to move forward to the next stage of the process.

3. “Testing, Testing…” Have You Prepared the Right Message?

Now that you have an idea about what to say, it's time to put it in place and check your progress. You need to test the authenticity of your sales message and marketing strategies.

Remove the guesswork about the demand for your product with a landing page. You can only find out if you are ready to launch when you get proof via purchases from the market. This is a great time to run ads as well.

Raving fans are not customers until they buy.

With a skilled copywriter on your side, you can expect that the landing page and ads are well taken care of. You may be wondering, “What if the landing page and ads are not performing as expected?” The copywriter will also continue to look for the best message to use. They test and retest while using proven techniques for the marketplace. Their goal is to find a winning message and campaign that provides the results you need. 

Next up to tackle: the dreaded element of competition.

4. Is the Solution You Are Offering Already in Use in a Similar Way by Someone Else?

During the initial research for your marketing strategies, there is a good chance that this question has come up a few times. Or it should have come up. Is your target product already on the market? Have you made an effort to set yourself apart from your competition?

Advisers may tell you that it would be a bad idea to market what is already available.

Yet, you may feel that your calculations show there indeed exists possibilities. Even for a current and active product.

If that is the case, make use of the services of a professional copywriter to help you create a unique mechanism. This is something that helps you stand out. It increases the appeal of your product or company in a crowded market.

For example, a copywriter can help you create a mechanism that can:

  • Remarket your version of an existing product to a new market

  • Reinvent the usage that a product provides

  • Market a product to B2C which was created for B2B and vice versa

  • Help you partner with another company so they can use features that have not been used before

Such a unique mechanism may also be for a product that improves upon anything else already on the market. (Think iPhone at its initial launch when it had technology that was 5 years ahead of other smartphones.)

The work to prepare for your launch seems to be moving along very well! Are you ready to begin creating and strengthening your brand?

5. Speaking Together with One Great Big Voice

At this point, you can begin to create a consistent brand message within your company before launching the product. Have you thought about how to define the culture by which your company will identify? Because whether the company is only you, or you have several employees, the market only sees one entity. Marketing strategies with a consistent message makes it easier to define your brand early on.

Copywriters tune into learning the tone of your message. Then they dedicate their skill to help shape your brand. They enjoy learning your “tone” and your “voice” to convey an authentic message to your clients. For the best results, they will continue testing. Then they recreate the message until it produces the required output. This also applies to all marketing levels, including after launch.

6. Implementation of the Game Plan

During final preparation, the time soon comes to assemble the tools for the launch. Next, create ads, coupons, and incentives, to take the word about your business or product from a whisper to a roar. Test and retest the message. Measure engagement. Get feedback. Refine and retest.

The best course to take in creating these tools is to find existing, winnings ads, coupons, and more. Then take the essence of the message from those winners to create your own material.

Yet again, you’ll find that great copywriters shine at creating this type of material. They enjoy seeing ads come to life and converting for you. They relish it pretty much in the same way you enjoy seeing your market grow and become engaged with the work you have done.

7. Let the Market Become One with Your Message

Your marketing strategies will enjoy a final push with one other important tool: storytelling. Be able to relay your story in a way that can be woven into your message. You never know. Your clients may relate very well to the reasons you created the business. Maybe they'll even relate more than to the business or product itself.

Copywriters are professional storytellers. They know how to carve out that story for you. Then you can happily distribute it to the marketplace. After that, you should measure the feedback. You can begin moving forward with refinements and improvements once you have the results.


Launching your new business or product requires lots of good research and preparation. To grow and sustain the business once you launch, it requires innovation and flexibility.

You should note:

To stand out and survive, you need to make use of the best resources available for your product and business marketing strategies. Advertising tools and social media sites are at your disposal as your resources. To maximize the use of those tools, it's not necessary for you to become a multi-talented expert.

Professional copywriters are your greatest assets for taking advantage of these tools and resources. They work within your vision to help you launch your business. They also have the skills to help you stay current with the growing market trends and the changing needs of your clients.

Our team of professionals is available to help you get started and continue to grow on your business journey. Contact us and begin working with one of our expert copywriters today.

Maxwell Mapuranga

Maxwell Mapuranga is a copywriter with a background in digital marketing, sales, and closing. He also has over a decade of experience in healthcare both from the customer side, as well as vendor perspective.

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