7 Ways Marketing Managers Can Find Freelance Writers for Direct Response Campaigns

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If you stumbled upon this article, you’re most likely looking to find freelance writers. Perhaps you have some big event or new product launch?

Whatever exciting thing your business has brewing, you know the importance of setting up a direct response campaign. You know you need writers—good writers—who will speak to your audience in a way that whips their credit cards right out of their wallets! And you also know the sooner you start looking, the better.

Of course, it would be ideal to hire someone who’s already brought you phenomenal results. But if they were available, you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?

So, what are some ways to find these freelance writers to craft your next winning campaign?

As the title suggests, I’m going to lay out 7 different ways to find your new marketing genius. While you’ve probably already thought of some of these, others may just surprise you. Or you might discover a new perspective.

Without further ado, here we go:

1. Captain Obvious

The first way is a Google search for “hire direct response writer.”

Chances are you’ve already started your Google research, which brought you here in the first place.

So the only thing I’d really insert here is a word of caution about the kinds of websites where writers are bidding for your business. If a potential copywriter is offering their services for five bucks, is there really any incentive for them to overdeliver?

There’s not much else to say about this one except “Welcome to the rabbit hole!”

2. Let Big Brother Find Freelance Writers for You

Did you know that your smart devices are eavesdropping on all your conversations? Smartphones, Amazon Alexa, even voice messages you send on Facebook are all listening in.

No, this isn’t some conspiracy theory—this is fact. Here are some articles that will make you think twice before you think out loud! And here’s how you can make Alexa go deaf.

But back to our real concern—finding that dream freelancer... and using Big Brother to your advantage.

It could be as simple as talking to your coworker about it. As long as you’re within earshot of your smartphone, it shouldn’t be long before you receive a plethora of ads for copywriters!

Especially now that you’ve already begun your Google search, you can expect plenty of freelance writers to start marketing to you. (And the longer you stay on this page, the more you’ll discover Copywriters.com ads!)

Now, how can you take full advantage of all the hard work the internet is doing on your behalf? Start paying attention to the ads because you’re seeing direct response skills in action.

No more asking for sample writing. No more guessing if their stuff works. Just choose which one did the best job convincing you! How does it get any easier than that?

3. Who Wrote That?

Another interesting way to find freelance writers is to look at your competitor’s direct response marketing campaigns. Or not just competitors—really, any marketing campaign from someone in your industry, whose clientele are similar demographics.

Was there an ad that caught your attention? (Maybe you even signed up for one of their lead magnets, just to snoop on them?)

Well, if their ad caught your attention, and you liked the flow of the marketing funnel, and enjoyed their email sequences…guess what?

Someone wrote that.

That “someone” might have been a team. Maybe one person wrote the ad, someone else did the graphic design, and another person wrote the emails. But regardless, what if you contacted the company and asked who wrote that campaign?

If there was a particular element you liked, you could even get as specific as, “Who wrote those video scripts?”

Of course you run the chance of them not wanting to share their secret with you. However, if they’re truly successful, they likely have a spirit of generosity. How so?

As the national bestseller The Go-Giver demonstrates, giving is the secret to success!

“Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interest first.”—Bob Burg and David Mann, co-authors of The Go-Giver

So keep your eye out for campaign styles that could work for your direct response marketing campaign. And asking “Who wrote this?” may just help you find freelance writers!

4. Go Old School for Modern Tech

Remember back in the day, when we used to turn to people, not technology, for recommendations?

If you know other marketing managers or business owners, how about asking who they used? And, of course, if they were happy with them? Not just with the end results, but also happy with the communication and meeting deadlines?

And if you don’t have any personal connections, you could always fall back on asking around on LinkedIn. As in, don't go straight for the copywriter’s profiles. Rather, ask other marketing managers for recommendations.

Their experience might even open your eyes to questions you would have never thought to ask a potential freelance copywriter. And they alert you to red flags you can catch before it’s too late.

Always remember: just because you find freelance writers using this ancient method doesn’t mean they’re not a tech wizard! They may just know how to utilize every last bit of technology to reach your people. Or be part of an awesome team who leaves the genius to do what they do best: write.

5. Where to Spread the Word?

Well, there probably isn’t really a bad place to spread the word when you want to find freelance writers. For instance, if your business has a physical location, you could even take advantage of community listings like Craigslist and Kijiji. (Sure, you might have to sift through the onslaught of responses, but you might find some real talent buried there!)

Then there are job websites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Those at least do some sort of screening, saving you time and headache.

And did you know some direct response copywriting courses have private job boards for their graduates? For example, American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) has a great reputation. Talk about an amazing hotspot of high quality copywriters!

6. “Like Attracts Like”

When spreading the word on social media, consider the Law of Attraction: “Like attracts like.” (And in our case, the “likes” are quite literal!)

Here’s a tip: spread the word on the same platform you plan on using for your ads.

For example, if you need someone to write Facebook ads, make a Facebook post. If you’re mostly using Instagram for your campaign, use Instagram to let writers know you’re looking for them.


While it’s not foolproof, chances are this is where they’re hanging out. And they’d be most familiar with the kinds of ads and posts that do well on that platform. They have firsthand knowledge of the type of people using that platform.

When you find freelance writers on the social media platform you plan on advertising with, it’s probably also more fun for them. (Imagine getting paid to play around on your favorite site.) And having fun doing what’s easy and intuitive for them could translate into getting a job done faster.

7. Captain Obvious’s Doppleganger

As weird as it feels to state another obvious point, what kind of copywriter would I be if I didn’t insert a plug for Copywriters.com?

  • Our copywriters’ mindset is to provide extreme value and generate as much revenue for you as possible.

  • We take our reputation seriously so only the best of the best are considered for projects.

  • Within this cream-of-the-crop, we choose only the best for your niche and unique needs. Someone who is passionate about your offer, and intimately knows your target market.

  • Our writers come with a whole team to meet all your needs so each part of your direct response marketing campaign is handled by a pro specializing in that part.

  • Our writers are the ones currently up-to-date with “compliance copy”, meaning you’ll never have to risk your ad account getting shut down again!

So if you want to find freelance writers who will promote you as shamelessly as we promote ourselves... all of the above makes Copywriters.com your one-stop shop!


Just to recap the 7 ways marketing managers can find freelance writers for direct response campaigns:

  • Google search “hire direct response writer.”

  • Talk about it near your smart devices, and let the copywriters find you. Then just choose your favorite one.

  • When you see any campaign you like, find out who wrote it.

  • Ask other marketing managers for recommendations.

  • Spread the word on community listings, job websites, or private job boards for copywriting courses.

  • Post your offer on the same social media platform where you plan on doing the bulk of your advertising.

If you like what you’ve been seeing here so far, consider hiring us. We will match you up with a writer—or a whole team—for guaranteed results.

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