7 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Marketing To Get More Sales On Your eCommerce Store

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Some people think Instagram marketing is easy. Everyone knows it's smart to have an Instagram account for your online eCommerce store, but not everyone knows how to maximize Instagram's potential to drive sales. People are very visual when they're deciding to buy a product, and Instagram is a fantastic visual tool.

An Instagram account allows you to share pictures and information about your products. You can entice users to buy your product with a fantastic photo of it, and the caption could include a story about the product, or the product description. The people who follow you might love your pictures, and then love your online store. The better your photos, the more followers you get, and more followers often leads to more real-life customers.

But what if your Instagram profile feels more like a ghost town? What if you're having trouble getting your audience to engage or react? What if you showcase photos of your winning products, but hardly anybody leaves likes or comments?

Engagement is such a vital part of Instagram marketing. Still, it’s a challenge to get it right.

Your Instagram Engagement is the Number One Metric That Determines Your Sales

Instagram engagement shows you how much your audience cares about your content. This is key in increasing your sales and improving customer relationships.

Of course, you could always push for more engagement through Instagram's paid advertising.

However, organic sales have so much potential. If you know how to play by Instagram's rules, you can get more organic engagement without paying.

Getting Your Audience to Engage With Your Content and Take Action

If you can get more engagement on your Instagram profile, the Instagram algorithm will pick you up faster. That means your content gets put in front of more eyeballs, which results in higher sales.

Engagement is also important if you consider working with influencers. For them, engagement is like the holy grail. To stay popular on Instagram, a loyal audience is vital, and top influencers work hard to maintain a loyal following.

Content that increases your interactions should be a core part of your Instagram marketing strategy. If it’s not working for you right now, don’t worry. Below are 7 ways to improve your Instagram marketing efforts, engage your audience, and make more sales:

1. Your Content Should Hit Emotional Triggers

Purchases and sales are driven by emotion. So, it only makes sense to include emotional marketing in your Instagram strategy. Use emotion in images, and emotional trigger words in the caption copy.

Nowadays, more and more people are checking social media to learn exciting news, or read something that aligns with their current emotions.

Forbes discussed this phenomenon in 2018, and the rise of social media continues. The phenomenon is that people are now using Instagram as their source for news.

While your graphics will be responsible for grabbing your follower’s attention, your loyal customers will absolutely read your copy. If your copy is good, they’ll come back for more.

Tell interesting stories in your Instagram captions, give great advice, lay out some unique facts, and ask engaging questions. Those are the top things that will get you more engagement from your audience. When you showcase products from your store, for example, don’t make it a pure advertisement. Tell a story.

Find a way for your audience to resonate with it and react to it. Is there a story behind this product? Find the emotion in your winning products and sell them on that.

You can also include testimonials in your Instagram marketing copy.

If you don't have a lot of testimonials yet, you'll have to come up with your own compelling copy. Learning to write compelling copy yourself is a lot of work, though. It eats away your precious time. You may want to look into hiring a copywriter.

If you decide to hire a freelance content writer to write your Instagram copy, make sure to get somebody with the right skills. An untrained person could produce negative results, and negatively affect your Instagram marketing.

2. Have Some Fun With Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are such a great way to engage your audience, because they can be a lot of fun.

You can ask questions, have quizzes or let your followers vote on things. It’s simple, easy and instant. It’s such a great tool to entertain your audience. Your stories are also an effective way to build trust with your followers.

“Engagement is no longer relegated to in-feed posts. It now includes metrics such as Story replies, views of IGTV episodes and Story mentions.” - Jenny Chen

For your Instagram marketing strategy, you definitely want to post Instagram stories frequently. Use different sticker tools. Show the use of your winning products. Make it personal and interesting, and have fun with it.

3. The Power of Your Audience's Network: Make it Shareable

Besides comments, shares are a powerful tool for more engagement on your Instagram profile. What other people say about you is the most effective advertising. And, when people share your posts, that's free advertising.

Shares on social media are like the modern version of word-of-mouth.

Naturally, you would want your audience to share your content with others. But what types of things do people share? How do you get your audience to share your content? People love to share light-hearted humor, and relatable posts. Quotes and behind-the-scenes pictures are popular.

When you map out your Instagram marketing ideas, consider using inspirational quotes. Find any that align with your brand.

4. Engaging Images: Pay Attention to Aesthetics

As an Instagram marketer, you have to think like a chef. Your food can taste heavenly. Still, if it looks bad, nobody will want to eat it. What does that mean for your products? Maybe you have a winning product in your store. But you have to present it in a way that appeals to your audience.

Instagram is an image-driven platform. Your images, however, need an aesthetic appeal. Try using a color theme to stick to, or a style of lighting, or backgrounds to always use to be consistent. With so many profiles on Instagram, your images also have to be captivating and of professional quality.

In a 2019 study from Teo, Leng, and Phua entitled “Marketing on Instagram”, the correlation between perceived image quality and purchase decisions was studied. Their study has shown: when users saw pictures with higher quality, their purchase intentions were also higher.

So, make sure to include high-quality photos of your products in your Instagram marketing strategy. Use a professional camera if you have to, because this is important.

5. Use the Instagram Name Field to Your Advantage

On Instagram, you get a username, but on your profile, there is also a field for your personal name. That small field is actually vital so people can find you in search. Make sure your personal name includes the name of your store and, if space allows, your niche market.

Let’s assume your eCommerce store is called "Angelinas" and it sells beauty products. In that case, your personal name should say: “Angelinas Beauty”. This way people who search “beauty” on Instagram can find you - even if they didn’t yet know your store exists.

For your Instagram marketing strategy, you want to put yourself into your prospect's shoes. If they don’t know you yet, do they have any chance to find you? Make sure you know how your Instagram looks to new prospects. Maybe you need to make some adjustments?

6. How to Choose The Right Bio Link

As you know, Instagram allows you to have one single link on your profile page. When laying out your Instagram marketing strategy, you want to put some thought into which link to choose for your bio. Most of the time, the most useful link to put there will be a link to your store.

Having only one link can be tough. Let’s say you are running a giveaway on your Facebook page. Maybe you also want to inform your Instagram audience that they should head to your Facebook.

If you make things too hard for your prospects, they won’t buy. If you replace the bio link with your Facebook link, some people will not be able to find your store.

If you need a second link and you already have 10,000 or more followers, there is a way. Instagram allows people with a certain number of followers to put a link in their Instagram story, with a "swipe up" call-to-action.

7. Make Shopping Easy for Your Audience: The "Shop Now" Button

Since, 2016, Instagram allows you to add a “Shop Now” button to the product images you post.

Let’s say your photo shows your winning product. Users can simply tap the picture and access your website from there, using the "Show Now" button.

This is powerful for Instagram marketing because you are offering a shortcut. Not every customer will be patient enough to go on your profile and access the store from your bio link. So offering them the shortcut button will likely result in more sales. Be sure to use it.

Follow these 7 steps consistently to see an increase in your Instagram engagement and in your sales. If you want engaging Instagram copy that sells, learn about hiring a social media copywriter.

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