9 Easy-to-Learn Techniques to Use in Your Lead Generation Content

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There's no such thing as too many good leads, but there's such a thing as not enough good lead generation content. Ebooks, courses, guides, research, and whitepapers all require a lot of time for creation. And time is a sparse resource in the business world.

So, how do you create easy, consistent, and effective lead generation content? But most importantly, how do you create it all quickly?

In this article, I'll cover 9 easy-to-learn techniques which you can implement today in your lead generation content. And I encourage you to use all of them to get the best results.

1. Lead Generation Content Starts with Active Research

Imagine: You're sitting at your desk with your laptop open. On the screen, you see an open document and the screen is blank. And you need to deliver a thousand words of content within a few hours.

It sounds like a task for a very experienced writer. But what if it could be possible for a beginner writer as well? What if you could type a thousand words within thirty minutes or less?

With this simple technique, it's possible to write even more than a thousand words in close-to-no-time. And you'll never face Writer's Block while creating content ever again — a common issue when you have a white screen and no idea what to write.

But before we jump on this technique, first things first. The first thing you need to do is research the topic of your content. To shorten your research, there are some tips to quicken the process:

  1. Learn about the problems your audience has. Focus on issues that you could inform and help your audience with. Note these problems in a list. The topic should fulfill an emotion-driven desire.

  2. Learn how your audience searches for this topic today. What keywords do they use in their searches?

  3. Use the same keywords in your search inquiry. Check what information is available in the first few search result pages.

  4. Examine the topic thoroughly. Learn what's essential regarding your topic.

  5. Find a solution to each problem that your audience has. Address the list from point 1.

Imagine you are your ideal customer. How would you look for a solution to your problem? What keywords would you type? That's precisely the way how you should look up information yourself.

When you have done your research, it's time to share it. The information needs to be simple, understandable, and entertaining for your audience. Gather everything that relates to your topic. And then write down everything you can about what you've researched. This is a quick way to prepare your ideas before writing your first draft of lead generation content.

2. Write Everything You Can about the Topic

When you have done the research, start typing. Write down everything that you have about the topic of your lead generation content. At this stage, it doesn't matter how precisely you are explaining your product or service. The main focus is to let the content flow.

It's always easier to edit too much text, instead of creating something from scratch. As well, you will quickly notice that creating content is fast. And soon you will wonder: Why didn't I think about such a technique earlier?

During the writing process, avoid any sort of editing. Ignore any grammar mistakes, odd words, incorrect sentence structure — all of it. You will be able to edit all that afterwards. Now it's crucial to keep up the flow and write as much as you can about the topic.

Such flow is essential, as it's easier to write everything in one sitting, instead of over several occasions. And almost every time, what you write in one occasion is more powerful than over several sittings.

So keep writing in one, single flow and do all your editing afterwards.

3. Keep Your Lead Generation Content to One Idea Only

When you've finished writing down everything you can, it is time to edit your ideas. The text may look confusing now not only to you, but to your reader as well.

Start by defining your message — your single idea — which you want your reader to understand. What's the one idea you want your reader to take with them after pressing the red cross on the web-browser? What do you want them to remember throughout the day and stick on their mind?

Getting the reader to remember this idea is the task of your lead generation content.

"The two most engaging powers of the author are to make new things familiar, and familiar things new." — William Thackery, writer

If you feel your writing has several ideas - split it to several topics for lead generation content. It's always better to stick with one big idea at a time. Several ideas for one piece of lead generation content will only confuse your reader. And confusion is the opposite of being memorable.

The more you practice writing your lead generation content in such a fashion, the more you'll have your content focused on a single idea.

And not only is having a single idea essential, the simplicity and understandability of your writing in each paragraph and sentence is also crucial.

4. Keep It Simple — One Thought in a Sentence

Not only should your content should focus on one idea, but your sentences should concentrate on one thought as well. A thought is something you can visualize in one image. To keep it simple and understandable, you need to respect the rule of one:

  1. One sentence has one thought.

  2. One paragraph has one scene.

  3. And one piece of content has one idea.

The more you stick to this structure, the easier your lead generation content will be to consume.

It's best to check this rule of one while you're editing, not when you're creating your draft. It's always easier to simplify your writing after you have done it. When you have simplified your sentences enough, it's time to check that you're using the same jargon as your customers.

5. Write the Way Your Customers Are Talking

What is more satisfying to read than what's familiar to yourself? Keep it friendly to your audience. The writing may have some slang in it, something only people in the same industry will understand. This is your target audience and you should talk like them.

"The person who uses a lot of big words is not trying to inform you; he's trying to impress you." — O. Miller

Your lead generation content needs to bring in a conversation - a conversation which is understandable to your audience. And the more familiar it sounds like to them, the more success you may get out of it.

Never underestimate the importance of familiarity. Familiarity can make or break the first impression. It's easier to create an excellent first impression if you're similar to your customer.

6. Write Your Lead Generation Content as If It Were a Movie

When you edit your content, keep it similar to a movie. It should proceed logically forward, with easy-to-understand scenes.

So don't jump here and there, but finish one thought after the other. It's so much more enjoyable to read a story from A to Z, instead of jumping around. This flow will make more sense to your reader. As well, it's more likely your reader will share what they think is useful.

Easy to understand lead generation content with easy-to-implement action is great for sharing. So keep your content entertaining. It's way more efficient that way.

But what about facts and research? That sounds like a lot of effort. It may be, but it's not mandatory. There's always a possible shortcut and I'll explain that next.

7. Create Surveys and Give Them to Industry Experts

Creating surveys and collecting information is an effective way to develop a fact or statistics based lead generation content. Your task here is to get the information from the right people.

The best way is to collect information from directly-involved business partners. They may be specialists in the industry, previous customers, or your targeted audience. Their answers will also have more credibility. Every useful statistic needs to be collected from a credible source.

In this way, you can get trustworthy information from a credible source without colossal effort. Good quality statistics are always in high demand. But to create one - fast - requires a proper technique.

When you have good lead generation content prepared and properly researched, it's time to plan how to distribute it.

8. Plan How to Distribute Your Content

Timing is everything. If you share content at an odd hour when no one looks at it - it may be a disaster from the start, especially if it's a limited-time event.

So keep your lead generation content distribution to peak-hours, as well as consistent and predictable. Such a distribution plan will make it easier for your fan base to keep up with the latest posts.

Be honest, when you skim the news feed on social media, how many times do you look past your first or second swipe? Even on Google search, 75% of people will never look past page one. The same thing happens on social media. If your content isn't close to the top, no one can find it. And if no one can find it - your content doesn't exist.

9. Do Follow-Ups and Adjust Your Content

It's one thing to create content, it's another to create good content. It may be the best lead generation content in the world from your point-of-view, but your customers may not agree.

So make sure you do follow-ups and tweak your content over time. It's always a never-ending improvement cycle - you should always keep your content up-to-date.

Work with your top-performing lead generation content. Make it even more useful. It's also good to work with your second or third best performing content at the start. It will keep you up-and-running with more than one well-performing piece of content at the same time.

Don't assume that your content is so good that it doesn't need any tweaks. Even Coca-Cola and Apple improve their content all the time. It isn't like people would stop buying their products if they stopped producing new content today. But there's a reason why such strong brands continue to develop high-end content. So it means you should too.


Lead generation content is one of the best ways to get more leads for your business. But creating it may take a lot of time. Instead of making content that's perfect from the start, focus on making good quality content quickly and consistently.

It may sound simple, and in fact, it is simple. It's like getting in shape and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Keep it simple: move more and eat less.

We all know how difficult it is to implement something quickly and consistently, day-after-day. So instead of working on copy by yourself, you can always outsource this task to a dedicated copywriter. They will do the job with consistent quality and performance.

If you're ready to make your lead generation content sharp and number-one in the market, don't hesitate to book a call with one of our copywriters today.

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