Adapting Website Content and Blogs for Personalized Google Searches

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As humans, we can be a bit selfish, right? It’s no wonder our Google search habits have evolved to focus on our immediate needs. As a result, these personalized Google searches are transforming what information companies are including in their website content.

In fact, Google reported that mobile searches for “___ near me now” grew 150 percent over the past two years. Examples of such a search can include “shopping near me,” which saw a 200 percent growth in searches from 2016 to 2018. In addition, dress-related “near me” searches grew by a mind-blowing 600 percent during this time period as well.

To target and rank for these searches, businesses must first review their Google My Business listing and also reevaluate their existing website content and blogs.

Review Your Google My Business Listing

“Near me” queries use a searcher’s geolocation to pull up a list of nearby businesses via Google Maps. It is imperative for your Google My Business listing to be 100 percent accurate with up-to-date information.

The information published on Google My Business is how Google evaluates whether you are truly a local business. Therefore, if your listing includes national information such as a 1-800 number, it is unlikely you will rank for related “near me” searches.

Review your Google My Business listing for:

  • Accurate business categories

  • Proper name, phone number, and address

  • Listing verification

  • Photos

  • Customer reviews

  • Correct business website

Keep in mind, local customers will make a decision about your business based on the Google Map information. This means having a listing with enticing photos, authentic customer reviews, and accurate business details is essential.

Create Localized Website Content

While your map listing will appear for local and personalized Google searches, you can also optimize website content to do the same.

Review your current website content and identify areas where local information such as a town name, neighborhood, or phone number could be beneficial for a reader. For instance, if you are a contractor, make sure your website lists your service areas.

However, do not over do it! Oversaturating your website with city names and keywords is a bad, outdated SEO tactic that can actually penalize your website’s chances of ranking.

First and foremost, your website content should seek to provide users with answers to their questions and helpful information. When updating your content for localized searches, also consider ways you can improve the content experience as a whole for the user. Google will recognize and reward these updates.

Develop Local Blog Content

On top of updating your main website content, there are a number of ways you can evolve your existing blog content to target personalized Google searches.

To show Google and mobile search users that your business is local, and therefore, near them, create blog content around local events. This shows search engines that you are involved in your local area and are sharing this information with residents.

You can also create articles around local information and details. For instance, if you run a car repair shop, create blog content around local terrain and weather patterns that can have an effect on a vehicle’s maintenance or operation. Or, if you’re a medical practitioner, write about common ailments in the area, or where residents can go for specific treatments.

Another tactic for targeting blog content toward personalized Google searches is to think about a searcher’s intent. In addition to “near me” searches, users have adapted their searches to include “I” and “me.” Going back to the car repair store example, a query to target could include, “What car should I buy?” or “Where should I go for an oil change?”

Take these personalized searches and create informative blogs which provide the user with an answer.


The personalized trend in online searches is only becoming more and more popular. Adapt your articles and website content now to stay ahead of the game!

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