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Professional copywriters should fully understand the content quality guidelines that Google uses to rank content on the internet. You can get started by reviewing the 150-page Google Search Quality Guidelines or read this article for some simple tips on meeting their guidelines.

To ensure that your content is read online, you need to improve your SEO copywriting skills, and this begins with first understanding what Google is looking for.

Meet Google’s Content Quality Guidelines with these Tips

Google contracts “raters” located worldwide to gauge the value of search results as they pertain to the quality evaluators in the PDF guide. Write copy that meets these guidelines and you’ll increase the probability of people finding and reading your content.

  1. Create valuable content. Information that ranks higher in Google searches is clearly defined and adds high value to the end user searching online. Write copy that is more valuable than what your competitors are writing, so it meets the quality evaluators stated in the guide.

  2. Expert content quality. Content survives the raters and increases ranking by meeting tough standards of quality and field expertise. Become an expert in what you’re writing so your knowledge shines through and surpasses the competition.

  3. Conversational tone. Sharing technical information is fine, but it must be done in a way that speaks to the modern reader, who gravitates toward a more conversational tone. Content peppered with jargon does not mesh well with conversion rate optimization (CRO).​​​​​​​

  4. PQ rating scale. Creating dynamic content is more than simply writing error-free copy. You need to ensure a high PQ Rating by making sure what you write accurately reflects the predetermined purpose of the web page where it is posted.​​​​​​​

  5. Niche guidelines. Google places a higher level of requirements on “Your Money or Your Life” (YMYL) pages that share information on finances or lifestyle advice. Since this type of content—like legal advice, financial tips, nutrition information, and news—can impact end users, it is regulated more intensely.​​​​​​​

  6. Trustworthy information. The raters review information to ensure that it meets guidelines for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT). For example, these Google contractors review medical websites to ascertain whether or not the information is written by accredited medical experts.

Get Rewarded for Diligent Copywriting

Whether you are writing a blog post, article for a website, or copy for a web page, you don’t want to waste your time. Impressive content is great but doesn’t guarantee it will rank in search engines and be seen by readers.

Becoming a slave to SEO and complying with Google Search content quality guidelines will significantly increase your chances of ranking in the top ten search results, rather than landing on the tenth page from the top. Get rewarded for your diligent copywriting work and know with confidence that your work is discovered online.

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