Augment SEO Copywriting with These Effective Techniques

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SEO copywriting optimization can seem overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be.

Copywriting is more than simply writing great, error-free content that grabs the reader’s attention. Your client needs copy that will get results—higher search engine rankings so they get more visitors to their website.

Consider these five simple techniques that are effective in making your writing experience more successful so you can create optimized content that gets results.

Use These SEO Copywriting Tips to Improve Ranking

1. Integrate Keywords Naturally

In the past, SEO copywriting involved keyword stuffing to increase ranking in search engines. However, with the recently changed Google algorithms, content with unnaturally integrated keywords will be penalized.

You don’t want your hard work to go to waste. Make sure that keywords mimic a natural conversational tone which flows in the text.

Content that naturally incorporates the keywords creates a better user experience. Happy readers mean repeat visitors to your website and continually increased ranking.

2. Value Optimized Content

To increase ranking, write value optimized content since Google penalizes websites that don’t offer valuable material to end users. Increase your chances of providing valuable information by knowing your audience and giving them exactly what they’re searching for.

Optimized content includes shorter paragraphs, bullet points or numbered lists, and a reader-friendly tone.

3. Augment Title Tags

When writing dynamic content, you can’t forget to focus on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and how this will appear in searches. Remember, title tags are the first thing that readers see when searching online.

It’s important to create a headline that includes the relevant keyword so Google bots and potential visitors can find your content online. The headline is the key factor in optimizing page ranking.

Google cuts titles longer than 70 characters, so don’t concern yourself with including too many keywords. The title tag should include the keywords in the beginning.

To improve the clickability of your title, create a title that grabs the reader’s attention. Research completed by Moz showed that numbers in dynamic-sounding headlines had the best click-through rate (CTR).

4. Incorporate LSI Keywords

If you’re a novice in SEO copywriting, you may be unfamiliar with Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. I was unfamiliar with this term, but it’s basically a fancy way to say keywords that are correlated to your main keyword.

For example, if your main keyword was “email marketing,” you should use related keywords in the content such as “email campaign,” or “plain text email.” The reason for using LSI keywords is to ensure that Google identifies the overall purpose of your article, blog, or website copy.

5. Create Content Authority

Adding authoritative information like infographics, statistics, and statements from experts will improve the relevance and authority of what you write and share online. Include external links to known websites with high domain authority.

When you create invaluable copy, others will link to your articles and online content. Google values quality over quantity regarding backlinks.

Adding internal links to other related information on your website or blog when copywriting will create a better online experience for your readers.


Make your clients happy by creating copy that integrates keywords naturally and adds value to the reader. Make sure to include augmented title tags and LSI keywords.

Remember, creating content that brims with authority is simple. Follow the basic tips in this article and you can excel as a copywriter.

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