B2B Lead Generation Tactics That Increase Productivity

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B2B lead generation tactics are not about finding a secret business method. They're about building the best B2B lead generation strategy that works for your business. And it's about understanding the “tried and tested” channels to find the most effective tactics to suit your business goals and increase productivity at the same time.

Understanding the different dynamics, budgets, and expectations of lead generation channels that B2B marketers use is a typical goal. But getting a grasp of all these aspects tends to be confusing.

Where would you start if you needed to make a sale today? For example, the number of social media platforms we have is overwhelming. However, they are a critical component of B2B marketing.

However, not all social platforms are created with equal benefits. Some provide enhanced engagement opportunities and incredible ad targeting capabilities – and some don’t.

As it is, the B2B marketplace is moving fast onto mobile. Despite its complexity, B2B purchasing and mobile is influencing and reshaping the B2B pathway. Therefore, this can be a substantial opportunity if you get it right the first time.

With that said, finding the best B2B lead generation tactics that suit your business goals is an important factor in marketing. Only with lead generation will your business increase its productivity.

Here are some B2B lead generation tactics to include in your business if you want to increase your productivity.

Content Marketing

The trustworthiness of your content is critical in content marketing, but the amount of content available in the marketplace is incredibly overwhelming. How can you help your audience find the right content? Your B2B lead generation tactics must take into consideration ways to market your business as a trustworthy source of information if you want to stand out.

Like consumers, businesses also arm themselves with information before they make a purchase. According to a 2018 content preference survey report, 49% of B2B buyers rely more on content to research to make a purchase decision. And 66% of B2B businesses strongly agree on having easier access to their content because of the heavier emphasis on trustworthy content.

To make sure your content reaches your audience, you need to do very detailed research. The language your content uses needs to appeal to your ideal client if you want them to see you as the trustworthy "go to" expert.

Email Campaigns

Sending emails may be the fastest and most inexpensive way to drive leads. Email campaigns are one of the oldest methods and it still takes the top spot of many B2B marketers' list of lead generating strategies.

This method should significantly capture the main points of your service. Simply list a few details and close it with a clear call-to-action. However, if your email recipients have not opted in and received your email, make sure you are CAN-SPAM compliant.

Traditional newsletters and email marketing are still important. This enables you to have the ability to capture more data on your users and their behavioral triggers. You can set up email marketing automation once your leads are targeted and a personalized, automated email will be sent specifically to them.

The 2 Main Social Media Channels to Optimize Your B2B Lead Generation Tactics

LinkedIn Ads for Lead Generation

It's no surprise that LinkedIn is a goldmine of leads with 630 million professionals and 40% LinkedIn users active daily on this platform. It is also the top social media platform for B2B marketers. It provides all the tools when it comes to B2B lead generation if you know who you’re targeting – and the opportunity to reach your prospects directly.

LinkedIn ads allow you to target prospects based on employer, location, job title and other criteria. Clearly, there’s no better platform to implement your B2B lead generation tactics.

Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

Facebook is the fastest growing social media platform. Research done by Boston Consulting Group showed that 60% of B2B buyers used mobile for their recent purchases. As mentioned at the beginning, online business queries are shifting rapidly towards mobile. This is another example of why understanding the needs of your customer is crucial.

Facebook ads are especially designed for lead generation. When it first launched in 2015, its analytics showed some users had difficulties with signaling business intent on Facebook mobile. However, this problem is now solved, and the platform now allows B2B users to have two-tap sign up offer – which is highly customizable and targeted to your audience.

You wouldn’t want to focus and implement these tactics without knowing where your customers are.

Google Ads

Now, the most important aspect of B2B lead generation tactics is having the right keywords. Without the right keywords, it’s pointless if your content is great. It’ll be a struggle even if you apply the best B2B lead generation tactics. Your audience won't be able to find your content.

By targeting the right keywords, Google Ads places your services in front of your customers, especially when they need it the most. This B2B lead generating tactic provides a prominent search position because it has high value and it's results driven. However, there is usually a high cost per click associated with it.

The beauty about this tactic is you will be able to drive relevant traffic to your website in a faster way when using your specific keywords.


B2B lead generation tactics are not just a “copy and paste” strategy that works for everyone. Some tactics that work for one business might not work for you. Finding a strategy that works for you is the key. It all comes down to your audience and their method of interaction.

Good content is the foundation to effective lead generation so many businesses are placing a higher emphasis on trustworthy content.

The marketing strategy for every business is different. If you're new to lead generation and you're hoping to generate a stream of leads overnight, that’s not going to happen. It may take a few months before the momentum kicks in.

If your intent is to increase your lead generation productivity with the right tactics and strategy, copywriters.com, will provide high-quality copy research to make sure you reach your goals.

By hiring a B2B lead generation expert, you’ll be able to increase your lead generation productivity in a shorter time frame. On top of that, with high quality copy, you will be targeting the right customers with the right keywords.

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