How to Craft B2C Lead Generation Campaigns for the IT Industry

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To successfully execute B2C lead generation campaigns in the information technology (IT) industry, you have to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies. According to research consultant IDC, the IT industry is about to surpass a $5.2 trillion economy in 2020. The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into new and existing products has grown dramatically in the last few years across multiple industries and businesses.

With such a massive evolution in technologies, you have countless options to provide cutting-edge solutions based on unique ideas. The competition is equally hard to beat in your market. According to the research of 3200+ high growth technology startups, over 70% of startup founders eventually realize that their cutting-edge solution doesn’t give a competitive edge throughout their lead generation campaigns.

So, does the difference have anything to do with IT audiences? Yes.

No matter if you provide technical or non-technical solutions, the IT professionals (pros) have certain personality traits that make them different compared to other non-IT pros. For example, they spend relatively more time over the Internet when learning or troubleshooting. They are also usually more prompt when it comes to market research. So, it’s essential to have compelling market research throughout your B2C lead generation campaign.

Due to such challenges, the sales cycle for the IT industry is relatively longer and more complex. So, the million-dollar question is, what should you consider while crafting your B2C lead generation campaign? You want to generate quality leads and skyrocket the profitability of your venture.

To answer this question, I have put together a list of top 5 tips which you should consider while crafting your campaign.

Tip #1: B2C Lead Generation by Educating Where Your Prospects Want to Learn

The global IT industry is spread across a wide range of diverse technologies, roles, and networking platforms. These roles include software engineer, database administrator, project manager, architect, and many others. And there are plenty of technologies that exist like AI, Python, SQL, and many others.

For the specific technology and role, there are dedicated platforms and communities available to create your content and run B2C lead generation campaigns for quality leads. The software engineers, for instance, may spend most of their time on stack overflow, while the project managers browse other platforms.

So, it’s wise to discover the most optimal learning platform of your target audiences based on their role and technical compatibility. For example, you may want to contribute to Q&A on Quora if your product is about automating job applications for freelancers. And if you want to sell non-technical courses, you may prefer to use YouTube to brief your audiences about the courses and drive them to webinars.

Tip #2: Discover the Best Channel for Your Sales Pitch Based on Personality Traits

There are many channels for your B2C lead generation campaign sales pitches like email, phone, online forums, social media, in-person, and others. You need to prioritize the channel based on your target audience. If your target audience is project managers, for instance, they may prefer connecting directly over social media. But that may not be the case with the IT director or chief technology officer (CTO).

A survey of distinctive personality traits of multiple professionals found that over 12,000 IT professionals carried a unique set of personality traits. It also found most IT pros are highly introverted compared to non-IT pros. That means it’s essential to understand the emotional quotient of your target audience and use the most relevant communication channel.

According to a recent survey by Spiceworks of over 500 IT professionals in the United States and the United Kingdom, about 57% of audiences prefer to pitch sales over email. Email also had a higher response rate for B2C lead generation campaigns.

However, certain roles, like a technical trainer or consultant, are more suited to extroverts who deliver training and co-ordinate multiple teams. These professions won't mind responding over channels like social media, public forums, and conferences.

The best approach is to understand the personality traits of your specific target audience, A/B test your options, and discover an ideal channel for your sales pitch.

Tip #3: Evoke the Fear of Obsolescence in Your Copy

Because technologies keep evolving at a rapid pace, the technology that your target audience uses may become obsolete very soon. IT professionals always have to brush up on their skills or upgrade their existing solutions using latest-trending technologies for a competitive edge.

Whether you target software engineers or C-suite executives of startups, the fear and stress of using old technologies are pretty common. According to the research about occupational stress in the IT industry, the fear of obsolescence was the prime factor behind their stress.

So, how can you evoke IT audiences using this fear of obsolescence in your website copy and landing page throughout your B2C lead generation campaign?

Apart from the 7 Tips to improve your landing page conversion rates, consider using trending keywords in the copy of your website. Trending keywords for the IT industry include “Powered by AI”, “Cloud Computing", and many others. The Ideal, for instance, has used the “Powered by AI” keyword in a headline to grab the attention of HR and recruiters.

No matter to what extent you have used trending technology in your solutions, it creates a massive impact when your include trends in your copy.

Tip #4: Provide a Sneak-Peek of Your Product and Features on a Landing Page

Because the technologies are complex, your innovative technical solution may be equally complex for your target audience to understand at first sight.

It’s essential to explain your value proposition within just a few seconds to keep the visitors on your site throughout your B2C lead generation campaign. So, the question is, how effectively could you do that?

There are many ways, but here are the top three:

  1. Use light-weight GIF images to explain the basic features and flows. Grammarly has used wonderful image-based animations to demonstrate their value proposition on the homepage.

  2. Explain your service through a sneak-peek video just like any movie trailer. But make sure the video length is not beyond a minute. Boomerang, for instance, is an emerging tool to help schedule your Gmail. They have demonstrated the values using 4 sneak-peek videos in the feeds.

  3. Explain technical features using the pop-up slideshow. The Time Doctor productivity booster tool, for instance, has used pop-up slideshow animation when you click on any specific feature icon image on the home page.

Tip #5: Craft an Irresistible Offer Technically

Because you can customize and control the access of your tech product or service, you have countless ways to craft innovative offers in your B2C lead generation campaign for the IT industry. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Provide partial access for the limited search/clicks. The content discovery tool, such as BuzzSumo, lets you do 5 searches and use limited features of the product even without signup.

  2. Provide full access but limited usage of your product or service. Google Drive, like file storage, for instance, helps you to store your content over the first 15 GB.

  3. Provide free access to multiple users or a team. The same productivity booster tool, Time Doctor, helps you to invite your entire team to get access to their system. They don’t even ask for credit card details.

  4. Provide free access for a few days and drive the pricing model through features. For instance, Dropbox Business provides free access over 30 days. And yet, if you look at their pricing models - three tables with the middle one highlighted by default - you can see it is standard to demonstrate a pricing model with three packages.

An advantage to crafting a pricing model for the tech products is you have an edge to generate multiple pricing packages based on the level of access to your product and support. These could be anything like the number of concurrent users, storage capacity, reports, tech support, and many others based on the nature of your product or service.


To sum up, craft and improve your B2C lead generation campaign using the following 5 tips:

  1. Educate your prospects from the platforms and communities where they learn. Create relevant content at an appropriate location.

  2. Discover the channel to pitch based on the personality traits of your prospect. Use relevant channels like email, social media, phone, and conference calls.

  3. Evoke the fear of obsolescence. Craft the copy of your website to trigger the emotions of IT pros.

  4. Provide a sneak-peek of your product. Explain the key features of your product or service within a few seconds.

  5. Craft an irresistible offer using technology. Discover a unique offer to stand out in the marketplace.

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