Benefits of Hiring a Copywriter vs. Doing It Yourself

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So you’re thinking of hiring a copywriter to join your team? Business is decent but it’s not growing at the pace you’d like.

Well, according to a Forbes article written by Brad Shorr, "Poor web content is the silent killer of online sales leads and revenue generation—silent because the companies publishing poor content do not realize it is substandard."

Moving forward, you know writing new content is important for your online presence. Maybe you’ve been writing all your copy or you have someone in your marketing team write it. But you’re not getting enough good leads from your copy.

You know you should hire a copywriter but you’re hesitant to do so. You might not want the hassle of having to find a copywriter and introducing them to your business.

It’s another expense you’ll need to justify. Will it pay off?

Sure, you can keep doing it yourself to save money. But what do you know about copywriting?

Can a copywriter make your copy much better? Could your copy be the reason you’re not maximizing your lead generation?

I know you feel overwhelmed by all these questions on your mind.

This article will answer your questions about hiring a copywriter.

Benefit 1 of Hiring a Copywriter: Let’s You Focus on Your Strengths

While hiring a copywriter might have a financial cost, the opportunity cost is way higher. Let me ask you this: How much is your time worth? Doing a job you’re not good at takes you away from your main responsibilities.

Your team is already busy and now you want to add a new task?

Writing copy consistently is important.

Conductor performed a scientific study observing the impact of educational content on customers. Study participants said they were 131% more likely to buy from a brand, after reading about the brand.

Writing copy consistently can be hard to do yourself as more important tasks come up. It’s better to have everyone do what they specialize in than give tasks they can’t excel in.

It would be more effective hiring a copywriter to write your copy so you can do what you do best.

According to Edward Abraham, "62% of brands outsource their content marketing to external agencies or individuals."

Benefit 2 Hiring a Specialist

Copywriters are fast at writing copy and know how to persuade your audience every time. Writing fresh, original content is important for your online presence. Your audience is always looking for new content. And it also helps with your Google rankings.

Copywriters write all the time and they’re good at it. They produce quality content and they know how to make people want to read and share it. Let a copywriter write your copy so your team can specialize in what they do.

Your family doctor doesn't perform brain surgery.

When it comes to a vital task it’s always wiser to go to a specialist. Let me use an analogy to prove a point.

Why do brain surgeons make more money than your family doctor? Both are doctors. But the surgeon specializes in brain surgery. Would you ever ask your family doctor to perform brain surgery on you?

Then you shouldn’t get just anybody writing your copy. Hiring a copywriter will ensure each piece of copy will maximize your lead generation.

Hiring a copywriter is as important as hiring a salesperson.

Benefit 3 Closers in Print

Your salespeople can persuade with the spoken word. Copywriters can persuade with the written word.

A copywriter is good at both selling and writing. So if you don’t have someone who can excel in writing and sales, you better find a copywriter who can.

Copywriters can convert your audience into hot leads. Combine them with your sales team and you have the perfect 1-2 punch to increase your revenue.

You see, your copy needs to make a great impression. If your copy is hard to read and not engaging, you might lose your reader and never get them back.

Team MVP

Let me ask you a question. How important is your sales team to your business? A copywriter is as important. I would argue your copywriter is even more important. You need a good copywriter so your sales team has leads to go sell to.

According to world-famous copywriter John Carlton, "Copy is the MAIN ELEMENT in your ability to attract prospects and close them as customers."

So if you're hiring a salesperson to do your sales, shouldn’t you be hiring a copywriter to do your copy?

Hiring a copywriter will get your sales team more leads so they can sell more.

Do you know what the first rule of copywriting is? Read on to find out.

Benefit 4 The First Rule of Fight Club

The first rule of copywriting is… focus everything on your reader. This sounds simple enough. But understanding what will move your reader is a skill few know how to do.

A copywriter will get to know your customers and write with them in mind. Understanding your customers helps tailor their message to your audience.

Anyways, a growing trend is the increase in demand for B2B copywriters. Most B2B companies are finding it hard to find a good B2B writer who understands their industry. But when you do find one, do whatever it takes to keep them.

If you have a good B2B copywriter, they’ll help you stand out ahead of the competition.

If your content isn't interesting, why would they keep reading?

Your Design Online states a prospective user only needs seven seconds to decide if they should engage with your content or go elsewhere.

Hiring a copywriter will help you capture the attention of your audience. It’s important to communicate who your services are and are not for. Sometimes a simple tweak in your marketing can give a big boost to your lead generation.

1024WS notes an online marketing agency for Fitness World altered a call to action which increased the click-through rate by 213%. What would an increased click-through rate of 213% do for your business?

You see, copywriters are word wizards who know the emotional words to trigger your reader to do your desired action. But do you know what’s even more important than good copy?

Benefit 5 Get More Eyeballs

Even if you can write decent copy, it won’t do you any good if you can’t rank high in the Google search.

Advanced Web Ranking shows different studies indicating the top position in Google gets around 33% of traffic. The study also shows at least 75% of traffic goes to the first page of Google.

In other words, if you’re not on the first page, you might as well be invisible.

Google is a great place for your customers to find you. How many times have you used Google to find a new store or restaurant to go to? But if you don’t keep up to date with Google’s changes, you may see a decline in your Google rank.

Google is always changing.

Copywriters need to be up to date on the latest changes Google keeps making. They need to be on top of this so they can optimize the content for Google. Here’s why this is important.

By ranking high on Google, your copy will get more eyeballs reading about your company. You will see immediate results from one optimized piece of copy ranked high on Google. Doing all this will build your brand and increase your revenue.

Hiring a copywriter sooner rather than later will ensure you don’t get lost in the sea of all the other sites on Google.


In summary, here are the 5 benefits of hiring a copywriter vs doing it yourself.

  1. You're focusing on your strengths.

  2. You’re a hiring a specialist.

  3. They complement your sales team.

  4. They know how to move your audience.

  5. They can rank you on Google.

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